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Let's Play The What If? Game

Feb 5, 2011
Then we wouldn't be able to beat dungeons until you find the rocket can.

What if Link had an adventure on another planet?


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Jan 16, 2012
Los Angeles
He would be very fun to watch?
What if their were 100 Link instead of the four (green,red,blue,purple).


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Feb 20, 2012
Then they would be twice as powerful, I suppose, and one could protect the other. Or the bad guys would have twice as much of a chance to capture Zelda.

[Spoilers, I guess?] What if Link didn't win the race at the beginning of Skyward Sword?
Feb 5, 2011
Then you would raise that kid to play Zelda games only. (Also please ask questions relating to Zelda)
What if Link ventured into Skyrim? (I have a feeling the arrow in the knee response is coming)
Feb 5, 2011
Then it would be like Pulse, that Japanese horror film with the not-as-loved remake, ghosts coming through the Nintendo network and using Streetpass to haunt us.

What if Link and Malon had kids together?

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