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General Art Nintendo_Master's Pixelated Animal Crossing Sprite...Maker...Place


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
Boy, that's a weird title...

Alright so I've put it in blogs, but I thought I'd make an actual thread where people can view stuff and request designs and such. Now here are the limitations of my abilities:

1) It MUST be pixelated. Don't ask for a state flag or whatever, unless its just straight up simple shapes.

2) It MUST be within the limit of 32X32 pixels, cuz that's the limitation of the space within the editor. Resizing it while making it results in some weird dimensions, and overall, it just looks kinda bad.

That's about it. The sprite can be from any genre of any game as long as it falls into those two limits. I'll show some examples here:

Link from Minish Cap:


Cuccoo from ALttP:




Captain Olimar:


I can make one at a time (of course), and I'm currently halfway done with the Ocarina of Time. To exchange or fulfill requests, you may PM me your 3DS fc and we can exchange them at my town.

I hope to show some awesome stuff and get some great requests! ^^

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