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Malon's Random Writing Thread


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Mar 13, 2024
Lon Lon Ranch
Self explanatory.

Here's a poem I made about the best Zelda character ever:


What is the definition of the perfect character?
Red hair? Blue eyes? Will I cherish her?
The answer is Malon, the perfect stable girl.
Not often you find such a complete pearl.

They way her voice flows around Lon Lon Ranch,
When I hear her, I’m offered an olive branch.
To listen to such a sound makes a beautiful purple-pink.
The one true ship for OoT Link.

Now, I understand this poem is cringey,
But it’s better than Ingo, the worst and most stingy.
He takes over the ranch and mistreats the horses,
To take it back, you ride frivolous courses.

A Sheikah Stone says she wishes to be swept off her feet,
By a knight in shining armor, how her heart would beat.
While Link may not have the armor, as he is green,
Her liking of him is that of a queen.

Please give me constructive criticism!
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DBA DBA DBABA F#FF# DB EF#E *If you know, you know
Mar 13, 2024
Lon Lon Ranch
Wrote this for a rant a few weeks ago. Viewer discretion advised...
These weird poems seem to have no meaning.
But alas, they leave me beaming.
Words on the page are just abstract
Has my brain simply been attacked?
ADHD does some weird things.
Like making poems that don’t pull any heartstrings.
Anxiety does something similar.
I write down nightmares that feel familiar.

A depressed gull fell from the heavens
It landed somewhere with multiple sevens
Along with numbers and words,
So many pictures of other birds!
It quickly realized it was a school.
Students and teachers doing free labor isn’t cool.
Wearing uniforms prevents self-expression.
Do they want us to end up like the seagull with depression?

Some get in the zone
Few become an old crone
The likelihood of that is raised, however
If you pay of a debt you never used forever
Forcing us to think about college is ridiculous.
They want us to be so meticulous.
Our brains aren’t fully developed yet,
But they don’t care about that at all, I bet.
The system is broken as heck.
College is more expensive than a gold-lined deck.
If they want us to be smart, then why make us pay?
It’s the government’s responsibility, so what the hey?!
This is why we live in a country of dummies.
Dude, some think drinking bleach would be funny!

Adults think they own the planet
Yet they don’t have the brains to man it.
All they want to do is gain more power
They get more corrupt by the hour
They’re jealous of kids’ youth
But they’ll never admit the truth
Hypocritical with their idiotic rules,
They get sick of kids and send them to school.
They hate it when kids use self-expression
At this point it’s just a way to cope with their crippling depression
Before child labor laws, we were put to work.
Losing fingers, losing hands, it was berserk.
Nowadays the laws just limit our freedom
We need money, but they won’t let us.
They just say “Oh sweetie!” and proceed to pet us.

Ik this is a double post, sorry.
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