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Skype Problem(Crash)



Okay so I open Skype and as soon as it opens it says Skype has encountered a problem and closed detecting problem on window 7. I have spent a long time trying fixes that have been suggested. Either the do't work at all or they delay it from crashing. Has anyone else had this problem, or fixed it? Your advice would be awesome.
Dec 11, 2009
I've had this problem, as well. I found that re-installing helps, but it seems like that only gives you one use before this happens again. I've done that a couple of times, but I'm about to stop because now it seems like a waste of time. A system restore was also tried, but I think that even failed.

Went to Skype's site and found this:

I'll make an edit later if it works.

Edit 2:
It seems to be working.
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Feb 23, 2011
I've been having the same issue. Like Pocket Asian, I've tried the uninstalling/re-installing method, and it only provided a temporary fix. So, there's obviously a problem from within [Skype]. There's a Skype 5.7 Beta that is available for download on Skype's website. According to various sources around the internet, it provides a fix, but I dunno the downsides to downloading it. I downloaded it, and I have yet to encounter a crash, but only time will tell, I guess.

EDIT: Pocket Asian beat me to it. [noparse];)[/noparse] :yes:
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Thanks that worked! For now at least. Weird the beta runs better than the actual program.

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