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Game Thread Mafia: The Gathering II - Gods of Kaldheim Game Thread

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lmao it’s not infallible

I’m gonna throw a bit of suspicion on myself but

despite the flavor solving seeming pretty strong so far it’s still just a theory; scum might have fake claims; and if a scumbud understands a lot of MtG they could help even someone that doesn’t understand a thing about it like me come up with colors that might clear me. Not to mention that me being allegedly pure red still doesn’t exclude the possibility of me being Godfather which is literally the only other possible thing considering SMS has softing a green result on me.
Feb 7, 2021
The flavor solving I'm doing is far from infallible, but it netted a scum D2 and I've been paying attention to the flips and updating things accordingly. I think it's pretty safe to assume at this point that, since the majority of the players are Gods of Kaldheim and none have flipped as PR, all Gods of Kaldheim are Vanillagers. The ones that have flipped as PRs have all been Planeswalkers, so it makes sense that all Planeswalkers are PRs, including Tibalt. Tibalt in lore imprisons and impersonates one of the Gods of Kaldheim, which is where I get Tibalt = Godfather.

With Narfi flipping, what I think we've got is a bunch of the Gods of Kaldheim, less the Black Gods (Egon, Tergrid, Valki), plus the Planeswalkers, plus two Black lore-important Legendary Creatures. That still leaves non-Black Gods left over for scum to claim because there aren't enough players to have all the Gods in play.

With that said, if the name of the third scum is Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire, I'm going to build myself a nice bed of laurels to rest on.
Feb 3, 2019
very strange that gods would all be vanilla town but I don't know anything about magic or particularly care about its lore
Apr 20, 2020
And I’m not fond of bussing without a reason, and I definitely wouldn’t’ve been the only one to agree with your theory and help you lynch him if I were scum, lol.

You say you are not fond of bussing but I have seen you bus 2 times as scum in your scum games.

I also tried to save Town Minish AND was responsible for making Moe’s death unstoppable D2. Not only that but SMS apparently has a Green check on me. Not sure where I can possibly and rationally be scum.

In one of your scum games you also tried to save me from getting lynched.
Apr 20, 2020
Actually, now that I think about it, I could probably solve the game today if you all tell me your colors. If you're not sure what they are, you can search the name of your character + MTG and an image of the card should pop up. Look in the upper right corner, ignore the gray circle with numbers, and tell me those colors.
Right now, my reads are looking like this:

Town Core: Ex (PoE means I know the exact character he rolled, unless someone CCs)

Town Lean: SMS, Jinjo

Null: Sun, Naga

Scum Lean: Giri (been pinging the scumdar since D1)

I'm white. On day 2 I saw you mention my character and I think you pretty much know who I am.
Feb 7, 2021
I'm white. On day 2 I saw you mention my character and I think you pretty much know who I am.
In that case, Ex should no longer receive the FoS from you this day.

This is liable to change the moment someone else claims Red though.
Feb 7, 2021
At this point, I think I have a solid vote. Assuming Jinjo is telling the truth and is the exact character I'm thinking of, this setup does not have a Cop.

Vote: Spiritual Mask Salesman
Feb 3, 2019
probably a good idea just not when I'm inactive

I know even if I really, really tried to be inactive I don't think I could pull it off

boy this post aged poorly lmao

being good at mafia is a scumtel

therefore, no one is scum

*just spent the last idek how long looking for how to access thread bookmarks*

*finally found the bookmarks, only to realize they're not on a per-thread basis*

*prepares the spreadsheet*

did this spreadsheet ever get made? I don't think you referenced it at any point later one
You’re acting different than usual.

I agree, which is why I don't think it was that weird for Moe or Leslie to have voted for her either, and part of why I didn't like being called out for being part of a d1 miss, especially considering things like you being wrong on chevy weren't brought up either.

Hold up, I don't want Ex gone yet.

this was before n1; why did you not want Ex gone yet @Spiritual Mask Salesman

hey my nightkills are always methodical, thought out, and reasonable

fairly sure Moe killed Chevy n1 because Chevy was scumreading Moe; this is really the only point I can bring it up

In fact that plus the "Probably" but "not really screaming" evil comment means;

Vote: naga10

Kinda side-eyeeing Mikey for that last post tho, seems a bit eager.

What do you make out of Ex's explanation? This one;

this doesn't matter now but I was going to say it felt like Reki was busing both partners but lolme.
Rubik is likely the scumkill last night given he claimed a role and the scum apparently have no interest in resolving the cop

Chevywolf30 (2): Kaleficent, ExLight
Rubik (1): SMS
Giri (2): Rubik, ChevyWolf30
Morbid Minish
(3): The Sun Fan, Mikey the Moblin, Kirino
Naga10 (1): Reki
Not Voting: Morbid Minish, Jinjo, Giri, Naga10

Morbid Minish: Birgi, God of Boasting and a Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day One

Mostly just for everyone else's convenience, I didn't really draw any strong conclusions from this and didn't really bother with yesterday's flip because there's hardly any votes there and we only know Mikey's color for certain.

I suspect that there is at least one between Naga, Jinjo and Giri because Mafia has 100%%%%%%%%% been phoning it in this game and they never voted.

From the events on D1 and N1, I have a town read on Exlight.
It seemed like Exlight wanted to save Minish, who would've been a strong town player (not role wise, experience)
If he was scum, it'd probably best for him if Minish died. So, it is less likely that he would pull of such a stunt just to impress and win Minish over to his side. At the heat of the day phase, it seemed like Ex genewinely tried to save Minish and was clearly not happy to see her go.

This is another bold assumption, but I think Exlight is a wig and he shot Wolf. He was clearly uncomfortable about wolf's flip flop and he thought that someone was instructing wolf what to say.

Sunfan is my most scum read for now. It's true that he was very vocal and drew a lot of attention. But it is also a play style, but a one that needs a lot of guts and experience to pull this. But I'm pretty sure Sunfan is capable of something like this

Giri has been calling me out for a long time but never voted me; just weird. The part about Ex seems kinda decent on a reread actually, though. I wish he would've factored in the time left in the phase and considered that it could've just been theatrics as a result

I still want to see his defense of where he got SK from. It's a very specific role to focus on.

I forget how this started but yeah it was all just memeing really. Shouldn't particularly matter anymore anyways. It was fun, though.

From what I read so far it seems like Rubik is clearing Sun Fan and on the rule it says we're not allowed to claim. ExLight's play at the end of day 1 was nai to me. ExLight actually did the same thing to me in another game when he was scum and I got mislynched the same way Minish did when I wanted ExLight to vote a scum read with me and it turned out ExLight was scum in the end.

SMS from what I remember it looked like he kept his rvs on Rubik the whole time. I often sometimes see scum who leave their vote on rvs through the end of day 1. Mikey doing a naked vote on Minish was also sus and I don't remember the reasoning on why he voted Minish. Was it because Minish was playing differently?

You just mentioned Ex doing this in a game recently, and that's good to know, and I know there's still worry about a Godfather, but Ex both voted for a wolf yesterday when he doesn't have too much to gain, and more importantly, he's greenchecked unless SMS is fake.

only scum would have reason to check me

I guess this was you trying to bait a kill some more? Could you talk more about this response though, @ExLight ?

Something doesn't track between these two posts. Rubik "clears" Sun, but Sun claims not to have killed last night as if we should have expected a kill?

I can't find the post now, but somewher ein the last few pages someone accused Sun of killing ChevyWolf at night since Sun posted something sortof vaguely threatening. This seems pretty poor ground for an accusation since anyone could do that to make Sun look suspicious. If I were playing a killing role I'd want to kill someone that someone vaguely threatened too.

I'm getting pretty strong non-scum vibes from Sun, whether town or third party I don't know.

I also would like this.

You give me way too much credit.

I don't follow Naga's read of me here at all. Feels like pocketing.

Jinjo usually reacts strongly to pressure, so if at some point you end up needing her to be more active or her alignment is a keypoint you can place a few votes on her and see what happens.

I’m a bit on the fence about SMS. I feel like his plays are ambiguous, but I’m slightly more inclined to Townlean because I can think of two posts he made that apparently contradict each other but if he fell for something I said it actually makes sense.

vote: Jinjo Don't know what you're talking about with SMS though.

I'm keeping my vote on Mikey for now because I'm really not liking his responses in general as they dodge around addressing anything I brought up re: using flavor to solve. Instead, he seems very determined to tunnel me.

With that said, I'm willing to chalk his OG Theros god claim up to a joke in the context of the D1 godkilling jokes. On the off-chance it's not a joke though, my observation that non-Kaldheim characters are likely scum still stands.

I'd also like to note that I haven't played MTG since Avacyn entered rotation, so my knowledge of mechanics is rusty. Fortunately, there's wikis out there, and the official rotations list.

From a flavor solving angle, there's potentially more Planeswalkers to consider outside the Kaldheim set, but I figured that was less likely than using just the ones in the Kaldheim set considering there's only 13 players in the game. This also counts as another point towards Mikey's OG Theros god claim being an actual joke.

The way that Kale talks about Mikey here, and especially the way Mikey reacts, I don't think they can ever be together.

Alright alright, was waiting for Giri to jump on that/Rubik's reaction. Sun's, although admittedly unexpected, makes sense.


Will decide closer to EoD.

WIsh I knew what this meant.

I think I might end up voting Mikey and if he doesn't flip red than Kaleficient would be good to pursue tomorrow.

A good look, much stronger than the cred that Jinjo is about to try to claim.

@ExLight Why did you vote me when I correctly called out a scum player over here on the bolded? SMS and Mikey were both my sus on day 2.

This is literally nothing. Doesn't mean a thing that you barely leaned him scum and never voted him or mentioned him again, I think you can probably agree with that.

I think we should take a look into Naga, Giri, and Jinjo. Sun is either just town, or maybe an SK, idk. What is the significance, if any, of a player's name being mixed up. It could have been a joke, or maybe it has something to do with Magic?

What are the last two sentences saying here? Did you target someone and get a result on someone else?

You mislynch me here we’re almost guaranteed to lose. (3 more Town die, next day starts with 1T-2M-1I).

You really aren’t, lol.
I tried to get myself lynched D1 and even fake softed having an important power role to make scum waste stuff on me N1. I also tried to save Town Minish AND was responsible for making Moe’s death unstoppable D2. Not only that but SMS apparently has a Green check on me. Not sure where I can possibly and rationally be scum.

Yeah, the part about getting yourself lynched D1 is uh
not true.

But the part about softing an important role is more townie. It can just be you as mafia softing that to survive (or more likely as SK) but too much here for me to really consider scumreading. Just mostly wanted to say that I don't really believe you tried to get yourself killed D1 at all.

What's so despicable about it? Multiple characters belong to the same color, and dual-color creatures are a thing. Scum wouldn't even have to lie if they only claimed one of their dual colors. There's also how not all of the Gods are in the game, so scum could claim colors in such a way that there's the same numbers of colors as there would be if everyone remaining were a God of Kaldheim. Claiming colors isn't an instant solution and still requires solving with other methods, but it does narrow down the field of PoE by a lot.

I'll talk about this at length. I detest flavor solving. If a game can be solved due to flavor, its not worth playing in my opinion. Perhaps you have heard of the new hit game Among Us? I will talk about how I play it for a bit. There is optimal play, and there is what I do in the game, and what I need in order to enjoy the game. Among Us, as a game, is very broken. There are things that the good guys have to not do in order to not let the imposters actually not be totally crippled, because spamming the button, grouping up, lining up at the med-scanner, all of these things break the game horribly, and that's even with visual tasks off.

This game is beginning to feel like that to me. If we can flavor solve the game, why should we? Everything we've done before this point is invalidated if we just reference our color and then refer it to an apparently very small (16, you said?) list of characters. That's... not fun. Its not even mafia. Its some stupid "can you color in the lines?" problem where the answer could be found by anyone. It also requires knowledge of a game that maybe not everyone has. Perhaps you are right that there is some way for the mafia to navigate around claiming their color. I think it isn't what mafia is about; learning about a new form of media in order to create a fakeclaim that may or may not actually be plausible. I've had too many games I've played just ruined by things like this.

Mikey and I were in a game where a mafia could do literally nothing, literally nothing because of flavor. Its stupid and awful and in my opinion, it ruins the purity of mafia to flavor solve something. Even now, after seeing Jinjo post what color(s?) they are, I feel like most of my post is devalued now because all people are going to care about is what color someone's character is. This is really lame and if I were Deku or the other host that I definitely remember the name of, I'd be sad that the game that I'd put so much work into creating and telling people not to reference their character is getting solved in such a stupid way.
Feb 7, 2021
I'm also thinking, looking back at the weird read SMS provided for Sun, that if SMS flips red, Sun is our final scum.
Feb 3, 2019
I think SMS, Kale, Ex and myself, out of us 4, its not too likely any of us are mafia, and only one of the 4 can be the serial killer.

I think we just kill within the remainder today and probably hit a wolf

I have my vote on Jinjo, I am willing to move at the discretion of others.
I think Giri and Naga have not too much going for them, Giri looks slightly better than Naga imo but that's a game of inches.
Feb 3, 2019
I'm also thinking, looking back at the weird read SMS provided for Sun, that if SMS flips red, Sun is our final scum.
You seem to be referencing flavor about there not being a cop
I doubt that this is really worth reading into; there's always a cop (or even sometimes two!) on ZD ime. I think there are zero exceptions to this.
Feb 3, 2019
I need to watch a movie for school, I'll probably try to be paying full attention to it. If I do this well, I'll see you guys in 2 hours, but likely it will be before then, as I am a serial pauser.
Feb 7, 2021
You seem to be referencing flavor about there not being a cop
I doubt that this is really worth reading into; there's always a cop (or even sometimes two!) on ZD ime. I think there are zero exceptions to this.
If we go with the theory earlier that JOAT was supposed to be the Town Cop/Doc/Block in one, we had a Cop that died N1. In a game this small, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility for there to not be another Cop. At the very least, I doubt we have a Doc considering the lack of blocked kills so far at a rate of two kills per night.

It's also really easy for scum to claim Cop in a no-cop setup.
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