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Link....Using Guns???

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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
Link should not use a gun because it would feel really out of place, and the game wouldn't feel like Zelda anymore. I'm worried Zelda would turn into an FPS, I have problems with that. Link should just stick with the bow.


Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
I really don't like the idea of Link having a gun that's a bad idea for Zelda but that's my opinion,that would make Zelda feel different.I'm fine with just a bow and not a gun.


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Jan 30, 2010
Okay, so I'm sure we all know that the Zelda games are based back in Medieval times. Back then, guns, cars, and all those other kinds of things weren't around. If Nintendo were to add that into the game, then I think that Zelda games really would not be what they are. Adding guns would change the whole outline of the game and what many people have known the game for. Guns are not sufficient for Zelda games and I don't think that Link necessarily needs one for any reason. That is what the bow and arrows are for. To shoot long distance. A gun...well I just cannot picture Link holding a gun in his hands. I just think that it wouldn't make any sense at all to the whole point of a sword and shield. I mean, if Link used a gun, wouldn't it be forty times easier to kill Ganon? Or any other villain for that matter? Jeez all he has to do it just pull out his gun and shoot them. Yeah, if destroying the villain was that easy, then you wouldn't even want to go through all the dungeons and everything else. You would just want to skip to the end and end the entire thing. I don't think that the Master Sword or any other of the swords were made to just be blown off by a gun. A gun is not a good item to be used in Zelda because it doesn't fit with the theme, it doesn't look right, and it would make the game way too easy.
Dec 11, 2009
Honestly, I would not mind a gun in Zelda, just as long as its something like a musket. Muskets were available in the 1700s and probably some time before that. The thing with Muskets is that after you shoot, it takes time to reload. When reloading, you have to pour in gunpowder and whatever you're using for ammunition into the barrel. Not only that, but you have to insert a ramrod into the barrel to tamp the powder and the ammunition, plus wadding, so that they stay in place in the barrel.

If guns do come into Zelda, then reload times can help prevent people from abusing them. In Resident Evil 4, and also RE5, I believe, each gun had a different reload time, and could be upgraded if you had enough money. If guns come into Zelda, then they can implement that, however, without the upgrades, and give the gun a very, very slow reload time.

Also, guns need ammunition. Another way to prevent abusing them is to make ammunition for them scarce.

Like I said, I don't mind really, just as long as its not something too modern.
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Dec 16, 2009
United States
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THere was a bazooka in TP. But other than that, no. Guns would not make it feel like a Zelda game. Maybe something that you can't really use on enemies but you an use to open doors.


Feb 24, 2010
Guns might ruin the "resonances-like" theme of Zelda, since guns were made in the 1700s. (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't been to school in 2 months) But there are bombs, which have gun powder.
I agree with this. I can't verify whether it's historically accurate or not, but the fact is that there are bombs in Zelda, so it's conceivable that there could be some type of basic gunpowder mechanism as well. That being said, I don't know for sure whether I would want this in a game or not. My gut tells me no, but it could be pulled off. I won't be able to come to a true conclusion unless I try it. It bothers me how quick people are to write it off.

No, termina is seperate to that of hyule. That is confirmed. But termina being a oppisite hyrule with terminian couterparts is fan fiction. When will people realise they were to lazy to make new NPCs and that the what they were talking about in the quote was only Skull kid and Link!!!!!!!
Bit of a tangent, but this bothers me as well. It just seems somewhat small-minded to think "Certain characters look the same as characters from OoT, ergo, they must be in an opposite, alternate reality".


Jul 15, 2009
PA beat me to it really... Guns in a Zelda game wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I think the problem is most people's minds jump straight from "gun" to "turning it into another unoriginal FPS", and so they disregard the idea straight away... when really that isn't the case. Nintendo are all about experimenting, and though I doubt they'd actually include guns any time soon, if they did I'm more than sure they could easily make it work.

Right now, the series is actually already primed for them, to be honest... at least technologically speaking. On the surface, Zelda games appear to be from a medieval-ish period... but technology-wise they're actually already way past that. And I'm not just talking about the trains. As someone else said, guns wouldn't actually be that much of a technological leap... heck, something similar to gunpowder evidently already exists in Hyrule, and someone there already thought of packing it into a capsule with a fuse (bombs). However, already they've gone even further than that, as WW, TP, PH and ST show. One word guys: Canons.

Now before anyone starts with the whole "modern guns don't work exactly the same way as canons", that's not the point. The point is that someone in Hyrule thought of putting the existing form of gunpowder capsules (bombs) into an enclosed barrel and using the force created to propel a metal projectile. And, as that Bazooka in TP shows, they've already begun to modify it, make it smaller and less cumbersome. This indicates that with enough time, those original canons would eventually end up as something similar to our modern gun, presuming they kept up developing them.
A few people are also saying guns from the correct era would be too cumbersome compared to bows and arrows. Not to be blunt, but when has Zelda ever tried to be historically correct, or bothered about uber-realistic physics before? Nintendo could theoretically give the guns whatever reload time, degree of accuracy (or even the amount of damage the guns do) that they wanted (thus also restricting the gameplay and creating more of a challenge). Besides, this presumes the gun would be used alongside the bow and arrow in the first place- what if it acted as an upgrade, or replacement, or what if it was a hybrid of the two in the first place (or something crossbow-ish?).

Okay, with the "could guns be in a Zelda game" out of they way, onto the "should guns be in a Zelda game". Personally, I'm really not one for guns- in most games where it's viable, I always chose to fight with melee attacks rather than use the guns available. However, all things considered, one thing I do know is that if guns were in a Zelda game, they should still fit in with the context. If it's a medieval-ish era game, Bomb Arrows are just peachy, and guns need not be involved. However, if it's set in a closer-to-modern-times era, muskets and such could potentially work there, as long as they're not just included for the sake of it. And if, on the rare off-chance, the Zelda game's actually set in a modern-to-futuristic era, then by all means it would just make sense for modern-to-futuristic weapons to be included- including guns.

I'm not saying I want to see Link mow down hordes of moblins with a fully-automated machine gun (since obviously Nintendo would include restrictions to stop that, from the reload times down to the fact it probably isn't the most family-friendly thing in the world. And let's face it, being able to attack like that just gets so boring after a while, so if Nintendo had any sense (which they do) they wouldn't include that simply from a gameplay perspective in an effort to make the game, you know, actually fun). I'm just saying that guns, on their own, without changing anything else about the series (such as staying plain away from the various stereotypes that a game with guns brings) would actually be a perfectly sane idea, and wouldn't ruin the series by a long shot. Heck, there's a hell of a lot of worse things Nintendo could do to the series in the mean time.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
Well, with all the technology they've been giving us lately, and with the use of bombs in just about every Zelda game, they could certainly give us guns, but I wouldn't like it if they did. I never saw Zelda as that sort of game, where Link is running around with a rifle shooting Octoroks in the face before they can shoot a rock at him. Going up to Ganon and shooting him a few times in the head with his rifle. You know, Zelda's just not that sort of game. It just wouldn't be the same with guns.


The closest thing to a gun that I could see Link using is a crossbow. Plus guns would pull the Legend of Zelda out of it's sorta medievel-esque tone.

Now if it were guns that were magical, that would make more sense. Personally, I think fiction is better than realism.


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Jun 17, 2010
I worry about what extent they would take guns to .. it may start with a more primitive style gun that doesn't make the player overpowered, and it might could work. But I could then see them building on that feature, providing an automatic style gun upgrade, then who knows where it goes from there. Next thing you know it's The Legend of Halo where you have Great Fairy plasma rifles.

If it were up to my vote I'd vote against any type of gun ever making a Zelda appearance, but wouldn't totally oppose it if done right and didn't force the gameplay to stray too far off course.

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