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Game Thread Pendio Mafia XI

Jul 7, 2021
Typical ratio is 5:1 town

I think more common is 4:1 or 3:1. Possibly it is different here, but based on Pen's other games, 5:1 is not accurate. For example, they have some 13ers with 9:3:1 on the list.

I'd guess the breakdown is probably 10:3:1 or 9:3:2, possibly 10:4 or 9:4:1, but those seem less likely just judging from past game breakdowns.
Looking through some people right now, and Seanzie and I seem to have a lot of opposite reads this game. He (?) voted Rag early and townread Fig while I have the opposite views. Not a fan of his push on Killjoy either. Weak sauce. I have a very slight scum lean there right now.

Really loving everything Fext is thinking right now. Love the level of engagement and I like the vote on Chevy for now. Chevy's only substantial posts so far are listing people and giving thoughts. I need to see more engagement from him.


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@ExLight Any thoughts on what I posted? You've been talking a lot about general role stuff lately. I'd like you to share some reads.
sorry, been a bit of a wild day and fig's posts just kinda melt my brain so I've admittedly been kinda going for the easygoing ones
I'll catch up soon after dealing with something else rn and let you know


Jan 19, 2018
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I don't think you have a motivation to do it because I don't think you're doing it intentionally

Seems like you're just having fun

and you don't think mafia players do things to have fun?


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townread Fig while I have the opposite views
to be fair he did make a post to make it clear that he was rescinding his read on Fig after discussion around him began
I think this partially ties fig's alignment to his if they flip scum and the slip thing is legit as this could've been an attempt of distancing upon attention being cast on his scumbud

Really loving everything Fext is thinking right now. Love the level of engagement and I like the vote on Chevy for now.
I kinda agree but I feel a bit weird their vote is on Chevy rather than Fig since they're the ones who presented the case on Fig. It's somewhat understandable if it's because the wagon is too big already, though

Any thoughts on what I posted?
I think that's it unless I missed anything in the you voting Fig post which I don't really have much to comment on lol


The game is on!
Day 1 Current Vote Tally:
Seanzie - 1 (ExLight)
ExLight - 2 (DekuNut, Fig)
Fext - 1 (Paranoid King)
Ragnarokio - 3 (Kirino, Seanzie, Chevywolf30)
Fig - 4 (Ragnarokio, A Link In Time, Killjoy262, Storm)
Chevywolf30 - 1 (Fext)

Extension - 3 (Ragnarokio, ExLight, Killjoy262)

Not voting - Morbid Minish, Viral Maze

With 14 players alive it takes 8 for a majority lynch. Otherwise the day ends on Thursday, October 7th 2021 at 6:00 PM EST.

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