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Game Thread Scooby Doo Mafia

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Rules (Please read these!)

-Basic mafia rules apply.
-Do not edit/remove your posts.
-No outside communication unless permitted by your role. As well as the night chats I will provide you all with.
-No limits on role or name claims. (Name claiming *may* be beneficial, but could also be a bit detrimental so do so at your own caution.)
-Roles and alignments were randed separate from each other. Even if a role may seem AI it is not.
-Days are 48 hours, Night is 48 hours.
-Bold your votes/unvotes and make them on a separate line.
-Ties will result in a random lynch.
-An extension will be allowed once.
-You may vote for a no lynch if you’d like, but may not do so two days in a row.
-Try to be at least somewhat active. This means make posts about the actual game and contribute. If it starts to become a problem I will look for replacements/modkill.

Mechanics Explanation (Very Important Info)

-Days will proceed as normal.
-Each night I will divide everyone into groups to search for clues. This involves each group getting a riddle to solve as a team.
-You will have your own private discord channels to chat in in the server you joined for this game.
-You will have until the end of the night to submit your answer as a group, and if you're correct vote on who you wish to receive the 'clue'. As well as submit your night actions.
-Clues will be advantages in the game to help you along.
-You will NOT know what the advantage is when you vote on it.
-Whoever is chosen to receive it will get a message from me explaining what the advantage does.
-Some advantages will be extra abilities that the person can use as they see fit, some may be modifiers that that person will receive.
-The affects of a 'clue' may have different results depending on which character receives it.
-You may ask for a hint, but it will come at a cost.
-To receive a hint, let me know and one person will have to volunteer to receive the disadvantage from using a hint.
-These disadvantages will be things such as losing your vote for the next day or not being able to use your role for the night for example, so think carefully before you ask for a hint.
-I may add further clarification here for anything I forgot, or if any of you have any questions.

The Mystery Machine pulled into the parking lot of the all you can eat buffet. Fred knew he would find Scooby and Shaggy there. It was barely noon and they had almost cleaned out the place already. He wedged himself into the booth and pulled out a letter.

"Hey guys, look at this. I found this letter addressed to all of us. There was no name on it, but they said they needed our help with some weird things going on at the manor up on the hill. Looks like we've got a mystery on our hands!"

"Like, you mean that creepy old place with all the gargoyles and that strange groundskeeper?" Shaggy gulped.

"C'mon guys, it's not so bad. I've heard a sweet lady lives there. And besides she needs our help."

"Ruh-ruh, ro way." Scooby said shaking his head.

Fred reached into his pocket, with a smile on his face. "Would you do it for some Scooby Snacks?"

The two pals glanced at each other and then at Fred's outstretched hand and the small treats inside.

"Okay, we're in." Shaggy said as he and Scooby gulped down the snacks, surprisingly quick after the stack of plates they had just ate from the buffet.

The three of them walked back to the Mystery Machine and joined the girls waiting inside. It wasn't long before the van was traveling up the long, winding driveway towards the house at the top. It was even bigger, and more sinister looking up close. Fred approached the large metal doors, and used the ring connected to it to knock. Immediately they creaked up and revealed darkness inside.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Freddy? What if there are like, spiders and cobwebs all over the place?" Daphne shuddered at the thought.

"I promise, it'll be fine. It's our duty as the Mystery Gang to check this case out."

They walked past the large foyer and into the living and were surprised by what was waiting - or rather, who. Inside a group of some of their friends and acquaintances sat, making small talk with each other.

"What are you guys doing here?" Velma asked. But as she did, all of the lights in the manor suddenly went out, enveloping them all in complete darkness. Then three screams rang out. Everyone could sense a lot of commotion, but couldn't make out anything going on. Until after a few minutes the lights flickered back to life, and everyone looked around trying to figure out what had happened. They were all still there, so what were those screams?

"What's going on here, Fred?" Daphne asked as she clung to his arm.

One of the old friends piped up, and provided at least part of an explanation. "We all received this strange letter in the mail, asking us to meet up here. It said you all needed our help so we couldn't let you down after all you've done for us."

"Well, I guess it's time to solve this case once and for all. C'mon gang, we have a mystery on our hands."

Living Players

  1. @ExLight
  2. @Doc
  3. @funnier6
  4. @Spiritual Mask Salesman
  5. @Mido
  6. @Mellow Ezlo
  7. @Rubik
  8. @Kirino
  9. @naga10
  10. @Giri
  11. @Poyzin
  12. @Johnny Sooshi
  13. @PokaLink


The day will end at 11pm CST on Monday, April 6th (I've extended day one a bit to have eod at night). With 13 alive, it takes 7 for majority.
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