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Rumor: XBOX 720 to Arrive Fall 2013 with Six Times Processing Power 0f 360

That's right, people! The latest news from the rumor mills is that the successor to the XBOX 360 will arrive in October or November of next year and be six times as powerful as the XBOX 360. Interestingly, the will only be around 20% greater performance than the Wii U (Nintendo can finally be "hardcore" competitive again!), which will release later this year. Using its sources IGN writes of the Next XBOX hardware, "Instead, the processor will be derived from the 6000 series, which was introduced last year. More specifically, it will be akin to the Radeon HD 6670, which offers support for DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output. The chip currently has a market price of upwards of $79.99". We'll see if there is any substance in these rumors soon.

Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/01/24/xbox-720-will-be-six-times-as-powerful-as-current-gen


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Dec 19, 2011
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Yeah I just read that over at Game Trailers. Granted I have an X-Box 360 myself, but I really don't see much at this point to really get excited about with these rumors.


Dec 3, 2008
I'm somewhat disappointed if this is the truth. The 6670 is a fairly old chip now, and is greatly outclassed by chips such as the HD 6950 or GTX 560 Ti, which aren't even the most expensive/best graphics cards you can buy. I can understand the cost being much to high, considering these chips are hovering around $200 dollars right now, but if this new console isn't even going to be able to push graphics that are considered "good" on the PC now, then I think it may be a bit too early for a new console generation.

On the other hand, a new console generation means that games will finally be able to advance past what they are now, which most people's PC's are already ready for, and have only been hindered by the fact that consoles have old hardware now.

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Mar 20, 2010
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What kind of a dorky name is the 720? 1080 sounds much cooler, for one, and 720 is just... I don't know. It feels wrong to say.

You're missing the point. It's an unofficial name created by theorists assuming it was following in the footsteps of the Xbox 360 name. It would make NO sense if it was 1080 anyway.

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