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Rate Your Day


Had a really freaky breakdown earlier where i couldnt find it in myself to go outside and i just crumbled at the front door.

I knew i was wound up but i didnt expect to completely freak out.

Cake a Smash Bros helped for recovery though.
Nov 17, 2014
2/10 Everything seemed to be piling up the past week and kind of crumbled into today.
problems with professors, writing assignments for an online publishing company I write for, forgotten school assignments due in a few hours, etc. finals are due this week, and I'm nowhere near finished with my Frankenstein paper...All I have is a rough outline and that's due in three-ish days.

But everything I needed to do today is done, and I can go watch Flash now, so maybe the day'll be more like a 3 or a 4.

On the bright side, Seminar in British literature is my first 400-level class, and it's going better than the 300-level editing class I'm taking right now, soooo at least there's a little plus.


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Jan 31, 2010
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10/10. A great day. I went back to work after being sick for almost a week. I went to the home of one of my coworkers. His wife asked if I wamnted to come along. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun. So yeah an awesome daY FOR SURE :d
Aug 30, 2018
Recently I got to know I have a cancer. Yesterday I was told it has spread from its original source to other tissues as well, so extremely bad news. When I told my parents today, I literally saw how blood drained from their faces. It was awful to tell them. I hate I'm making miserable and sad those who I love the most and can’t do anything about it. Not telling would be wrong. So, rate of this day? 0/10. But I've encountered harder times in my life and still alive so just you to know, dear cancer, you ain't gonna kill me so give up and go away!

I might rate days in this thread from time to time for I'm pretty sure there going to be lots of up and downs in my near future. Hopefully more good days than bad.
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6/10 had a nice doctor that gave me new and stronger pills so i hope i can get through Christmas wihout caving.

Had some fish and chips too which were nice.

And a goat fell off a cliff in BotW whih made me laugh.


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Sep 4, 2017
for my standards, suppose a 6.5/10. Would be a 7.5/10 but I had to experience the misfortune of seeing losers hating on skyward sword.
Aug 30, 2018
Great day 9/10. Today I finally got christmas mood. Have been listening christmas carols and decorated christmas tree. -1 cos I'm worrying a bit about surgeries and radiotherapy that are after holidays.


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