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Rate Your Day


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Yeah. Finding a job is hard enough as it is, nevermind surviving the interview process beforr getting ****ed over.

It's the way they pull this type of **** that gets me everytime, as an applicant we're told not to lie and be honest in the interview and on the CV but the employer gets to withhold information, straight out lie and then fob us off with bull****.
Jun 7, 2016
I missed most of the 3 hour community day because my older brother was being a little *****. He had a tantrum because he wanted to buy a toy and go home, having no regard for what anyone else wanted. He’s 18 FYI. I nearly passed out again in the shopping center we were in and my mom was in pain (she has a condition). Of course, because nobody was paying attention to him, he started faking symptoms and claiming he was in more pain than anyone else has ever been. At this point I got a headache from all his whining.

I also bought a charger cable and power bank while I was there and the cashier tried to short change me, claiming that the £10 I gave him was only £5. That was sorted after a while.

The reason it isn’t 0/10 is because I still managed to get a few shinies.

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