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Game Thread Rag's CHAOS MAFIA √−i by Ragnarokio (NOT BY STORM) [GAME THREAD]

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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honestly I might agree

minish got fairly defensive of KoD when I swapped onto him

Lol, I didn't get defensive of him when you switched. I just said your reasoning was bad. Which it was.

And you know I wouldn't make the progress I made on KoD if we were scumbuds. I would've just kept scum reading him.

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
Forum Volunteer
this is WIFOM self meta
and you do a lotta WIFOM self meta as scum

Not really? Sometimes I do but it's more for specific things.

This is just something I don't do as scum. If I defend a scumbud it's more hedgey because I do better if I actually bus my scumbuds. Lol. I'm pretty sure I've never flipped a read on a scumbud that easily just because I would be more cautious of doing so. And because I know exactly what they're doing that's scummy and I tend to point it out. So I don't really backtrack on it that easily. Mikey practically forced me to town read him in the one game we were scum together. Lol.

Also, I confirmed the cult after you brought it up and immediately said you were town or 3rd party. If I were scum and scum is uncultable then I would have known to push that angle on you. But instead I just know I'm town and know of cult, and didn't think of the possibility of uncultable mafia knowing about a cult.
Dec 13, 2019
don't tell me you two divorced

KoD is nothing without his trophy wafu
you deserved better anyway
Probably more like trial separation?

should we be worried about neon supposedly nuking at least 3 people last night
For personal reasons I'm going to say no? I don't see Rag leaving a 3 player consistent swing unchecked even in a possibly unbalanced game. So side effects may possibly vary or it may just be a limited shot, especially if she's Mafia.

I still don't like numbers and I do think his brief friction with KoD was likely scumtheater
why is he even still voting me after I was modconfirmed when we were told before the game started that there are no Mod Lies
What friction? Also self pres. The original satire stands even if your IC. It'll move when I have a new destination for it though.

Do we have any possible ideas what the flipped roles were? Besides medium of course. But Mafia rulebreaker sounds interesting. And badger from Avatar also sounds interesting. Lol. The Badgers liked music didn't they? Dunno if that has some factor on the role.

I'll have to go back and reread KoD. And do some wagonomics.

Numbers doesn't look great for pushing Ex so hard with Ex being innocent child now. And he's pushing me again and I know I'm town. Lol. I kinda wonder something but I don't think I can speculate on it too much here because it would involve part of my role. But it would be interesting if Numbers has some info and that's been the reason for his actions.
Badger I'd probably liken to Doc or commuter based strictly on the songs about badgermoles from Avatar. More heavily leaned to the latter. Mafia rulebreaker is likely able to circumvent the modkill system that's in place.

What push on Ex?
Dec 13, 2019
Push was likely the wrong term, moreso suspicion/shade. You were the loudest about calling him uncultable mafia d1.
Oh you mean that possibility I stated while also stating there were other possibilities that were just less likely, which is true because nine times out of ten uncultable innocent child isn't going to be the most likely scenario. That seems like a legit argument. Definitely.

@ExLight just you! <3

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