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More emphasis on Opt-out feature


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Aug 16, 2019
Every sub forum has a specific rules to be followed. If someone can't follow the rules, they should opt out of that specific forum. Recently, something bitter happened in the LAS section and previously in mafia. There's already a thread for Lorule Lounge opt out. I hope it's made common and those who don't want to in the thread can dm admins. I hope an opt-out rule is added in rules thread. And a thread for that in forum tutorials and faq


Staff member
I don't think it is necessary to offer people the ability to opt out of specific forums because they can't control themselves and this isn't really the reason the opt-out exists in the Lorule Lounge section. If people can't follow the rules in a specific forum they can either control themselves or we will deal with them as appropriate and ban them from that forum where it comes to that.

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