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Return of the King: A Twilight Princess story.


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Sep 29, 2020
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Midna, the princess of the Twili, sat back in her throne and sighed. It had been a busy day, but a productive one, and she was almost ready to relax. First, however, there was a report from the far southern regions about some possible remaining Zant loyalists.
The thought frustrated her. It had been 5 years since Zant had attempted to usurp the throne with Ganon’s help and Midna had stopped him alongside a farm boy called Link from Hyrule, the world of light . Still, there were Twili who, by choice or enchantment, still refused to accept Midna as the ruler of the Twilight Realm.
Midna sighed again. Zant had been her lover before being cursed by Ganon’s evil, so it stung bitterly that she had had to kill him. It also made her wonder if that had made her unwilling to love again, and if her relationship with Link could have been different. He was rather handsome as a wolf… She shook her head. It was no use wishing that now. She had destroyed the Mirror of Twilight, the only gateway between the two worlds, when she, Link and the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, had parted.
Suddenly, the room grew strangely dark. A dark fog seemed to fill the room, and Midna heard a faint laughter. No… it couldn’t be…. But as it grew louder, Midna knew it to be the laughter of Zant. She stood up and looked around. “Z-Zant?”
Then, the smoke in the room began to gather together. “Yes, my love?” said Zant’s voice from inside the smoke.

“Is-is that you, Zant?” Midna asked.

“It is, dear Midna,” came the voice from the smoke.

“How have you returned? Are you free from Ganon’s curse?” said Midna, stepping towards the smoke.

“Free? From that which was my freedom?” said the smoke, in a voice that sounded too stable to be Zant, for he had always been insecure in his speech.

“Ganon,” growled Midna. “I’ve defeated you once, I’ll do it again.” She tried to keep her voice steady, as she was mourning Zant all over again despite herself.

“But wasn’t there someone else? A divine beast? You are alone now, and we have learned much,” came the voice from the smoke, which was definitely not Zant.

“We?” Midna asked. At this, Zant stepped out of the smoke wearing his helmet. He took it off, and Midna felt a rush of longing for him. His neck then snapped, and his head fell to the side. Midna guessed it fell to the ground, but she was distracted from watching its progress because somehow Zant had morphed into Ganon.

“We,” said Ganon. “With my Triforce of Power, and Zant’s knowledge of the Twili, we are now one being, and we rule the Twili today, and Hyrule tomorrow.”

“H-how? Link-Link killed you.” Midna whimpered, completely overwhelmed by her fear of Ganon and mourning of Zant.

“You speak rather fondly of him,” Ganon tauntingly chuckled “But, to answer your question, I was able to resurrect using the Triforce of Power. For this is not merely raw power. Nay. This grants me abilities beyond any mortal being. I have died twice before, once by the Hero of Time, and now by the hands of this… Link. Both times I was able to resurrect using the Triforce.”
Midna slumped to the ground, losing all hope. Ganon chuckled. “As I said, we have learned much. There will be no banishment for you this time. You will rot to death in the dungeon.” At this, two Shadow Beasts, Twili that had been cursed by Ganon, walked in. They picked up Midna, who offered no resistance, as she had given up. They carried her to the dungeons, threw her in, and chained her wrists and ankles.
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Sep 29, 2020
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“Hiyah!” Link jumped Epona over the fence at his uncle Fado’s ranch. He had spent the day helping with the goats as well as other chores. He did this as often as possible, when his own occupation, horse breeding, wasn’t in the way. Fortunately, his wife Ilia was more than able to run the business side of the operation, and seeing how she loved horses, caring for them was a pleasure for her rather than a chore. As Link rode down the path towards Ordon Village, his mind whirled with the events of the past two days.

Fado was aging more rapidly than he liked to admit, and Link was trying to ease his labor on the ranch as much as possible, so as not to let his uncle harm himself. 16-year-old Colin had also been complaining about soreness, and Link knew that it was injuries from when the Bulbin King had captured him 5 years ago, during the Era of Twilight, when Midna, the Twilight Princess, had called on Link to save her kingdom.
Midna… Link also wondered what his feelings towards her were. When they had first met, her condescending nature had caused him to hate her, but as she was the only way for him to escape the wolf form the Twilight had cursed him into, he had to trust her, which caused him to hate her even more. However, as their adventure had gone on, he had come to grow fonder of her, as well as her realization that to save her kingdom, she would have to save Hyrule as well. When she returned to her kingdom, she destroyed the Mirror of Twilight, the only method of passage between the two worlds.

Link slowed Epona to a trot as he went through Ordon. “Link! Link!” called Talo. “Come spar with me!” Talo was 15, and just as obsessed over weapons and fighting as he was 5 years ago when the Twilight Era began. Link knew that he was lonely, as his 11-year-old brother, Malo had left for Kakariko village to continue with his store, the Malo Mart. He had purchased it during the Twilight Era, and succeeded greatly. Link himself had bought a shield from him, although he had sold it back to get money to buy another horse to breed with Epona.

“Not now, Talo!” Link called. “But maybe tomorrow, if you help Ilia with the horses! I’ll ask if you did, too!” Talo sighed, and Link smiled knowing that Ilia would have help. For although he hated manual labor, Link knew that his desire to spar would outdo that. Link rode up to his and Ilia’s house, dismounted Epona, and climbed the ladder up the small cliff that the house sat on. This had been his parents house before they were killed when he was a baby. They had also been horse breeders, and all their horses had been killed as well, except Epona, who was just a foal at the time.

Link stepped inside, and called “Ilia! I’m home!” There was no response, except for the cries of his infant son, Renado. They had named him for the shaman from Kakariko village who had cared for Ilia when she lost her memory during the Twilight Era as an effect of being exposed to the Twili.
Link rocked him until he fell back asleep, then took the pouch Ilia used to carry Renado off the wall, slung it over his shoulders, and put Renado inside. He then went back outside, down the ladder, and walked Epona to the spring where they kept the horses.

“I suppose if I did things right, I wouldn’t have to wonder where she is,” Link chuckled to a sleeping Renado, for Ilia always wished he would take Epona to the spring before entering the house. More often than not, Ilia would stay at the spring after the chores were done, just to be with the horses.
Link walked Epona through the gate to the spring, and there he saw Ilia stroking Chad, the horse they had purchased to sire a line through Epona. “Hello, Ilia,” Link said, slightly sheepishly, for he knew that Ilia would surmise what he had done when she saw Renado.

“Hello, Link,” she replied, turning slowly. She saw Renado sleeping in the sling around Link’s chest, and a smirk crossed her face. “Have you been working Epona too hard? You should bring her to the spring to relax before you go home. She stepped forward, took Epona’s reins and planted a kiss on Link’s lips. Link laughed and returned the kiss, feeling a great rush of affection for his wife. Working Epona too hard was something Ilia had been concerned about even before the Twilight Era, but now it wasn’t much more than an old joke between them.

Epona gave a slight limp as Ilia walked her to her stall, for they had set up stalls in the spring now that there were several horses. It didn’t go unnoticed. Ilia bent down to look at Epona’s right forehoof, a scowl on her face. "What happened?" she asked.

Link kneeled down to look as best as the baby carrier allowed him. "I don't know, isn't that the ankle that she hit on the fence?"

“Her old injury has returned,” Ilia said grimly.

“From 5 years ago?” Link groaned. “It’s not just her. Colin has been complaining of soreness to the point of being an invalid.”

“With Malo leaving to tend the Malo Mart again, it seems that many grievances are returning,” Ilia sighed.

“Is it- your memory?” Link asked, suddenly concerned.

“No, I remember everything just fine,” Ilia soothed her husband.

“Well, I’m not exempt,” Link replied. “I found myself thinking of Midna today for the first time in a while.”

“What of her?” Ilia inquired. “Just the same feeling that I left something unsaid between us,” Link replied. “I feel like there was something I should have done, and that she is somehow connected to it.”

“Enough of such heavy thoughts,” Ilia said. “With your wolf’s senses, did you perchance smell what I have cooking in the house?” Link laughed “No, I was too busy awakening Renado with my howling.” Ilia laughed as well. “I prepared pumpkin and cheese stew. And yes, there are fish.” Ilia was referring to the recipe that Yeto, a creature of the ice, had shared with Link on his adventure with Midna. Yeto made the stew with fish, but Ilia hated fish and refused to put them in, instead cooking one on the side for Link when she made it.

Later that evening, after dinner was finished, the young family sat on the balcony of their house watching the sunset. Ilia was holding Renado, and they were completely at peace, but Link was uneasy in his chair. “I forgot something very important 5 years ago. I just know it. Something to do with Midna.”

“Are you sure, Link?” Ilia asked. “Maybe it’s just the twilight making you uncomfortable.” “No,” Link growled. “Something’s wrong, I can feel it. I forgot to do something, something that should have been apparent, and now the consequences are making themselves known. That is why Colin is sore, why Malo left, why Epona’s ankle is injured again. I fear your memory and my body are next.” They sat in silence as night fell. Eventually, Ilia stood with a grunt. “I’m going to bed,” she said, leaving Link with his worries, as well as a new one. Hearing her grunt when she had stood up made him suspect that Ilia was pregnant again. He had no doubts that he would be the father of any such child, but if the Twilight Era curses were about to return, then Ilia could forget her pregnancy and inadvertantly harm their second child. He sat up for another hour before finally going to bed. Ilia was already asleep, so he quietly undressed and laid down next to her. He placed his hand on her stomach and kissed her forhead. "Goodnight, my love," he said.
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Sep 29, 2020
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Royal Summons:
Link awoke the next morning rested after sleep, but the return of the Twilight curses still weighing heavily on his brain. He dressed, and took the razor blade down from its shelf and used it to scrape the stubble from his face, noting how unusually thick it was for just one night. Being a Hylian, growing facial hair was not something Link should have been capable of, something that had always slightly disappointed him, so when he found it growing, he didn’t do anything about it at first. After letting it grow out for a while, however, he found it to be remarkably similar to wolf fur. After that, he had kept it shaved.
Link stepped outside to breathe the morning air, Ilia and Renado still asleep. Even though he was Hylian and Ilia human, the union between them was still possible. Children from such a union were rarer than a union between two humans or two Hylians, so for Link and Ilia to be expecting their second was a true blessing.
He leaned against the front door, noting as he did that the sunlight seemed rather dim, to mentally review his tasks for the day. As well as helping Fado with the ranch, he intended to visit Colin to try to gauge his situation and uplift his spirits, as well as make sure Talo helped Ilia with whatever she needed, and then spar with him. If possible, Link also wanted to go into the Faron woods and try to kill a deer for food. The summer was rapidly coming to an end, and soon any food would be hard to come by. As he pondered if he could possibly do that, he heard hoofbeats.
He looked up and saw a messenger from the castle being flanked by two knights. They were all mounted, and the knights held pikes with the royal insignia on top. The messenger looked at Link with slight disdain and asked “Do I have the honor of speaking to Link Farornson?”

“You do,” Link replied, wondering what the Queen could want. Zelda, Queen of Hyrule was a year older than Link, and she had had all the responsibilities flug upon her when her parents died when she was 12. She had relied heavily on advisors when she was younger, but by the time of the Twilight Era, she was the sole sovereign ruler of Hyrule, albeit still the princess. She had been crowned queen since the Twilight Era.

“Her Royal Majesty, Queen of Hyrule, Baroness of the Zora’s Domain, Countess of Death Mountain, Zelda, requests your presence one day hence in Hyrule Castle,” said the messenger with as much pomp as possible to make up for the down-to-earth setting. “Zelda has allowed you today to prepare your gear from the Twilight Era, seeing as how you may be required to use it in any service she may require of you.”

Link stared at the messenger, trying to decipher his language. It bothered him that Zelda would just call him, one of her sovereign citizens which her duty was to protect, into service. However, the messenger was clearly a pompous fool, so perhaps Zelda’s intention was different.
“Alright,” replied Link. “Tell her I’ll be there.” The messenger left, clearly happy to be out of there. Link sighed deeply. With the situation of Ordon Village, he was loath to leave them behind. He also wasn’t sure what all he would need. He had sold many of the items he had discovered during his journey to Malo, who had in turn sold them for twice what he had paid. He had kept the Master Sword, the blade of evil’s bane, however, unwilling to let it’s power go into the wrong hands. He kept it hanging on the wall, unwilling to use it for anything. He stepped back into the house to awaken Ilia and tell her the bad news.
When he had explained it, both of them sitting on the bed, Ilia nodded. “This may be good. Zelda knows more of the kingdom’s dealings than you do, she may know if the Twilight curses are returning everywhere.”

“Yes, but I hate to leave you behind, and Fado…” Link replied.

“I can handle myself just fine, didn’t you say Malo was going to help today? If I let him ride the horses or something, he’ll be willing to help. He has the mind of a child in the body of an adult. And your uncle isn’t as old as you make him out to be. He can manage as well. You try to take care of everyone here at once, and you stretch yourself too thin. Now, you have the chance to serve all of Hyrule.” Ilia said firmly. “Now, what do you plan on bringing?”

“The Master Sword for sure,” Link replied. “Other than that, I want to try to take my Hylian shield back from Malo. He’ll probably be charging a thousand rupees for it. I’m gonna go explain the situation to Jaggle and Fado, then leave for Kakariko. Hopefully I can make it before nightfall. It’ll take a full day of bargaining to get that shield off of Malo.” He kissed Ilia, stood up and walked into Ordon.

“Link, Link!” called Talo “You said you’d spar today!” Link shook his head. “Not now, Talo,” replied Link. “Where’s your father?” Talo led Link to Jaggle and Link explained that he had been called away, but he didn’t mention Zeda.
“While I’m gone, is it ok if Talo helps Ilia with anything she might need?” Link finished.

“Absolutely,” Jaggle replied. “Talo will be glad to help.” Talo sulkingly glared at his father. “But Dad…” he whined. “I don’t want to hear it,” Jaggle said sternly. “It’s high time you shouldered some responsibility. This is a wonderful opportunity.” Talo sighed dramatically as Link went on: “I’m going to have to go to Kakariko on this trip. Anything you need to send Malo?” Jaggle tensed at the mention of his younger son, and shook his head.
During the Twilight Era, Malo had purchased the Malo Mart in Kakariko. Despite being six years old, he had made it quite successful before the children returned to Kakariko. He had Gorons running the store in the years since, but a few days before, he had left for Kakariko to run the store in person again after the tension between him and his parents pressuring him to sell the store exploded.

Link left Jaggle and went to tell Fado that he would be gone for the next week. He wasn’t sure how long exactly, but wanted to give his uncle some peace of mind. When he returned home, he saw that Ilia had laid out the hero’s clothes.

“I thought you should be presentable to the Princess,” she said. Link scowled at the forest-green tunic and matching pointed hat. “Is this really the best thing, though?” “It’s durable,” Ilia replied. “There’s not a tear on it for all the adventuring you did in the Twilight Era. Don't forget the chainmail underneath it, either, and it’s more fashionable than what you normally wear.” For Link usually wore a patchwork of different materials, all of them dirty from working. He sighed. “Well, that’s all true,” he said, picking up the tunic. “But are you sure you didn’t just want to see me in it again?”

“Perhaps,” Ilia said flirtatiously from the couch where she had watched Link put it on. “Or maybe I just want the Princess to know that I’m the one that got the hero of the Twilight Era.” Link had to laugh at this and kissed Ilia enthusiastically before taking the Master Sword and its sheath down from the wall.

He walked to the spring, Ilia following with Renado, and saddled Epona. He kissed Ilia again, and when they broke the embrace there were tears in her eyes. “I’m scared, Link,” said Ilia. “Scared that it’s all about to happen again.”

Link nodded. “I still can’t help but blame myself. I just hope I can stop it before it gets too bad.” He mounted Epona and rode north towards Kakariko, before Ilia could see the tears in his eyes. For all her claims to the contrary, he could tell that Ilia’s amnesia was returning. She had called Zelda the princess, when the crowning had been well over a year ago. She had also said Malo instead of Talo earlier in the day. Everyone in Ordon had done that from time to time, but she hadn’t caught her mistake that morning. He just wondered how long it was before the wolf form came over him, and hoped he could avert whatever mistake he had made five years ago before it did.
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Link rode into Kakariko village in the middle of the afternoon. He cast a sideways glance at the Malo Mart, but he was too hungry to worry about that. Between the royal messengers and making sure everyone in Ordon would be able to get by without him, he had forgotten to eat at all that day, and now he felt it. He dismounted Epona and tied her to the post outside the inn, and was about to step inside when someone called his name.

“Link! What brings you to Kakariko at this time?” It was Renado, the shaman for whom he and Ilia had named their son. Link briefly considered what to tell him, then responded jovially: “Well, I can tell you, but not out here!” Renado nodded, understanding coming into his eyes. “Well, step into my sanctuary and tell me all about it,” he responded, still keeping the light, conversational tone in his voice.
They stepped into the sanctuary, and Renado motioned for Link to sit down at a table. There was a bowl of fruit and cheese on it, and Renado noticed Link looking hungrily at it. “Feel free to take some,” he said. “Luda refilled it just this morning.” Link took a wedge of cheese and bit into it before speaking.

“Do you feel as if the Twilight Era is about to begin again?” he asked Renado. “Strange things have happened in Ordon in the past few days. Colin is complaining of pain from his injuries again, Epona’s ankle is injured, and I’m worried for Ilia’s memory.” Renado nodded. “I am pleased to know I am not the only one who suspects. Something happened nigh on three days ago, the sun briefly grew darker as if it had passed behind a cloud, but it was a clear day. I feel almost as if it has not been as bright since. There are other evidences, more compelling ones, but you would not comprehend them.”

Link nodded grimly. “We aren’t the only ones, either.” He then told of the royal summons he had received that morning. “The Queen must know something. What or how I don’t know, for there are many things that I could imagine being warnings to her. Perhaps all of them.” He took another bite from the cheese and spoke again. “I’ve also felt as if this is my fault. When Midna departed, I felt as if I had forgotten to do something to do with her. Those feelings have returned as well.” Renado stared thoughtfully out the window. “I suppose the only answer for this is for you to go to the Queen. How long did you have?”

“Today and tomorrow to gather my supplies. I have everything I need from home, I came here to try to get my shield back from Malo. I fully expect that to take a full day.” Renado laughed grimly. “That it may. Despite his young age, he has a brilliant mind for business. However, that is accompanied by much arrogance and greed. I wish you luck.”

“I’ll need it,” Link said as he stood, finishing the cheese. He cast a wishful glance at the bowl as he left, and Renado laughed. “Appetite of the wolf, eh? I have something more substantial than a little block of cheese.” He motioned for Link to wait and stepped into a back room. He came out with a side of meat. “It’s a rabbit from the spring’s hunts. I insist you take it, many of the men are out on a hunting trip now.” Link accepted it gratefully and left.

He walked down the street, gnawing chunks off of the meat. He paused at the door of the Malo Mart to gnaw the meat down to the bone, then realized what he was doing. He was unsure if it was his hunger causing him to do this, or if the returning Twilight curses were giving him a more wolfish nature. “Get a hold of yourself, Link,” he said under his breath. “Time is short, and all the time you spend worrying is time you aren’t doing anything about this.”

He breathed deeply and stepped into the Malo Mart. There was an elderly Goron tending the counter, and a large mass of cushions behind it. He stepped up to the counter. “Is Malo here?” Link asked the Goron. The mass of cushions rotated, revealing itself to be a chair piled high with cushions, on which Malo was seated. He had been filling out some papers and stared at Link disdainfully with his heavy-lidded eyes.

“Link? What are you doing here? Don’t tell my parents sent me here to fetch you. Just leave if that’s the case. And why are you dressed in…that getup again?”

“No, I came here of my own accord. I may be required to reprise my role from the Twilight Era, and I need my shield,” Link said, not allowing himself to be irritated by Malo’s attitude.

“I seem to recall you spent most of the time as a mindless beast, guided by the imp who was the true hero,” Malo replied with his typical deadpan. “These things are never easy, are they? You can never just start the journey with both your sword and shield. You always have one and lose the other, or have to find one or both of them. Well, you shouldn’t have expected it to be as easy as coming here and begging it off of me. I sold it.”

Link stared at him, too confused at what he had just said to be angry at the insult, and asked “To whom did you sell it?”
“To the innkeeper of the Elde Inn. I think he wanted it as a display piece on his wall. I suggest you go there now and ask him about it, he’ll probably have something he needs you to do, you don’t have as much time as you usually do,and you always seem to need all the help you can get,” Malo droned.

Link glared at Malo, unsure if he was being made fun of, then turned and left, slamming the door behind him. He walked down to the Elde Inn, noting that twilight was falling even though it could hardly be 5’oclock. Stepping into the inn, the first thing he noticed was a Hylian shield hanging behind the front desk, accented with a wreath and branches going upward from the sides. Link asked the woman tending the desk to speak to the innkeeper. She rang a bell and said “He’ll be down momentarily.”

Link bounced on the balls of his feet and looked at the shield while he waited. Shortly, the innkeeper came down. He stepped behind the desk and looked at Link. “How can I help you? For any inn business, Sarah here is more than capable of assisting you.” At this, he turned and kissed Sarah on the cheek. Link presumed them to be husband and wife. He didn’t know many of the Kakariko villagers, for they had fled at the beginning of the Twilight Era, and Link had only been to Kakariko once since, for his and Ilia’s wedding.

“Well, sir, I was wondering if there was any chance I could borrow that shield. It was mine during the Twilight Era, and I have need of it again. I’m willing to pay quite a generous sum now, plus any extra when I return it.,” Link requested. The innkeeper looked at Link with slight amusement, then said “I know who you are, Link Farornson. I trust you to return it when you have completed your task.” He then turned around, took the shield off the wall and handed it to Link. Link took it, feeling a sense of smug satisfaction towards Malo. “I didn’t have to do anything at all,” he thought.

“I hate to mention this, but I have a favor as well,” said the innkeeper. Link nodded, despite the numb shock he felt. How did Malo know what he was talking about every time? In that way, he reminded Link of Midna when they had first met.
“There are some bawdy, drunken rogues who I lodged last night. Since then, they have spent the whole day drinking and disrupting the inn. I suspect that they are thieves. I have tried to ask them to leave, but they threatened me with swords. All I ask is that you follow me and intimidate them with your mere presence.
Link was uncomfortable with the idea of being a bodyguard, but he followed the innkeeper. When the innkeeper knocked on the offending door, it opened to a group of three men probably younger than Link. There were opened bottles of some alcoholic drink littering the floor, and the room reeked of it. When they saw Link, standing with his naked sword at the innkeeper’s request, the one who answered the door burst into tears.
“Puh-puhlease, mister! We was only tryna have a little fun! We can shober up! Buht we need a place to stay, for-for now!”
The innkeeper stared at them. “The truth can come out in times of stress. I have personal experience with this. You may stay, as long as no other complaints come. With this, he shut the door and walked back downstairs, Link following.
Link sheathed the sword and hung the shield on the back, then spoke to Sarah. “What’s the cheapest room for one night?”
Sarah looked through a stack of papers, then replied “There’s one on the ground floor, 40 rupees for one night.” Link cringed, then got out his wallet and began counting. The innkeeper noticed and walked over. “Sarah, he helped me calm down those rowdy youths. Charge him only 20.” Link gave a grateful glance to the innkeeper and handed Sarah his red rupee. She placed it in a box and handed Link a key. He then left to find some dinner.
He stood on the porch of the hotel, and looked at the sanctuary, considering calling on Renado for dinner. After more consideration, he turned and stepped back inside the inn. “Excuse me, but where is a good place to eat?” he asked Sarah. “I would recommend our own dining room,” she replied. “The Elde Inn is a family establishment. Me and Alo run the affairs of the inn, our daughter Catori is in charge of housekeeping, and our daughter Adria is in charge of the kitchen staff. Breakfast is free and it’s an extra 10 rupees for dinner but one second,”

At this she walked into a door behind the desk. Link saw that it was an office of some sort and assumed it to be the main office. He heard voices from inside, and then Sarah came back out. “Alo says you may eat free of charge,” she said, and pointed Link to the dining room. He set down the hall, overwhelmed by this couple’s kindness. He stepped into the dining room, which had about 10 round tables, each set for four. They were placed here and there throughout the room, with no apparent order. He was the first diner that evening. Checking the clock, he saw that it was only 6:30, but he intended to get out early the next morning so as to make it to Castle Town before lunch so Queen Zelda wouldn’t have to wait too long.

After placing the Master Sword in its sheath and Hylian shield on the table, Link looked at the menu before him. After some consideration, he chose the mutton, and waited for a waiter. Soon enough, one came, and Link asked for “One leg of mutton, rare.” The waiter took his order back to the kitchen, and Link realized that that was a very wolfish thing for him to order. He decided not to worry about it, it sounded delicious.
After dinner, Link went to the room number marked on his key, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. The bed was in the far corner of the room, with two of its sides against the wall. He stuck the Master Sword under the bed, and put his shield facedown on the bed with the pillow inside. After confirming that the Master Sword was impossible to reach without shaking the bed, even with his slight frame, Link unbuckled the belt holding the tunic on him, took off the tunic, and threw it on the chair. His boots and leggings followed. Leaving on the cap for warmth, he crawled into the bed and fell asleep.
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Link awoke the next morning, and after checking that the Master Sword was undisturbed, dressed. Needing to relieve himself, he took the​
Master Sword out from under the bed, and noticed that there was a basin under the bed as well.
“Is that really- I guess they empty them… I can’t bring myself to do that inside though.” He left his room after checking he had everything and left the Elde Inn in a hurry. The urgency nearly became too much. He ran behind the inn and relieved himself.
He walked back inside for breakfast, and saw two teenage girls giggling behind the desk. He assumed them to be Catori and Adria, the innkeeper’s daughters. As he walked past the desk towards the dining room, the younger of the girls called out to him.

“You know that’s what the basin is for, right?” she giggled madly.

“Yes, me and the housekeeping staff clean them out as needed!” snickered the older one.

Link wished more than anything he could sink into the floor, a hot rush coming into his cheeks. “I did wonder that…” he said slowly, “I couldn’t bring myself to do that inside, though.”

At this, the girls collapsed into another round of laughter. “Where are you from?” the younger asked. “Ordon Village,” Link responded. “Well, that explains it!” she cackled. Link wasn’t sure why the girls found him so amusing, so he went on to the breakfast room to find it bustling. He took his food and sat down at a corner table.
As he ate, Renado came to his table.

“Good morning, Renado,” Link said, rising to his feet, “What brings you here?”

Renado’s face was grim. “I detected something last night. I am more attuned to the arcane than most, and last night there was a wave of something to do with Twili. It originated from Gerudo Desert. That is all I can tell you, feel free to share it with the Queen,” Link nodded. “I will let her know. I am unsure if she is familiar with you, but I will vouch for your reliability.”

Renado chuckled. “She will know who I am. We both studied the arcane under the same tutor.” Link made a noise of surprise. “The Queen knows magic?” Renado nodded seriously. “I believe you told me something about Zelda using arrows of light to aid you in your battle with Ganon?” he asked. “Do those not seem to be something that would require magical skill?”

“I suppose I assumed it was something to do with the Triforce at the time, but now that I think of it, Midna had the Triforce then,” Link thought out loud. “How did I miss that?”

“It is unimportant,” Renado stated. “Just know that Zelda may be more able to assist you than you expect.” With this, he left. Link finished his breakfast and stepped outside to Epona.

“You ready, girl?” he asked. He noticed that she had been given a trough of oats in the night. He was impressed with the quality of the Elde Inn’s service, as well as embarrassed that he had neglected Epona. “Ilia will have my hide if she hears of this,” Link said to Epona as he saddled her and took her off the hitching post. “Well, I won’t tell her if you won’t,” he said when he had mounted her. With a “Hyah!” he rode out of Kakariko towards Hyrule Castle Town.
After riding for an hour or so, Epona began to slightly limp. “Oh no,” Link thought. “Not now.” As he considered what to do, Epona stumbled on her right foreleg, throwing Link off. He landed on his right shoulder, and flipped over onto his back. As he flipped, the Master Sword fell out of its sheath. Link rolled over onto his front, and crawled on all fours to pick the Master Sword back up. After putting it back in the sheath, he stood up and looked around for Epona.
She had stopped, and was looking in Link’s direction, pawing the grass and snorting. He almost felt like she was trying to talk to him. “Easy, girl,” Link said soothingly. He knelt down and looked at her right forehoof. There was definitely a bruise on her ankle, and Link wished he had inspected it before he had left that morning. “Do you think you can make it to Castle Town?” Link asked Epona.

He could have sworn she tried to say yes.

“Alright, if you say so,” Link replied,” climbing onto her back.

They made it to Castle Town without any more incident. Link left Epona outside the gate, and walked into the town. The square was bustling with activity as usual, and Link wondered if there was anything he needed. After checking the sun, and seeing it to be at its peak, he decided to go to the castle. He knew he was risking a chance at a midday meal, but he had skipped it before.
Link walked up the entry corridor to the castle remembering the last time he had. It had been with Midna, and she had used the complete Fused Shadows to break through the barrier around the castle. These recollections took him up to the gates, where he spoke to the guards.

“I am Link Farornson, the Queen has summoned me,” he declared.

The guards conferred among themselves, and then one left. “We cannot confirm nor deny your story. Duras is going to fetch an officer who can,” the other guard stated.

They stood in silence for about 15 minutes, then there was the sound of armored boots approaching. Duras had returned, with the same messenger that had delivered the summons to Ordon Village. “This is indeed Link Farornson,” said the messenger to the soldiers. “Come with me,” he said curtly to Link.
Link followed him through the passages of Hyrule Castle, up to the monarch’s chamber. The messenger stepped in first, and announced pompusly “Your Royal Majesty, may I announce Link Farornson of Ordon.” He stepped to the side and bowed to let Link in.
Link, unsure of what exactly to do, or how the Queen was going to treat him, walked slowly up the carpet to the throne. About 6 feet from the stairs leading to the throne, he drew the Master Sword and bowed to one knee, holding the sword in front of him with the point on the ground.

“Thank you, Byron,” Zelda said to the messenger. Byron bowed so that his forehead nearly touched the carpet, then left. She then looked down at Link. “At easy, Farornson,” she said. Link stood up and sheathed the sword.

“Don’t mind William,” the Queen continued. “He was one of my footmen, but I could tell he was hungry for more, so I allowed him to be a messenger. He is eager to make a good impression, but I don’t care overmuch for his … pompous nature. He is young, however, and I expect great things from him. Enough small talk, however. Guards! Leave us!.”

The two guards stationed at the door turned and left, and Zelda stood up and walked smoothly down the stairs. She then looked Link in the eyes, and he saw that hers were slightly moist. “Something’s wrong, Link,” began Zelda. “Something to do with the Twili. I called you here as regally as possible so as not to raise suspicions, part of the reason I sent Byron to fetch you, but I need your help. You, with Midna’s help, are the hero of the Twilight Era, and I’m scared it’s about to happen again” Link nodded, noting that her regal demeanor had been dropped.

“I know, your Majesty,” he said. “Many grievances from the Twilight Era have come back in Ordon. I also have this nagging feeling that I forgot to do something important, and that Midna was connected to it. It’s happened from time to time in the past five years, but it’s a constant pressure on my brain now.”

Zelda swallowed. “I have some skill in the arcane arts, and there are many supernatural signs that point to the Twili again,” she said in a quivering voice.

“I heard from Renado the shaman in Kakariko that there was something that came from Gerudo Desert last night,” Link replied. “I don’t know how it all works, but did you feel anything?” Zelda shook her head and Link went on. “You know as well as I that Gerudo Desert was the location of the Mirror of Twilight before Midna destroyed it. Whatever’s happening in the Twilight Realm, that’s where we need to go.”

“Y-yes-,” Zelda choked. “I-I’m sorry, Link. I hate that you have to see me, your queen, on the verge of tears, but I’m afraid. Last time, I knew that Zant had taken over, that Midna was doing all in her power to reclaim her domain. Now there’s so much uncertainty, I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done, and now that you’re back with the Master Sword, and you know something’s going on, it’s just so much, there might be hope now” She stood there with her head bowed and shoulders heaving, silently sobbing.

Link was unsure what to do. He doubted that anyone from Ordon had ever been in a position to comfort the monarch in all the history of Hyrule. Anyone from outside the castle, for that matter. “Your Majesty, listen to me,” he said slowly, trying to be comforting while still giving Zelda the respect due her office. “I’m scared too. Ilia’s memory had begun to slip when I left. There’s been several things about myself that I feel are too wolfish. I’ve had to tell myself that any time I spend worrying is time I’m not working to fix this.”

Zelda nodded. “You’re right. For the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, I have certainly been foolish. We must act. I want just us to go to Gerudo Desert, but there would be scandal if I were to leave suddenly with a peasant.” She stared into space for a few minutes, pondering, then looked at Link. “Sometimes, I’ll go riding with just one knight for escort. I suppose we could hide you inside such a suit of armor under the guise of my going out.” Link, unenthusiastic about the possibility of having to wear a knight’s suit of armor, shook his head.

“How long are you usually gone on one of these rides? Two hours? We don’t know how long this could take. You don’t have to come.”

Zelda sighed. “I suppose I must stay. I will have to content myself with the thought that while I was not directly involved in solving this, I sent you.”

Link nodded. “If it were not for you, I would have done nothing. You’re the reason I’m going, and I won’t let you down,” he replied.

“Then go,” Zelda said. “But first, as a sign of my royal gratitude, is there anything you may require on your journey?”

“Could I possibly borrow a horse? I came on Epona, but her ankle gave out on the way from Kakariko this morning. I would like another horse, an uninjured one. I would also like some food” Link requested.

“It shall be granted,” Zelda responded.

An hour later, Link rode away from Hyrule castle to the west, towards Gerudo Desert. He knew that the fate of Hyrule rested on him again, and he would have to do it alone. He could only hope he would have what it took to take down this unseen foe.

This chapter was my biggest mental block. I'm very pleased with how it came out, and to top it, some of the content is spilling over into the next chapter :D
The next chapter is a big one, and the finale, so stay tuned! Most of it was the very first stuff I thought up, so I'm looking forward to writing it.
I'm also gonna echo Az and ask for some reader feedback, it would really motivate me to finish strong.
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You might want to do some checks cuz in 2nd bit you have link dismounting iila and pheasants in the last bit i think you mean peasent or something different...


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Not a criticism!! Its good!! im tryna help sorry if it came across that way!!


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Zelda nodded. “You’re right. For the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, I have certainly been foolish. We must act. I want just us to go to Gerudo Desert, but there would be scandal if I were to leave suddenly with a pheasant.” She stared into space for a few minutes, pondering, then looked at Link. “Sometimes, I’ll go riding with just one knight for escort. I suppose we could hide you inside such a suit of armor under the guise of my going out.” Link, unenthusiastic about the possibility of having to wear a knight’s suit of armor, shook his head.

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Link was impressed with the speed of the borrowed horse, but he didn’t feel comfortable on it. The saddle was made to accommodate a knight in armor, so it was rather large, especially considering Link’s slight Hylian frame. This led to some unfortunate injuries in rougher areas.
He rode into Gerudo desert about 5 o’clock that evening, ironically just as twilight was beginning. Knowing the Twili magic would probably be stronger at the source, he was unsurprised but still dismayed to find a shell of Twili surrounding Arbiter’s Grounds. He was unable to pass through it on his own, Midna had been the one to draw him into Twilit areas 5 years ago. Wondering what to do, his thoughts fell on his sword.
He drew the Master Sword, unsure if it would work, and slashed at the wall of darkness. A gash opened in it, and slowly the Twili closed in, repairing itself. Link took several more slashes at it until there was an opening big enough for him. He stepped through, and heard a scream behind him. His heart fell when he realized he had forgotten the horse.

There were two Shadow Beasts that finished off the horse before turning their attention to him. Link ran away, his heart pounding. He had defeated many of these during the Twilight Era, but with Midna’s help. If he left one alive, it was able to screech and revive its comrades. Midna had been able to make a circle of magic that would, if done properly, would allow Link in his wolf form to defeat them so rapidly they were unable to revive one another. He was unsure if he would be able to take them on alone like this.

As he ran towards the Arbiter’s Grounds, he clutched tight to the Master Sword. The powerful magic inside it allowed to maintain his Hylian form even inside the Twilight like he was. He wondered what would happen if he were to lose it. After checking that the Shadow Beasts were gone, he tested his theory. He got on his hands and knees at the base of the stairs that led up to the Arbiter’s Grounds, holding the Master Sword, and then lifted his hand off it. He watched as the fingers widened and grew hairy, the hand turning into a paw. He took a second to savor being in his wolf form, not realizing that he had missed it, then came the real test.

He placed his left forepaw on the hilt of the Master Sword, and pressed down. He watched the toes elongate into fingers, and he grasped the sword as they did. He stood up holding the sword, and grimaced.
“I’m glad to know that I can do that, but I should not have done that. I just risked all of Hyrule out of nothing beyond vain curiosity,” he said, and after not receiving a response, wondered who he had been talking to. He shook his head and stepped into the Arbiter’s Grounds.
5 years ago, he had navigated these mysterious ruins in search of the Mirror Chamber with Midna. His searchings had culminated in Zant appearing and reanimating the skeleton of a giant monster called Stallord in an attempt to kill Link. Link was able to beat it, but at the cost of the spinner he had found elsewhere in the Grounds.

He walked up the stairs in the foyer, wondering how long it would take him to find the Mirror Chamber again. He wandered aimlessly for about 15 minutes, noticing that many of the torches had gone dark since he had last been there. As he peered down a corridor, trying to remember if he had been down it before and what was down it if he had, his heart fell.
What if the surge of Twili Renado had mentioned hadn’t come from the Mirror Chamber? What if it was just coincidence that the Arbiter’s Grounds was in the shell of Twili? As he pondered these with a scowl, a third, worse thought occurred to him: What if he was just running to a certain death, and the Twili’s taking over was inevitable this time?
“No,” he said firmly. “Every problem has a cause, and every cause has a solution. All I need to do is find the cause, and figure out the solution.” He decided the corridor held nothing for him and moved on.
Further down the hallway, there was a place where the wall had been smashed through. Link looked through the hole and saw that it led outside, right onto the stairway that led to the Mirror Chamber. Pleased with his luck, he put the Master Sword in its sheath and clambered over the rubble, noting that he retained his Hylian form even with the Sword in its sheath. “I guess as long as it’s on my person, I’m good,” he thought as he started up the stairs.

Link reached the top and stepped into the Mirror Chamber with adrenaline coursing through his body and looked around for anything unusual. It was just as it was when he and Zelda had said goodbye to Midna 5 years ago he thought at first. Then he noticed the large rock that the Mirror of Twilight had projected its portal onto was gone. In its place was a horribly familiar phantom.
“Zant,” Link growled as he drew his sword. “I thought Midna killed you.”

“She diiiiiid!” cackled the Zant-phantom. “But I came ba-ba-baaack!” He cackled maniacally again and began to fire bolts of energy at Link, just as he had in their battle 5 years ago. Link rolled to the side to avoid them. “How did you come back? Is Ganon behind this?” he asked Zant.
“Indeed I am,” came Ganon’s voice from nowhere, which gave it the effect of coming from everywhere. “I see you convinced the Queen to stay behind. I suppose I can take her on later, but I rather wished to gain them all at once…. It is no matter. Zant! Allow our guest inside!” At this, the Zant-phantom disappeared, leaving a swirling hole of darkness on the ground. Link walked up to it and peered down into it. “What is this?’
Ganon chuckled. “You really believed the Mirror of Twilight was the only way in and out of the Twilight Realm? Far from it.” At this, a golden triangle appeared in the middle of the hole. “I have learned much about the Triforce of Power. Yes, it enhances my physical strength, but it gives abilities beyond mortal expectations. Now, you know you must face me. Your overwhelming sense of duty to your friends and your Queen will allow nothing else. You also know you must lose. You only bested me before because of Midna and Zelda. Now come, or I will have to take matters into my own hands.”

Link had hesitated to step into the hole not out of fear, but rather realization. When Ganon had taunted him with the Triforce, he had realized what it was he forgot to do. “I have found the cause, and also the solution,” he thought. “But knowing what it is doesn’t make it any easier.” He clenched his teeth and stepped into the hole.
Link landed in the throne room of the Twilight Realm. He drew his sword and glared at Ganondorf sitting on the throne.
“I suppose you have come to kill me. Well then, shall we begin?” taunted Ganon with a leer. Link focused his attention on Ganon. He walked up to the throne, and Ganon continued to sit with his naked sword on his lap, leering at Link. Link held his sword at the ready, still looking into Ganon’s eyes. He then launched into a jump strike, a sword technique he had learned from the Hero’s Shade. Just as he was about to land the blow on Ganon’s head, Ganon blocked it with his own sword inhumanly quickly. Link was knocked back onto the ground.
Ganon stood up, chuckling. “Even if, in some odd twist of fate, you managed to kill me, I would still come back. But you won’t. I will kill you, and take your Triforce. I hoped you would bring Zelda so I could take her Triforce of Wisdom as well, but I can take hers later.” He swept his sword at Link, who jumped to avoid it. Link then swung his sword at Ganon, who allowed the hit to land. “You cannot win,” leered Ganon.
“I’ve done it before, I can do it again,” thought Link.
“You have no help, Farornson,” chuckled Ganon. “You can fight me, but I will win. I locked Midna away, where she cannot aid you.” A glimmer of hope came to Link. “So if you locked Midna away, does that mean you declare yourself the King of Twilight?” he asked Ganon with a smirk. A momentary look of panic crossed Ganon’s face. “No. I have no reason to rule these Twili. I am merely using them to gain the Triforce, and with it Hyrule,” he replied quickly.
Link smirked. He took a swipe at Ganon with his sword, and danced out of his reach. “But to use them, you must lead them, and wouldn’t that make you their king?” Ganon growled. “Nay. They are but pawns, tools to me. I am not their ruler, merely their user.” He swung his sword at Link, aiming to decapitate him. Link jumped out of his range. “But if you use them, are you not exercising power over them? And would that not make you their king?”
His flippant demeanor betrayed his inner panic. He hoped if Ganon declared himself the King of Twilight, Midna would be cursed into her imp form, and perhaps she could come to his aid. This was only possible, of course, if Midna was still in her true form, and if she was even alive. But it was working. Ganon was becoming aggravated.
“I am not the King of Twilight!” he snapped as he attacked Link again. Link smugly grinned. Somehow this was working. “Oh, but you must be!” Ganon gnashed his teeth, then bore a maniacal smile. “I AM THE KING-KING OF THE TWILIGHT,” he screamed, Link noticed with surprise, in Zant’s voice.

Midna shifted slightly, but it was hopeless. Nothing was more comfortable. How long had it been? Hours? Days? Years? Her wrists hung from the ceiling in chains as well as her ankles to the floor.

So much desperation.

She felt as if it was all she had known.

As if she were drowning in it.

As if it were a cloth that enveloped her.

But this was her own cloak… She wondered why it had grown so large. She then realized that her ankles and wrists had slipped free of their bonds. She looked at her own hands, then she realized. She was an imp again. Her first thought was more despair. How much more could she lose? But then a wicked grin came onto her face. Ganon (Or Zant, but she had made herself forget him) had declared himself king, stripping her of her royal form. Now she could stop him, for while her power was diminished in this form, it was by no means gone. She rose into the air laughing loudly and triumphantly, getting the attention of her guards.
She created a ring of magic around her, and using the hand on top of her head that was concealed as her hair, pointed at the two Shadow Beasts guarding her cell, who had opened the door and were coming into the cell. When she was sure they were both under the magic, she released it and braced herself.
Right. Link was the one that had actually killed them before. She briefly wished he were still here. No matter, she could handle two. She reached out her hair-hand and grabbed one of the Shadow Beasts by the head and smashed it into the other’s head. With them dispatched, she levitated to the throne room, where things were going badly.

After declaring himself king, Ganon had launched into a rage. His attacks on Link were almost overwhelming, and then the tip of Ganon’s sword hit Link’s wrist.
“Nooooo…..” cried Link, and the cry turned to a wolf’s howl as the Master Sword spun through the air and Link became a wolf again. It fell to the floor to Ganon’s right, and Link tried to run for it, but Ganon kicked him in the shoulder, and he went sprawling.
“I have you now, Link,” Ganon said, in his most sinister tone yet. “I’m actually glad I get to kill you in this form. This form is the reason Midna decided to use you in the first place. It was the beginning of my troubles. Now it is the end.” He put his sword to Link’s neck, and prepared to drive it home.


Ganon looked up, to see Midna hovering in the door. Rage flashed across his face, to be replaced with a smirk. “You think to stop me in that body? You are useless in that form without this beast,” with which he kicked at Link again. Midna moved closer to Ganon, her features a mask of determination. Ganon lifted his sword and pointed it at her, and she snatched it by the tip with her hair and tossed it aside.
Now Ganon was truly angry. “You think you can best me? I, the wielder of the Triforce of Power? The King of the Twili?” He held his right hand out, the one with the Triforce symbol emblazoned on the back, and prepared to annihilate Midna. She made no move to resist, for her purpose had been achieved.
Link had been crawling on his stomach towards the Master Sword while Ganon had been speaking to Midna, and when he was close enough, stretched out his left forepaw and placed it on the hilt. As he felt his wolf body changing back into a Hylian, he grasped the Master Sword and with a “Hyah!” jumped from the ground and severed Ganon’s right arm at the elbow.
Ganon let out a rasping scream and fell to his knees. The hand fell to the ground and decayed rapidly, leaving behind the Triforce. Midna reached down and picked it up and leaned towards Ganon.
“Now let me tell you who I am,” she said fiercly in barely over a whisper to Ganon. “I am the one who guided the holder of the Triforce of Courage on his journey to save Hyrule. I held the Triforce of Wisdom when Zelda deemed me to have more need of it. And now I hold the Triforce of Power. You think you can best me? I am the Twilight Princess.”

With this, there was a flash of light and Link had to shield his eyes. When it cleared, Ganon was gone, and Midna had regained her true form and was pulling her cloak around herself, muttering what sounded like “For you,Zant.” Link noticed the Triforce symbol on her hand.
Midna then turned to Link, her features bright, her arms out as if to embrace him. “This is amazing, Link,you’re back! I’ve been wanting to spend time with you-” Link cut her off.

“No, we were never meant to meet again. I was not sent here to be with you, I was sent to atone for my mistake, my oversight. I have done that. You hold the Triforce. It was an unfortunate coincidence that I had to come to the same place as you to do so,” he said.

Midna nodded, tears in her eyes. “I don’t want that to be true, but I know it has to be. If you had thought to do your duty, we would not desire to see each other again. We would have grieved, yes, but not for 5 years” She bowed her head and her shoulders heaved. “I suppose we must part ways for good now,” she sobbed. She lifted up her right hand, and the Triforce symbol glowed. Link looked into her eyes as the Twilight Realm faded around him, and he saw the Mirror Chamber again.
The Twili was gone, and it was a peaceful night. The moon shone brightly as Link walked down the stairs of Arbiter’s Grounds. He saw the body of the horse, and he sighed. It was going to be a long walk back. He put his hands on his hips, preparing himself for walking and felt something.
There was a small leather pouch that had not been there before. He unclipped it from his belt and peered inside. He stared in disbelief. There was a Shadow Crystal, an object so cursed with dark Twili magic that it would cause him to take his wolf form if he touched it. Was this from Midna? A realization came over him. As long as he had the Master Sword on his person, he should be able to transform at will. He touched the crystal, and fell to his hands and knees as the wolf body overcame him. Now what? “I’ve done it now,” he thought. Concentrating on his Hylian form, he felt himself jerk upright.
Anyone in Gerudo Desert that night would have heard triumphant laughter followed by a wolf’s howl. Link ran through the desert, savoring every aspect of this wolf form. It had been a curse, but now he loved the freedom it offered him. Yes, he would have to report to the Queen and explain what happened to her horse. Yes, he probably should to go Kakariko to return the shield first.. And yes, he overworked himself to take care of Ordon village.

But tonight, I shall run with the wolves!
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Dude, this is great!! I love the attention to detail, especially in the fight scene- really makes it easy to visualize, which can be pretty hard when it comes to action. Good ending too, I always love to see wolf link getting the attention he deserves! (Also love how he totally friendzoned Midna lmao.)

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