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Breath of the Wild New Items for Zelda Wii U


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Feb 9, 2013
Trapped in Darkness :(
I want them to add more whistles that call (not only epona) but a whole bunch of new animals, like the kangaroo from the oracle series (don't remember his name)

Yes, it would be very unlikely that they would add guns in the zelda franchise, considering that the games are set in a midieval time and they wouldn't have had guns!! but still cool idea, instead they should have hand cannons or mini catapults.

Not all Zelda games set in medieval times (at least old style anyways):


Also that's not the reason why I think they would not have guns in Zelda. Reason why Zelda would not have guns is because guns of viewed as a highly restricted weapon mostly in America most especially now days that if Nintendo were include guns in Zelda, the game would have to be rated M and we all know how Nintendo is with that. The only Nintendo could pull of an inclusion of guns in a more modern steam punk themed Zelda is if the game doesn't involve blood and they are lucky to get a reasonable T rating for the game. Other than that, that's my reason why I find guns to be Zelda unlikely.

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