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Sign Ups Scooby Doo Mafia Signups

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Morbid Minish

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Hello everyone and welcome to Scooby Doo mafia! This isn't based on one specific version of the franchise, so characters across multiple shows/movies may appear.

Important Mechanic Information

This game will involve a bit of an interesting mechanic. Day phases will proceed as usual, but during night phases everyone will search for 'clues'. This will involve me dividing everyone into groups (I would prefer to use discord for this so please let me know if you are unable to) and giving you a riddle.

As a group you will work to solve the riddle and submit a final answer. If you are correct you will then receive a 'clue'. Clues aren't actual hints to the game. Instead they will be objects or modifications that you can use along with your role. Everyone will vote on who to give it to after submitting a correct answer. Some items may have different affects when used on different characters.

Since the night phase will be a bit extensive I would like some input on how to do the phases. I was thinking potentially 48/48, but let me know what you would personally prefer. Night will need to be long enough to work on riddles, vote for the person to receive the item, and use your night actions so keep that in mind.

I will post rules at the beginning of the game (or edit them here if enough people are curious about them). However I will say that all claiming will be allowed. Roles and characters will not be alignment indicative even if they may seem so. Alignment is being randed separately. And name claiming may even be beneficial when it comes to items used.

With that said, I'm looking for 12-13 players. If signups fill quick there will be a short wait while I finish writing role PMs and whatnot.

1. ExLight (A true red herring)
2. Doc (Mr. Fred Jones himself)
3. funnier6 (Is that you Professor Pericles?)
4. Spiritual Mask Salesman (Let's see who's really under that mask)
5. Mido (Nice of you to join us Mr. Wickles)
6. Mellow Ezlo (Writing music for the Hex Girls since '99)
7. Rubik (Like look Scoob, it's Norville Shaggy Rogers in the flesh)
8. Kirino (Please don't go raising any witches from the dead Mr. Ravencroft)
9. naga10 (The Hex Girls have arrived to put a spell on you)
10. Giri (Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?)
11. Poyzin (Let me at em, let me at em)
12. Johnny Sooshi (Jinkies, looks like Velma found her glasses and is ready to play)
13. PokaLink (Jeepers, Daphne just wants to remind you all that there are no such things as ghosts!)
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Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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Another important note about the riddles mechanic. You can ask for hints, but it will be at the cost of something such as giving up one of your votes for the day, not being able to use your ability, etc.
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