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Most Confusing/Easiest/Hardest Temple in ANY Zelda Game?


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Aug 24, 2013
In my opinion, I thing the Stone Tower Temple in ZMM was the most confusing. I think this because when you flip the temple you have to sorta relearn the whole temple, plus hard to collect all the fairies.=\

In my Opinion, I think the Temple of Time in ZTP was the easiest. I think this because to me it had a peaceful environment unlike most temples so it seemed like a quick and easy temple. :D

In my opinion, I think Ganon's Castle in ZOOT was hardest. I think this because of the rooms that were timed. I'm not very good at timed obstacles. so it was a little tricky for me.


Jan 10, 2011
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Most confusing would probably be the Water Temple simply because of all the backtracking with the different water levels making things play out differently.

The hardest dungeon would definitely be the Great Palace from Zelda II, although the Stone Tower Temple and the Sky Keep are pretty decent runner-ups.

The easiest? Probably Inside the Deku Tree.
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Aug 1, 2012
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confusing: Water Temple oot (i didn't hate it though)

easiest: Inside the Great Deku Tree

hardest: Great Bay Temple


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Got to agree with JuiceJ that Inside The Deku Tree is the easiest dungeon. It barely qualifies as a dungeon. The Kokiri Emerald feels like a prize you get for just showing up.
"You went inside all by yourself? Aren't you a big boy! Have a wowwipop and a Sacred Stone for being so bwave."

Hardest? I'd throw my vote in for the Great Bay Temple of Majora's Mask. The dungeons in that game are generally more challenging to make up for the low number of them but that one in particular is like a brick wall for me.
Honourable mention to Ganon's Tower in A Link To The Past though. When I first played that a game I started to think it was genuinely impossible.

Confusing is a different question entirely. Lots of dungeons have confused me.
Stone Tower Temple jumps to mind immediately. As you said, when the dungeon flips, you've essentially got to re-learn the whole place. Turtle Rock in A Link To The Past was a brain tickler as well.

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Most Confusing - I'll have to go with a water temple from any of the games, but I'll pick the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time specifically. If you don't get that last key... it's over.

Easiest - Inside the Great Deku Tree. It's a dungeon that is meant for tutorial play mainly, so it's only natural that it's the easiest.

Most Difficult - It's a tie for me between the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask, the Palace of Twilight in Twilight Princess, and the Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess. I chose Great Bay for some obvious reasons; Gyorg was by far one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in all of the LoZ games. That, and the mere fact that the temple was a water temple. Then again, Palace of Twilight was difficult for me as well, but only for one reason - time restraints due to having to transfer the sol to the outside to light of the Twili world. I've never been a fan of time restraints. I found Snowpeak Ruins to be increasingly difficult as I went along. The chilfos were something that I had to work hard for in order to defeat. The wolves were bothersome as well. The ruins themselves seemed like a big, massive puzzle, and it took me awhile to beat it overall.
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Sep 20, 2011
hmmm easiest would be any temple in spirt tracks, most confusing for me water temple in tp, hardest i guess the Snowpeak Ruins in tp. Ok give this becuase its been for ever since iv played the old zeldas and havent played alot of legend of zelda games
Aug 2, 2010
Hardest would be Great Palace in Zelda II. Then again, then the entire game was hard as hell. At least for the Great Palace you went to the beginning of the Palace when you died instead of square 1.

Easiest is Great Deku Tree, but its the tutorial dungeon, so there a reason at least.

Most confusing would either be Stone Tower or Great Bay in MM.


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Jan 29, 2011
Confusing - Great Bay Temple, Majora's Mask. It was very confusing becasue when your changing water flows, you loose track of where the water is supposed to go. And now you have to go back, check, and go back again.

Easiest - Forest Temple, Twilight Princess. All of the monkeys are marked to find them easily, it's not hard to find keys, the mini boss was pretty lamely easy, and the boss was also quite easy. I didn't enjoy it as much as I do most forest dungeons.

Hardest - Forest Temple, Ocarina of Time. Well first off I love this temple, second I thought it was hard because the Poes dissapear in places if you don't get to fighting them fast enough. I liked having to chace them around. And the mini boss was a little hard, but very enjoyable. The boss was very hard I think, especially when he fake comes out and then comes out behind you.


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May 26, 2010
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Confusing - Water Temple (OoT), Great Bay Temple (MM). You see, the multiple different pathways you can take in the latter, as well as having to constantly and consistently switch water levels in the former just don't make for a good combination. Unless you have a tight head on your shoulder the first time around, you PROBABLY won't be able to easily complete these two; God knows I had the most trouble with both of them the first time through. ._.

Easiest - All temples that aren't Sky Keep (SS), Inside the Deku Tree (OoT). For me, all temples in SS for the most part were just a training ground or a tutorial level; they did not feel as if they were dungeons in the sense that there was some kinda ordeal to face or that there was supposed to be a challenge of any sort. Naturally so, they were just so freaking easy! The same exact mentality can be playing to IDT in Ocarina of Time -- the dungeon is clearly a tutorial and I breeze through it in five minutes (five minutes can be improved upon with glitches, TASing, etc).

Hardest - Any palace (AoL). The onslaught of enemies keeps me from getting remotely close to finishing the game. ._,


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Easiest - By far Inside the Deku Tree, for obvious reasons.

Hardest - I haven't played Adventure of Link, but from what I've seen, the Great Palace is probably the hardest dungeon. But from the games that I've played, it would either be Ganon's Tower from A Link to the Past or Lakebed Temple from Twilight Princess.

Confusing - There are several confusing dungeons in Zelda, and that's a large reason that makes then good and fun to do. For me, the most confusing would have to be either the Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask or the City in the Sky from Twilight Princess (one of my all time favorite dungeon).
Confusing: I don't know, not many temples tripped me up and water temple in OoT isn't hard if you can follow a map... I found city in the sky quite confusing once when i returned to it for some heart pieces and i couldn't get back through the temple the way i had come so had to do the whole thing through to get out again, i remember while trying to figure out how to get back how confusing it all was because the middle portion of that temple all looks quite samey.

Easiest: Anything from Phantom Hourglass really, every temple in that game was a joke aside from one...

Hardest: Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass. Who the **** had the bright idea of giving a timed stealth dungeon where you had to repeat every single room every time you went there? I hate stealth in Zelda it isn't something the series has ever done well and it was awful for them to make a timed dungeon out of it with some really long winded puzzles and angry enemies, very annoying.


Jan 10, 2011
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Hardest: Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass. Who the **** had the bright idea of giving a timed stealth dungeon where you had to repeat every single room every time you went there? I hate stealth in Zelda it isn't something the series has ever done well and it was awful for them to make a timed dungeon out of it with some really long winded puzzles and angry enemies, very annoying.

The way you're describing this sounds more like you find it annoying rather than hard. There's a pretty big difference between the two.


Aug 16, 2012
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Confusing: Water Temple from OoT was really, just, I didn't even know what to do when I first entered. Temple of the Ocean King was confusing and highly irritating how you always had to return there over and over again and do the exact same stuff.
Easiest: Tower of the Gods from WW, Inside the Deku Tree(of course!), and Fire Temple from OoT(it was kinda straightforward, it was easy to tell where to go next)
Hardest:Temple of Time and City in the Sky from TP, Ganon's Tower from WW and OoT, and Stone Tower(It was really hard and challenging, and the concept of the dungeon flipping was really original, because of this, it has always been my favorite dungeon)

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Jul 2, 2011
For confusing and hardest:

The Great Palace, as seen in Zelda II, by far. There are so many difficult things about this dungeon.

First, there's simply just reaching the dungeon. Doing so requires the player to traverse and endure the Valley of Death.

This trial of might houses hordes of dangerous enemies, including swarms of Moas. There are also unavoidable action sequences, which include jumping of pits of lava. Entering the caves is a nightmare, as surviving the repeated attacks of Blue Lizaflos is only a few levels under impossible. Whatsmore, the nearest town to heal is a great walking distance, and will serve no advantage. You'll lose your energy quickly once again when returning to the valley. Stocking up on extra lives might be ideal, but don't be surprised if you lose them quickly. Otherwise, it's all up to skill.

So, you somehow managed to survive the onslaught. But the battle has only begun, enter the dungeon itself.

It seems as if you were given a break from the terror, the reason being the once the player gets a Game Over in the Great Palace, they're returned to the dungeon's entrance, and not the North Palace (the starting area of the game). And trust me, when attempting the palace, you will be getting many Game Overs.

One of the first easily noticeable things about this dungeon is the mind scrambling, maze-like layout. Even a map helps little when exploring.

The dungeon is full of hidden passages disguised as solid walls or floors. Some of these passages are required to enter to progress in the dungeon, which is a real kick in the head. There are also sequences where Link must smash throw walls by being attacked by hordes or enemies. Which brings us to our next point, the horrible spawns that lay within the Great Palace.

This palace houses enemies not seen before in previous dungeons. Among them are the fire spitting Fotail, which only become more of a threat the longer they linger on the screen.

Avoiding their fireballs requires much skill, and missing a jump can lead to a great loss of energy.

Yet, there's still a bigger threat than this creature. It's the bird-like knight, the Fokka.

These bringers of death retain the height damage and defensive capabilities of the Iron Knuckle, along with another skill which makes them an ultimate force to reckon with: a very high jump. This makes attacking the creatures a grueling task, and gives them a high ground advantage. The best stragetdy against them is to run, but even that is near impossible to accomplishment without taking a few hits. Whatsmore, they also appear in those wall breaking segments I mentioned earlier. This is a true ordeal. If Link manages to endure the hordes of beasts, he's treated with two indescribably difficult foes.

The first guardian of the Great Palace is Thunderbird. Though he can be described as the lesser of the two evils, he still shoes no mercy.

To even make him tangible, our hero must activate the Thunder spell, draining most of the player's magic. Then, one must be precise in damaging him; he must be hit directly in the face with the use of the up or down thrust. Thunderbird retaliates by dropping fireballs across the room, doing so at a faster pace with the more damage he takes. When Link manages to destroy him, the following bout is much more of an ordeal.

Link is now faced with the final boss, his own shadow, Dark Link. The guardian of the Triforce of Courage spawns him as the final challenge, and boy, is it fitting. He mirrors your every move, so landing a blow on him is quite difficult. If the player thinks that refraining from attack will make their opponent do so, they're in for a nasty surprise, as Dark Link kills them quickly. There is an exploit, which requires cowering in a corner and slashing repeatedly, but other than that, it's all up to skill. Good luck.

When finally overcoming the last trial, the player is treated with the ending of the game. Congratulations, you should feel proud. :yes:

For easiest: I'd say the Bottom of the Well, as completing the required objective is simple and not very time consuming,

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