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Spoiler Link's Top Five Moments of Awesomeness

Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
I'll agree with some of what has been said.

1) Fierce Deity is my number one. You can't top that. Possessing demonic/evil power to make yourself epicly strong to defeat an equal evil. :O holy ****
2) Link's move in TP against Morpheel and Agerock. The majority of the fight was fairly easy and lame, but when you clawshotted on top their back and turned the master sword upside down and started stabbing them in the eye! woah! cool!
3) Goht in MM. I don't know if this is epic or whether I just really really enjoyed it. lol. CHasing him around as a spinning spike ball, launching yourself off the ramps and landing on his back to knock him to the ground was so cool! Ninja-Goron-Link!

Of course there are others, but those are the ones that come to mind first. lol.

February Eve

ZD District Attorney
Mar 21, 2010
1. Rolling out of the way of Epona in Kakariko Village
No one has said this yet, but that's okay, because I think it's awesome! Epona's barging at top speed. No escape! Epic roll! Safe!

I didn't think of that one! That was interesting, too, because as Midna said, it actually showcased his occupational skills. He's not just the chosen hero. He's also a good wrangler, heh.

The rearing Epona scene after defeating King Bulbin the bridge actually struck me as more Narm-y than awesome, but that's just me.

"Narm" is a term that TVTropes uses and that I'm using for lack of a better term.

No! You referenced TVTropes! I have work to do! Must...resist...pull...

*slowly climbs out of the time sink*

Anyway, more seriously, to each his own. I know it's me ascribing human characteristics to an animal, but I always liked it because it seemed like even Epona was saying "Trap me on a bridge, will you? Take that!" to King Bulbin. *grin*

2) Link's move in TP against Morpheel and Argorok. The majority of the fight was fairly easy and lame, but when you clawshotted on top their back and turned the master sword upside down and started stabbing them in the eye! woah! cool!

One thing about Argorok's that is noteworthy to me, too, is the height at which it happens. You are trying to kill something knowing that if it dies, in all probability it will go plummeting to the ground, taking you with it. Madness or brilliance...or both.


Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009
I liked it when Link
1. Uses Dins Fire
2. Gets the Heroes Tunic in TP
3. Thinks Marin is Zelda at the begining of LA
4. Meets Ezlo
5. and when he wakes up in the Chamber of Sages

Fierce Deity would be my number 6.


The most badass thing for me is simply when Link is just doing backflips at the start of MM for no apparent reason. Sure he could jump like normal, but he decides to do crazy flips instead.


Fortunately those moments you said were moments and mimicked what Link did and the first time seeing it…I jizzed in my pants (not really). But for me number 3 would be Fierce Deity and number 4 would be getting the Lokomo Sword.


Princess zelda have kiss already link. if you have played already the Oracle Series and finish the game with a triforce mark you will there in the ending that zelda have kiss link.

And for your quote ":zelda: + :) =<3" that would be so impossible to happen because zelda is a PRINCESS in other words royal blood then link is just only a hero of time or whatsoever you call him. But in reality there is a possibility might happen.

Link actually belongs to a remarkable bloodline, it's just that Nintendo hasn't used this element as much as others.
May 6, 2012
Hyrule Castle
5) link catching Zelda on his Loftwig
4) defeating King Bokoblin in the bridge
3) jumping gerudo valley on Epona
2) recapturing Epona in TP :)
1) killing Demise (the lightening flash right as he struck was awesome!!!) :) :)


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
I would add pwning Demise to that list...Demise is an evil god, and Link is a mere mortal. And gods don't go down easily, especially not to mortals. TV tropes describes that with: "Did you just punch out Chtuhu?" Chtuhu, for those who dont know, is a monster from the Lovecraft stories whose purpose is to destroy the world in a fiery apocalypse. So that's a pretty good description.
Apr 8, 2012
5.Fierce Deity mask
4.When he poses on his horse
3.In TP when he puts his sword away all cool like
2.Calling the four giants
1.Whenever he kills ganondorf!


The Better of The Best
Mar 13, 2012
The King Bulblin fight is my all time favorite fight scene, totally epic. I totally agree with your list, but I would have added when you get the Sol in TP because Link's gotta be a freaking boss to have the guts to go up against those freakish hands.

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