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Rate the Most Recent Anime You Watched


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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 10/10

I really enjoyed this series, a lot more than I thought I would. One of the things I appreciated most about it was that it didn't have the standard shounen Protagonist arc of "I must become stronger to protect the people I love!! I will become the strongest person ever!!!". I'm pretty sure Edward is just as powerful in the last episode as he is in episode one, that's not the focus. Instead he's busy learning, and making allies, and being just a regular person with a goal and I think that's really cool.
The story was really good, I liked how well constructed I was there were things being set up from the first episode that would be important way later on (a few of which I predicted). I also liked that there weren't any characters that didn't feel fleshed out. I thought for sure people like Scar and Greed were gonna be short, one shot villains, but they had a huge impact on the whole show. Even Hughes was still important towards the end of it.
I think the only thing I didn't like was how dark the show was. I could've used a little more comedy, just for a break. That's more about my preferences though more than any problem with the show.

The only thing I can't decide is if my favorite character is Edward or Major Armstrong. Hm.

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Terror in Resonance - 7/10

I liked the idea of kids being raised as part of experiments, and them getting revenge through terrorist acts, and things getting truly twisted at the end, but the characters were pretty forgettable aside from Shibazaki.

Undead Girl Murder Farce - 9/10

This is an absolutely amazing blend of detective work and fighting the supernatural. I love the cinematography, and the opening is one of the best of the year.

FLCL Shoegaze - 6/10

3 episodes wasn't anywhere near enough for this show, but I'm glad it connected back to FLCL Alternative, and the new girl was full of spunk.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - 9/10

This is a beautiful movie of finding balance with nature and redemption for past wrongs. The animation is stunning, and the characters are so well written.

Magi :The Labyrinth of Magic - 9/10

I love the chemistry between Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana so much. I prefer the dungeon focus and more intimate personal conflict of this first season.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic - 8/10

The first half of the season continues the same great journeys of the first, but I dislike the giant final battle. It feels like so many new characters come into play without being properly fleshed out.

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Attack on Titan The Final Chapters Special 2 - 9/10

A great ending to one of the behemoths of anime with a satisfying final fight even if the final resolution leaves me a bit mixed.

From Up On Poppy Hill - 8/10

I really enjoy the theme of preservation of culture that runs throughout this movie. The love plot isn't as strong as some other movies I've seen, but the emotional scenes are still there.
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Zen - Grogu and Dust Bunnies - 5/10

A cute but forgettable animation for everyone's favorite baby Yoda.

Summertime Rendering - 8/10

The best time travel I've seen in anime since Steins;Gate with the vicious time travel loops of Re Zero. The ending fight is a little lackluster, but the reveals halfway through the show are stunning.

Heavenly Delusion - 9/10

The way the story is told with Kiruko and Maru on the outside and the children inside the walls leaves an air of mystery as to how the world came to be, and the maneaters have some truly terrifying designs.

Rurouni Kenshin (2023) - 8/10

This was a great remake of the classic series with some amazing openings and endings. The fight against Aoshi was the highlight with Saito coming in at the end to start the best arc next season, Kyoto.

Spy x Family Season 2 - 9/10

The cruise ship arc from this season, and it gave Yor her biggest role yet. I also really liked the episode with Damian and his friends bonding earlier in the season.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 - 9/10

Hidden Inventory is my favorite arc of the show so far with the banter being Gojo and Geto being top notch, and Toji is such a badass villain. Shibuya has lots of amazing fights too, but way to many characters are introduced without being build up so I don't particularly care for them.

Burn the Witch 0.8 - 8/10

Another great episode of Tite Kubo's Bleach spin-off. Noel and Ninny are as dapper as ever, and the villain taking the form of another character was damn creepy and reminded me of Parasyte the Maxim.

Millennium Actress - 10/10

One of the best movies I've ever seen. It does an excellent job of transitioning between real life and movie sets as a famous actress recalls her career, and the love she could never have.

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The Great Pretender - 9/10

I absolutely loved the crazy schemes the conmen concoct in this anime, and there are some insane twists. Also, you can finally say that Freddie Mercury sings in an anime.

Great Pretender Razbliuto - 8/10

A solid continuation of the anime with Dorothy being a compelling new lead, but the heist never feels quite as grand.

Gurren Lagann: Childhood's End - 9/10

The part where this movie ends is a bit random, but this is a fantastic retelling of almost the first half of Gurren Lagann but with some character backstories cut out, which hurts the second movie.

Gurren Lagann: The Lights in the Sky are Stars - 9/10

The opening fight against Lordgenome is rushed and Rossiu is underdeveloped because his backstory was cut from the first movie, but the final fight against the anti-spiral looks amazing, and is greatly expanded upon.

Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not Alone) - 7/10

The absolutely awful plastic art style aside, this is a good retelling of the first bit of Evangelion, but I feel that we see Kaoru much too soon.

Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance - 6/10

The same art style complaints as the first aside, I'm not a fan of Asuka being infected by the 9th angel instead of Toji. His role is greatly reduced, and I also feel we see so much less time for the characters to bond compared to the original 95 anime. Also Mari Illustrious is a cardboard cutout of a character.

Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo - 6/10

The art style is significantly improved in this movie, but I'm not a fan of Misato's characterization in this one as she comes off as overly callous, and the new characters like Sakura and the pink haired girl are just plot devices. Everything about this movie screams the characters serving the plot.

Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time - 8/10

This movie is by far the best of the quadrilogy. I absolutely loved the Rei Cline's characterization as she tried to come to terms with who she is as her own person. I also loved the quieter moments at the start of the movie. I think the final fight uses too much CGI and Mari Illustrious plays too big a role, but it is what it is.

Attack on Titan OVAs - 8/10

This was a fun amalgamation of a human studying titans and foreshadowing their human origins, a food wars like episode, and an episode with bandits.

Attack on Titan: No Regrets - 9/10

I loved seeing Levi's backstory, and I felt the pain of the deaths that match with the most emotional of the main series.

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls - 8/10

The Annie episodes are absolutely fantastic, and I love seeing problems like drug trafficking in the AoT world, but the Mikasa episode is the worst of the OADs.

Banana Fish - 8/10

The mafia story is completely badass with Rambo like fights and amazing music, but the emotional moments between the main cast makes this show great to me. Some of the deaths deeply disturbed me.

Elfen Lied - 6/10

This show is incredibly pretentious and edgy, but there is some heart in the core message about how to treat the unknown other, and the fights are decent by early 2000s anime standards.


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Dec 21, 2022
@A Link In Time Ah, a fellow Inuyasha fan! Have you watched the sequel yet about his daughter? It's in my backlog of shows to watch eventually.

The last anime I watched was a movie called 'The Deer King'. I give it a 1 out of 10. The story made little sense but the main character was cool. Too over-the-top violent for no reason.

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@A Link In Time Ah, a fellow Inuyasha fan! Have you watched the sequel yet about his daughter? It's in my backlog of shows to watch eventually.

The last anime I watched was a movie called 'The Deer King'. I give it a 1 out of 10. The story made little sense but the main character was cool. Too over-the-top violent for no reason.

Yes, I enjoyed Yashahime even if it's not quite on the level of Inuyasha. Moroha is my favorite of the three girls. My main complaint is that Kirinmaru is a significantly worse villain than Naraku.


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Serial Experiments Lain - 9/10

This anime was quite a journey. I was left confused in each episode without fail, and thought 'what the heck' over and over, hahah. But that was a good thing: it kept me extremely invested. I wanted to watch more so I could begin to piece everything together. It's honestly very impressive how everything is muddled at first but slowly unravels as the story goes on and by the end you have a better picture of what was happening in the previous episodes. The atmosphere this show has, man.

I love how the perspective shifted in the last few episodes: In the beginning, we were looking at physical lain in the real world as the 'real' lain, and by the end, it was the opposite

That alone will make a rewatch very interesting. It's a bit bittersweet that I won't be able to watch it with the same shock and confusion and excitement to try and piece everything together, but a rewatch will hold it's own emotions, satisfaction and 'ohhhhh, I get that scene now!' sorta deal.

The soundtrack is also great. It's not just atmospheric tracks, it has some pretty groovy stuff in it hah, had my head bopping.


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Aug 16, 2019
Serial Experiments Lain - 9/10
Yoooooo! I loved that one. I wanna rewatch it. I think it was way ahead of it's time. Imagine being a 1990's kid watching it and rewatching it decades later to realize how relevant it is now

Just completed Dororo. The animation towards the end of the anime went down the drain. So I'm giving it a 7/10. Otherwise it's an 8.5

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Dr. Stone New World Part 2 - 9/10

I really loved the mind games of this season and learning more about the secrets of petrification. There were some very emotional fake-out deaths and goodbyes too.

Paprika - 9/10

Satoshi Kon continues to blend fiction and reality and builds off his prior work in Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress. I think the focus on Freudian psychology and dreams is a fascinating one as he explores the dreams of others influencing our own and past dreams that couldn't become reality. I also love the homages to Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid.

Angel Beats - 7/10

Great music, great character chemistry, and a touching flashback carry the rest of the story which is quite mediocre.

Slayers - 6/10

The exploration reminds me of early DB but without the exquisite fights and world building that made Dragon Ball such a standout. Still, it's cool to see a shounen with a female lead.

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Slayers Next - 7/10

The plot is tighter in this second season with many of the secondary characters having worthwhile character arcs plus my favorite antagonist of any of the seasons I've seen so far is in this one. Also, that OP slaps so hard.

Slayers Try - 7/10

There isn't any filler in this season, and the main plot delivers to an absolute crescendo with a brilliant ending theme.

Armitage III - 7/10

I love cyberpunk anime and this one delivers Ghost in the Shell mini vibes about what it means to be human even if some of the animation and voice acting hasn't aged the best.

Armitage III Polymatrix - 6/10

This is a recap of the show that cuts out a little too much for my liking but still fun overall.

Armitage III Dual Matrix - 7/10

I enjoyed the continuation of the main plot in this second movie with Armitage and Ross settling down and having a kid and their marriage being tested.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan - 7/10

Some questionable pacing and CGI aside, I enjoy plots about medieval battles and trying to retake a kingdom plus the chemistry between the characters is extremely on point.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control - 5/10

The main plot of an alternate world with currency affecting the real world is extremely unique and the opening is a banger, but the characters in this show are so forgettable, and the way total economic collapse is averted is laughable.

Frieren Beyond Journey's End - 10/10

Frieren is a beautiful show about valuing the people that matter most to you. I love the slower pace of the show, and how Frieren shapes the lives of the people she touches. This is a work of art that will stay for me for years to come as I learn to value the people in my life more.

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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners - 8/10

Overall enjoyed it. Has a fantastic art style, and the story fits very well with the lore of the Cyberpunk series.

It's such a tragic story of love, loss, and unfulfilled dreams. The protagonist's ego fuels his descent into cyberpyschosis despite those around him who care trying to caution him from continuing to push his cyberware beyond its limits. But his life circumstances pushed him into the life of being a mercenary, so he had nothing else to live for.

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