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Other Franchises Zelda Could Emulate

I've recently been hearing a lot of discussion about how nintendo could implement a lot of features, styles and mechanics from other games to increase its chances at success and drawing in a large player market.

So this got me thinking; dividing Zelda into subsections such as- Gameplay, Story, Length and Sound. Which elements would you take from which games to integrate into the already established core Zelda structure?

For example

Gameplay - Assassin's Creed for etc reasons
Story - Bioshock for etc reasons

and on and on

I'm low on ideas right now, but feel free to mega post.


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Jun 25, 2012
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well i think zelda shouldnt cgamge its gameplay style to drastically or it wouldnt be zelda but the story should fit in with the timeline in my opinion but i think that if nintendo incorprets something new to the gaming industry it would be a good game if done correctly(like oot was done in 3d) and the lenght could be anything as long as its not too short. And sound? The zelda series i think has done this great. Their may be games like this or better(i dont really know im just a nintendo fan) that nintendo could look at but nintendo does take risks like in the wind waker and these risks almost always come out as pretty well decisions and they make the games more fun to play.


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Feb 10, 2012
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I want Zelda to Emulate the Resident Evil Series in a few ways actually. Not with zombies and stuff (although that would make for a sweet minigame), but rather with limited ammo. With the Resident Evil series (especially before RE4), you had to be very careful with your ammo and supplies as there was a very very limited amount. While I realize that since Link has a sword, the use of ammo such as bombs and arrows isn't exactly needed nearly as much. But I want this to change.

I want to actually have to feel the need to stock up on supplies from the Zelda GoodStore, before I venture off onto any quest. The only Zelda game I ever really felt I had to buy stuff was Majora's Mask and that was probably because each time you went back in time, you had to grab supplies. Granted you could still just go through the overworld and dungeons and start killing things for supplies. Supplies are too abundant in grass and areas.

Often times if there is a puzzle in a Zelda room, the required supplies will be there as well. Now I know this helps to serve as a hint and to make sure you don't have to backtrack to get supplies, but I feel it makes the games too easy. By having to stock up on everything beforehand, you will have to think really hard before just shooting an arrow at something and hoping it works.

This could also open up some really interesting stealth sections. Say you were out of bombs and there was an enemy that could only be killed with bombs in front of you, well maybe you could try sneaking past it like in The Wind Waker in order to avoid taking damage. Sure you could probably just run past it and only take a few hearts worth of damage, but that is also my second point.

Like Resident Evil, I want the damage multipliers to increase. If you get hit by an enemy in most modern Zelda games, there's not really any penalty. However in Resident Evil, if you get attacked by two enemies, your health is most likely going to be red and you'll have to use some sort of herb or first aid spray which are also scarce. Zelda enemies usually don't do enough damage for me to ever really bother with blocking, especially with Skyward Sword. Since the enemies never really attacked in that game, I found it better just to attack as that was a much better defense then bothering to use my shield.

Overall, there is a lot that Zelda could learn from the Survival Horror genre. The games could have some scarier Dungeons and areas (not all just some), they could have enemies that cause meaningful damage, and they could reduce the amount of supplies that enemies and grass drop. I'm a huge fan of Resident Evil and I would love to see some of these elements implemented in Zelda WiiU and Zelda 3DS.


Jan 10, 2011
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I've made it pretty clear lately that I think Zelda should look to the Assassin's Creed and Uncharted franchises for inspiration on how to use parkour and physics puzzles as an intricate part of the gameplay. This sort of thing would work harmoniously with the Stamina Gauge by causing us to truly have to plan out our routes in certain locations. It really can only do the series good.

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Jul 17, 2012
I semi agree with the above post (got posted in before i finished this so actually 2 post above). The true 2d games pre PH/ST, can't remember what the dmg was like on minish cap though. But like links awakening/ oracle games/ link to the past, you could die easily enough from normal monsters when they would hit for a whole heart or 2 or even 3 from the gibdos in oracle games (I seam to remember they really hurt, might not have been 3 hearts, though if you wore ring to make your sword do more damage but you take more damage, that might be where i'm remembering 3 hearts of dmg).

I want enemies to punish you for getting hit, 3 heart runs are a good way to get this feel though. Where bosses can now 1 shot you, or kill you in 2 hits at least. Even a beamos could drop you if you messed up around them, stalfos doing 2 hearts of dmg. Stuff like that

Enemies need to attack, and do damage when they do hit. But on the same note, they should be blockable or dodgeable, so that your skills/ decision making will allow you to make it thru with out dying.

Alttp bosses, could easily kill you, same with the oracle and link to the past bosses. Thats how bosses should be, the transition to 3d shouldn't make them easier or do less damage.

Edit: I don't know if i want Prince of Hyrule though, though i did love prince of perssia not so much the sequels as well, but the first one was great cause of the narrative. The par-cours could be done to both hurt/ help, but at least it'd be 20 times more understandable then random flying dog. But i could see it being a very good addition with Zelda's block moving mechanics to where you gota set yourself up a path to awesome yourself cross a room by moving blocks to jump on first.
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Jul 14, 2012
I wish the Zelda franchise would emulate a better combat system. :lol: Maybe we can have some Uncharted combat. :lol:
Oh and I hope no one says Grand theft auto. :lol: Ragdoll physics would actually go well in Zelda. :lol:

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