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Sheikah-Eye of Mystery


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Jan 30, 2010
I would say that the eye is on Zelda's cloak is for the fact that her ancestor, OoT Zelda, disguised herself as a Sheikah to keep herself away from danger with Ganondorf. Since the deeds and things that previous ruler did go down in history, the next person in reign must symbolize their ancestors in some way. Since TP and OoT were so similar, it makes only sense that Zelda has the Shiekah eye on her cloak. For example, in ST, Zelda brought up Tetra. Tetra was ST Zelda's ancestor. So again, in some way she had to represent her. To represent her, she used her ancestor's blessings to move her spirit back into her body. With this, again, TP Zelda would have to represent OoT Zelda. Again, since the games were so similar (based upon the background info given in TP about the past), Zelda should represent the Shiekah and her ancestor, only for the fact that OoT Zelda disguised herself.

I'm just theorizing here, but maybe the fortune teller is possibly OoS Impa. She does have somewhat similar looks to OoS Impa. Her facial expression could be a little similar to Impa's. Her figure is definitely similar, which doesn't say much, but you could assume that the fortune teller descends from OoS Impa. I don't think the eye really has much to do with with the Sheikah though. There isn't much background information on the fortune teller anyway to assume that that eye is related to the Sheikah.

The wolf stone is something I never noticed with having the Sheikah eye. It's surprising to see that and I have an interesting theory here: If the stone has the Sheikah eye, it makes me wonder if the Skeleton that teaches you the sword skills is related to the Sheikah clan. I feel this way because of the fact that you're howling the song that's given to call upon your teacher. If he was related to the Sheikah clan, then that would explain the eye on the stone. But, then there's the fact that this:


the gossip stone, also has the eye on it. So that raises many questions for me. I don't think that I can elaborate on the stone theory much further, considering that TP isn't the only game that contains a stone with the Sheikah eye.

I really don't know how to explain this. They could be Sheikah, but again (referring to above), there is no way to tell if their background is related to the Sheikah clan. If they were related, then I would say that they'd wear the eye in representation, which they are doing. So, I think it's probably safe to say that they their background and ancestors are probably related to the sheikah clan.


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Aug 18, 2010
Veran is a master of possessing people, The eye is considered the gateway to the soul, perhaps she wears it as tribute to her powers of possession. Do you agree?


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Oct 25, 2009
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Veran is a master of possessing people, The eye is considered the gateway to the soul, perhaps she wears it as tribute to her powers of possession. Do you agree?

Yes i agree, because base on my observation in zelda games most of the character who has a sheikah eye, they possess a power.
Jun 17, 2010
Gerudo Fortress
The Eye of truth O_O is represented as a power to see things that no mortal eye can see, maybe they have that power? :lol:
Also for the howling stone, and the wooden marking, it could represent that The eye of truth was hidden in that domain before.


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May 10, 2010
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1. The Robe. Zelda carries the symbol on a robe possibly as a bit of foreshadowing. Originally, Sheik was supposed to make an appearance in-game. Obviously, she'd've had to have been Zelda, since there's no likely way it could be anyone else. So, if gamers noticed this and went "OOOH!!! SHEIK'S GONNA BE IN THE GAME!!!!" then the foreshadowing worked.

2. The Gossip Stone and the Wind Stone. The Gossip Stone is obvious, since the Sheikah made them to respond to their Mask of Truth, the "speak no evil" of the "avoid the evils" triad of items in OoT (The Stone of Agony is "Hear no Evil" so you could hear the vibration of the controller and notice the shuffling of the gold skultula in a room, and obviously the lens of truth is "see no evil for obvious reasons). For TP, If my theory on the Dark Interlopers being Sheikah is correct, then when Midna spoke about the beast being their hero or something, then the Sheikah knew he was going to need help, so they made the howling stones for him to meet with Hero's Shade.

3. Madame Fanadi. I can see no plausible reason other than maybe it's for show, or maybe to amplify the "My eyes see all" effect. Also, Baito, the Human Postman on Dragon Roost Island from The Wind Waker, has a similar mark on his back, by his shouders. If you pan the camera around behind him, it's visible, and it also comes on the figurine. Maybe they're just cameos for us to go "OOH!!one SHEIKAH EYE!!!!" like I do.

4. Veran, Agahnim, and Vaati. Veran really doesn't have a purpose for it, but then again, Onox has the Gerudo mark on him. They seem to have no apparent purpose. Agahnim seems to have a certain philia for the eye, as he puts it as a doormat on the floor before you destroy the seal leading to the Hyrule Castle Tower in ALTTP. His eye, however, has no teardrop mark, leading many to believe that he is maybe one of the rogue sheikah who were part of the group that caused the loyal ones to put the tear on the eye as a reminder. Vaati also seems to have a philia for the eye. His eye has no "lashes" however, and some of his attacks are remarkably similar to Agahnim's, though you don't reflect attacks back at him.

5. The Eyes on either side of Ganon's room in the Forsaken Fortress. Those eyes may be just cameos like Baito's. We don't know. But, the pirates who had the fortress before Ganon did may have been Sheikah, and Tetra says they were rival pirates. Also, the tower was placed over the portal leading to Ganon's Tower. Maybe they were there to guard the seal and keep Tetra's family and the Triforce of Wisdom away from the portal and seal and thus, keep Ganon away from it as well. That's literally a theory I came up with just a moment ago.


could twili be shiekah??? There are many signs of shiekah on their clothing.


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May 10, 2010
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T Edoc

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Nov 25, 2010
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Did you notice that Veran has :
- the Sheikah symbol
- two halfs of the Gerudo symbol

While General Onox (big bad guy in Oracle of Seasons) has :
- the Gerudo symbol
- two halfs of the Sheikah symbol

(Plus, Onox's mask looks like Zant's one)

That's just like the Twili. They have both symbols with them, mostly the Sheikah eye and altered forms of it.
Plus, Veran really looks like a Twili.

I guess somewhere in the timeline (Child one at least), both the Gerudos and the Sheikah disappeared.
They were both redoubtable peoples and I'm sure they have been involved in the backstory of Hyrule more than we think.

After OoT, Shadow and Spirit themes seem to always been fused together.

I guess the Dark Interpolers who became the Twili people were originaly Sheikah. Sheikah were the shadow magic-weilder people. Then, maybe the Gerudos were sent to the Twilight Realm too to punish them for helping Ganondorf to invade (invasion told by the sages in Twilight Princess).
There would have been a mix of the two peoples, explaining why the Twili have red hair and orange or yellow eyes.

...I also guess I'm getting off-topic again so I'm going to look at Rytex's thread. :-D

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