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My 9 year old sister's Zelda fanfiction


Apr 16, 2021
Back around 2020 I paid my sister something like a quarter a page to write a Zelda fanfic for me. I gave her full creative freedom with it. At the time she had read a few of the mangas with me and watched parts of me playing TP/OoT, but the only game she beat for herself was BoTW so her understanding of canon is a bit warped (also because she was 9). I think she based some of it on Smash abilities too. I'm gonna leave this here in it's unaltered state, but I'll add any relevant edits and notes with this font. Hopefully it's readable, I added some line breaks to help with her lack of punctuation.

One warm day, Minda and Zelda were fighting (over link.) Link was sad but he is a silent knight so he said nothing. But he did not like it. Minda said pick me but Zelda said I dimand you picck me link or I will fire you. Or or kill you! Or or kill you with bombs or with fire yes yes that. All of that. I will save you link said minda. Then he said something. Stop I don't need saving she is my princess because I am hired to work and she can't kill me. And she is just my friend. Ok?
Who is just your friend said Zelda and minda at the same time. Who who tell us now. OK OK said Link. Well both of you. WHAT said zelda. ummmm yes both of you. Pick one of us to be your girlfriend said minda. You have a week said Zelda.

Chapter two:
Pick whitch one
Link went home sad he said to himself I will sleep on it. But he could not sleep. The next morning he went to the village to get some fruit like apples and stuff. Guess who was there Zelda and Minda. Now we cannot wait any longer pick said midna. Zelda said Link you will become royalty if you pick me and you can still be a knight. Minda said Link we can fight together even for that gruby little maget.
My name is princess Zelda you little demon.
Uhg for the last time my name is Midna princess of the underworld and princess of all demons, little gruby maget. No I have a better name for you gruby little leaach because you suck peoples lifes.
STOP said Link. You said I had a week.
Well now you don't.
Fine said Link ummmm. hehe said minda. And she zoomed off with link. hey said zelda using her powers to lift her off the ground. She got where minda had a force sheild around link and she was ready to fight. Link got out his sword. Zelda said gasped LINK you are going to Kill me? said Zelda. No I'm trying to get out. NO said minda my prince will not escape me..... Zelda flyed in the air she fell back on the ground her father saw and minda flyed away (without link) and took down the force feild and said I will be back my prince. Zeldas father came running to link and zelda. Link did not feel good zeldas father took them both to the hospital. Minda came rushing in took link and left.

Chapter three:
Lost in the underworld
Link woke up in a palice. but it was not (zeldas it was mindas.) Minda was waiting for him it was a dark place. And he turned into a wolf and he got very scared. MIDNA he said but it sounded like this bark wolf wolf. Midna came running but she was very tiny. she hopped on his boney back. Back in the other world Zelda had armys going out to find him. They found a way to get to him. Zelda came running over to him. But she did not know who he was. Was he the tall girl? No she is a girl. Was he the tall girl's father? No he is 18. At last she found him. (AS a wolf.) Wolfy dude come here I mean linky poo.
(midna)NO he is not going anywhere.
Says you, come linky poo come home said Zelda. NO HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. boomed Midna. YES HE IS said zelda. NO said midna. WHAT EVER said Zelda. He's already coming so HAHA. Oh yeah said Midna. Yeah said Zelda.
Then where is he?
Oh he's waiting at my castle LINKYPOO where are you? Not here. Not here either. Ugho where is he? ohhhhh look who it is Zelda so nice to see you! :dry:
[I think they were both looking for Link and ran into each other, but I have no idea how to process this, and my sister probably doesn't remember]

Chapter 4
Enjoy :)

WERER IS HE? Said midna (and) Zelda at the same time. UGH YOUR USELESS, Said Zelda. don't call me usosl usless you little gruby magit! OMG!! Zelda and midna poppoted out of demon city into your mom city (Zelda's city). And then Zelda met a tall, sexy, cute, hot, handsome, smart, tall, sweet wonderful, amazing man!! Omg she thought I wanna have a child with him it'll be sso cute if we do :) his name is sexy zone adam. then the next thing you know the song called under the sheet im under under the sheets with your mom happens then PLOP! here comes the mario baby :O

Chapter 5
50 million mario babys

Chapter 4 was written a couple months ago and when she presented it to me I said hell no, as you can see her humor changed since last time but she still didnt learn how to spell maggot. I've been trying to get her to actually continue the story but she's been distracted, maybe my sharing it here will rejuvenate it. Here's the original writings if anyone is interested:



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