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Mafia Discord

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Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Hey everyone, it's Johnny. Been a while but I'd like to share a small update now that I'm currently trying to be a bit more active. @Tristan and I have decided that we needed to remake the Mafia Discord. Adminship of the the discord itself belonged to Jamie, with the only mod being myself and Bok at one point. Unfortunately, this did not help us effectively streamline some of the processes for assigning roles and perms to make sure certain channels, like spectator channels, were accessible to only those who needed it. Additionally, with only a mod running the server and no ability to share the mod role, nor any ability to make ones that superseded control, we realized that the server could not be salvaged, and instead decided to make a new one.

Our intentions still remain the same as those of the original. We still want everyone to be able to use it for game chats of any kind (mafia, mason, spectators, etc.), as well as being able to use it for shorter Discord hosted games and pick up/blitz games. Additionally, we want it to be a fun and friendly place where everyone on ZD is able to come to chat if they want, whether they be novices, vets, completely new to mafia, or the most elite players ever. We will be adding text and voice chats as we expand the server and will strive to provide a fun experience. This thread will be locked, so if you have questions, DM myself and Tristan and we'll be more than happy to answer them. Click on the link below (there's no expiration) and you'll join right into the Zelda Dungeon Mafia Discord server!

Not open for further replies.

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