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Nintendo= The Disney of Gaming?


Happy Valentines Day!
Monsters inc? Incredibles? Tangled was very good. I almost felt guilty having enjoyed it what with me being an 18 year old... :P

I'm sorry, but Pixar movies don't really count. That's like crediting Nintendo for the Donkey Kong Country series when all the magic came from Rare's (And now Retro Stuidos) own talent. The characters might be legally owned by them, sure, but everything great about them really can't be credited to Nintendo's game designers because well... they didn't make the game. Pixar almost broke ties with Disney awhile back because of the terrible business practices they where trying to force on them. Thankfully Disney's tune has changed a -lot- over the past few years and is now being run by somebody competent. Still though, their contemporary attempts seem completely eclipsed by what Pixar (and even Dreamworks) is doing. And now Pixar is ramping up production for a planned 2-movies a year release schedule, and setting the bar even higher for themselves. I thought Tangled was great and it's a good step in the right direction, but at the end of the day it's one movie. The Animation Studio at Disney is going to need to work a lot harder if they want to compete with Pixar, even if it is a company they own.

Anyways, as for my own opinion, I agree that Nintendo is most certainly the Disney of Video Gaming. That comes with it's own goods and bads though- I do think Nintendo makes some strange decisions at times because of bad habits in the industry they may have picked up over the years. (See: NINTENDO SELLING RARE. What were they thinking!? Also see: Screwing Sony over... yeah. We all know how that turned out.) However, unlike Disney most of that is internal and doesn't actually affect the quality of the product being released in most cases. Nintendo is always innovating in both hardware and software, which is something I think any gamer can appreciate. They are also the trendsetters, never the followers. Along with the quality in both visuals and game mechanics, I think that's a major reason why their games tend to be thought of as timeless classics almost the second they are released.

So even though I agree they are parallel to each other in their respective industry, Nintendo is actually the better company in my eyes. C:
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Dec 19, 2011
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It is true that Nintendo is to gaming as Disney is to animation/cartoons. However though, cartoons will never fade since they are the same thing over and over through the years. And as technology is increasing, people aren't even going to give the old classics one look because of the graphics and the pixels. It will not do anything for the newer generations, but as for the older ones, it will always hold a place in our hearts.
Dec 20, 2011
Nintendo TODAY is more child-based by far. Games were much harder back in the day of NES and all ages could enjoy it on many different levels. Recently I think they had maybe three mature titles? (technically 4 because No More heroes has a sequel). They stopped Phoenix Wright, I heard, because it was TOO HARD. &*@)@!@#
I like Disney and Nintendo though, let it be known. It's just obvious their games are more kid focused in entirety now.


I dont know about this but Nintendo might be even more kiddie then Disney is lol


Honestly nintendo is the reason gaming exist today. Nintendo wanted to try disk format for games and decide to change so playstation was created. Playstation success led to xbox and now we have the 3. Honestly I hope the wii u changes so people will be more likely to play on that console then kiddy games for wii. I hate shuffle ware. I want to play where games are at and im not worried about 3ds and I hope wii u keeps up with its 3rd party support because its been lacking sense Nintendo 64


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Aug 30, 2011
I agree. Disney is evolving to fit today's crowd just like Nintendo's video games.
Jan 29, 2012
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Yes and everyone saying Nintendo is not willing to change... Nintendo is making the change! Nintendo basically pioneered motion control and touch control. They're changing the way they're online works, they're changing the way they work with 3rd party developers and they're giving so much away to 2nd party developers too... So really what does Nintendo have to change? Change how family orientated they are? They don't need to, that is what makes them sell, ever wondered why more and more PS3 and Xbox 360 adverts/commercials are trying to target families now? Maybe it's because it worked so well for Nintendo.
Yes, Nintendo is the Disney of the gaming world but no it's not the "next Disney".

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Jun 5, 2011
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Someday Nintendo may die out...but that's ver very vry far into the future. Just like how Atari was at a time the best thing ever...now not so much. All good things come to end at somepoint. But I pray to God that doesn't happen while I'm alive xD I grew up with Nintendo..It would crush me to see that happen
Apr 4, 2012
I get what you mean but I have to say no because they can make things not meant for the entire family.
Apr 3, 2012
Meh, that's kind of a weird comparison, but I can see how you came to that conclusion I guess. They're similar in that they've both produced classic entertainment which is adored by people of all ages

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