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Linebacks Wish.


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Feb 5, 2012
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In Phantom Hourglass the Ocean King grants Lineback one wish, the crowd knows that Lineback wouldnt be selfish and ask for gold after all this charecter devolpment, and so he asks for.... I'm not sure, at first once i beat the game once i believed he wished for another boat, moslty because Bellum destroyed his and he probably wanted his boat back, resently i read the (Completely Non-Canon) Phantom Hourglass Manga, and Linebacks ship was not destroyed but was there the whole time, this made me believe that it was implyed instead that Lineback wished to be in Links world, since in the game and in the manga Linebacks ship was next to Tetras ship wich made me believe thats why Lineback the third was in new Hyrule. What do you believe Lineback wished for? Because i'm still not all sure.


Jun 14, 2010
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Well as you said the manga is not canon, so it isn't the best place to draw out conclusions. We know that he wished for his boat back. But what I believe is that Oshus returned Link to the real world and Linebeck simply was there when that happened and took the ride.

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Like you said, the manga isn't canon. Linebeck says in-game that he wishes for Oshus to bring back his ship, the one that sank. And then Oshus sent Link and Tetra back to their own world on his own. It had nothing to do with Linebeck's wish.

As for why Linebeck's ship appears at the end, I always figured that was a way of showing it wasn't all a dream after all, kind of like how the Wind Fish appears at the end of Link's Awakening. Link pulling out the Phantom Hourglass at the end was another hint. After all, Tetra and Link were just told by Niko and the rest of their crew that they were only on the Ghost Ship for about ten minutes. They would have assumed that it was all a dream, until Link found that he still had the Phantom Hourglass and saw Linebeck's ship in the distance. I just think this was a clever reference to the end of Link's Awakening.


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Jun 17, 2009
The game is superiorly canon compared to the manga, and in the game Linebeck's ship was destroyed. As Linebeck said himself in the game, his wish was for his ship back.

-Ship was destroyed
-Linebeck wished ship wasn't destroyed
-Ship wasn't destroyed

Simple as that.

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