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MM-3DS Majora's Mask Theories

Dec 25, 2014
Haii evryone!

Im posting this thread because I'm wondering if any of you out there would like to discuss, or share, your theories about why there are characters from OOT in Majora's Mask even though Link is in another setting, which is this other dimension/parallel universe called Termina.
I actually don't have any clue about why it would be that way, I've tried to come up with a good one but it just doesn't make sense. I know that the whole game is kinda weird and leaves a lot of questions but that's what maks the game intresting, but I would still appreciate if you could share your theories ^^

If you have other theories, feel free to share them too.

Grateful for answers!
Feb 7, 2014
In all honesty, I think the only reason MM characters look like OoT's is because the developers had so little time to work on the game, reusing character models was necessary.
Jan 10, 2015
I agree with DJ Twitch. Some people believe that the infamous Link Is Dead Theory explains the reuse of character models, but if you read about the history of MM, the developers had a very, very limited time to create the game. It's also supposed to be a sequel to OoT, so perhaps reusing character models was also part of that idea?
Sep 3, 2014
Yeah, although I do like the idea of the popular "Link is Dead" theory, I'm sure that the developers weren't intending for it. They probably just reused the characters from OoT just because it saved time. But I guess if we are talking about the actual plot itself, that theory could be relevant.


Mar 7, 2015
Here's a different theory topic all together.

Deku butlers son. SPOILERS

So if you have finished the game you would know that that tree you see in the beginning. Is deku butlers son. Creepy. But how did that tree die just sitting there.
all the other transformation masks house a spirit. The goron mask has a dead guy. And Mikou died to make the Zora mask.
And since termina is a parallel universe there are parallel characters. Fierce diety must have been parallel link. So who is in the deku mask. Lots of people say the deku butlers son. Its most likely true. But majora KILLED the butlers son and turned him into the mask to posses link. Creepy. This theory also explains the character models being the same. Or Nintendo was lazy :P
Mar 22, 2015
I feel like the field and tree on the moon are symbolic of some old tale or legend (kind of in the same vein as the Stone Tower Temple/Tower of Babylon parallel), but haven't seen anything about this. Anybody know if that has significance? For some reason I suspect some type of Hindu story or something.


Eating Link since 1987
Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
I seem to remember a lot of theories out there relating to Stone Tower Temple, such as the entrance to the temple insulting the gods with phallic objects, to my personal favourite: Twinmold's room being the location where Majora's Mask was sealed by that ancient tribe long ago. Those were some pretty interesting reads.

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