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Looking for Laptop or Desktop For Highest Preformance HD Video Editting and Gaming


Dark Lord Gannondorf
Aug 4, 2011
So I'm looking for some of the highest performance Desktop or laptops currently available as of May 13 2012. I plan to be doing a large amount of video editing of very high quality as well as heavy gaming so I need something that can handle all of it without a problem.assume price is not a problem at first.

Few things I need some information and recommendations on.

First, If I were to get a desktop over a laptop, would I get more power and performance out of it then a laptop or would the performance between a desktop and a laptop be generally equal. I have enjoyed the freedom of a laptop but am willing to go to a desktop for maximum performance.

second, I plan to be doing heavy video editing with large HD videos of the highest quality possible.

third, I also plan on doing some heavy gaming on this computer, so I need one that will handle full HD graphics as well as video recording software with out delay or lag.
(perhaps you have heard of gaming LPs on YouTube, I'm going to finally start my own video channel as well as a business channel for a client for promoting there business so this is very important)

Some help and recommendations would be appreciated. TY:D


Thrilla in Manilla
Apr 12, 2012
I recommend a desktop over a laptop for what you want to do with it. Especially for heavy gaming a touchpad will simply not cut it if you are going to game on it a lot. Also the mobile processor will make your videos rendering time longer than it could be than on a desktop.

also I highly recommend building your own desktop because with pre-built ones you sometimes do not get what you want. However if you do not feel like building your own I suggest looking on newegg and see if you can find a pre built one that suits your needs. If you do build your own newegg is also a great place to buy the parts. Either way if you plan to do extensive gaming and video editing you will nee a core i7 processor this will really cut down your rendering time on your videos. The reason I can't honestly recommend in a pre built desktop is because i have always built my own so i really have no experience in buying pre built machines.

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