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Legend of Zelda: The End Times


Gerudo Theif
Nov 13, 2016
The Desert
Ganondorf has awakened as the manifestation of hatred still left in the world, and is set on reviving his former self and regaining his original, terrible power. He needs the blood of a descendant of the hero chosen by the goddesses in order to completely regain his physical form. As you might expect, he has seized Hyrule Castle once more and holds the newest Zelda prisoner, waiting for the moment when he can begin the ritual, sacrificing his body to be reborn as the Demon Thief, and the Bringer of the End Times. Little does he know, the hero chosen by the goddesses, has not appeared in thousands of years. His name and the story of the epic fight between the Hero and Ganon is nothing more than a bedtime story. He sends out his demon henchmen every year to try to find a child with the mark of the Triforce on their left hand.

Yeah, so, plot description's short, but it's mainly exposition to give an idea of what's going on. This will essentially illustrate that "one final battle" between Link and Ganon, and these events will either end with victorious, his curse broken, or with his defeat and the world doomed. I cannot promise that good will prevail here. I plan to have a similar feel to Majora's Mask in that the characters will have to make some tough moral decisions, and these decisions will either lead to their success or failure. For once in thousands of years, you hold not just the fate of Hyrule, but the entire world in your hands.


Any race is playable except pure-blooded Twili or Sheikah. You can be a descendant of the Sheikah or Twili, but there is no established culture anymore. Your character can imitate it, but they can't possess the Lens of Truth or have extreme shadow magic. Your character may also posses magic that's not a characteristic of any races, such as transformation or electrokinesis. You can even be a monster if you want.

You don't have to pick good or bad. You don't have to be a hero, you don't have to be a villain. Your character can just be there to watch the fun.

You may play as canon characters, or their descendants. I'll accept anyone except for Ganon, Link, or Zelda. Link is completely irrelevant in this RP, and Zelda is basically just there to look pretty. I'll play Ganon and Zelda if need be.

One person can have only up to two characters. This is just to prevent confusion. If you want to add another, kill one off first. You must also include both in every post you make.

Please be as literate as possible.

Character Profile




Gerudo Theif
Nov 13, 2016
The Desert
Character Profile

Name: Keiran

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Gerudo

Appearance: Desert tanned skin, bright golden eyes, and pointed ears. Her hair is red and tied into a high ponytail that reaches the small of her back. Shes fairly petite, but muscular and dexterous. She is wearing a red and black Gerudo uniform, including a black mask that hides the bottom half of her face.

Personality: Fairly aloof, abrasive, and tends to ignore common social conventions. She's generally untrustworthy and sometimes will seduce men in order to get the information she needs. She only helps those in need for a reward in return.

Weapons: Dual scimitar swords.

Inventory: Red potion, Deku Nuts, and a stolen silver Rupee.

History: (optional) N/A

Extra: N/A


Character Profile

Bravenel Storik
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Zora
Appearance: His eyes are not the normal blue or purple that most Zoras' eyes are. They are a dark, forest green. Has obtained many scars over the course of many years, fending for himself.
Personality: A very soft personality, shy, and also relatively comedic (or so he thinks).
Weapons: Broadsword and/or rapier
Inventory: His (ex) lover's silver pendant, and a few rupees
History: Worked under Princess Ruto as a friend and servant for many years, then when he and his male lover were caught in the act, the two of them were separated, and Bravenel cast out.
Extra: N/A


Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
Character Profile

Jesei Fray
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Hylian
Appearance: About 5'6" in height with a thin frame, but oddly athletic. His dirty blond hair is unkempt and is slightly above the shoulders in length. He also has dark brown eyes. His attire is a dark green/black long-sleeved shirt with identically-colored pants and boots to match. He usually has his sleeves rolled up.
Personality: A bit of a show-off, cocky, and a touch egotistical on the surface, Jesei is the kind of fellow that relishes in playing the hero. However, he is also somewhat troubled and insecure due to his own predicament, something which he hides under his bravado-filled outside persona.
Weapons: Bow and Arrows; a dagger considered to be a family heirloom.
Inventory: Grappling Hook, a bottle of water.
History: Jesei Fray descends from a long line of individuals knowledgable in the macabre, yet much of this knowledge was lost. Due to his own appearance being similar to heroes past, he had been captured by Ganondorf's henchmen eight years ago and thereby separated from his family and home. Somehow, he managed to escape their clutches, something he attributes to dumb luck. Since that day, he spent his life using the skills he had to take on odd jobs and support himself, all the while seeking out his home in Hyrule. He has since earned a reputation as a sort of renegade hero himself.
Extra: N/A


The game is on!
Name: Don
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Darknut
Appearance: 6'5 and muscular enough to be able to fight in his heavy Darknut armor. His face is unknown to everyone since he wears his armor whenever he's in public.
Personality: Having been raised as a true Darknut he has learned to respect his superiors and always follow their orders. He's very dedicated to his work and has never failed a mission.
Weapons: Sword and shield
Inventory: One large sword that he uses most of the time, and one lighter sword that he's able to use if he loses his main sword. He also carries a heavy round shield.
History: Don has been raised in the Darknut way and is very dedicated to it. Since Ganondorf's return Don has been serving Ganondorf and he has done many terrible things on Ganondorf's orders. He is the youngest of the elite Darknuts and is also very good at stealth for being a Darknut. As with any Darknut, his goal is to serve the Demon Thief to the best of his abilities.


I play my drum for you
Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
I'll make one for now

Name: Jason
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Hylian/Twilit mix
Appearance: He's a normal human for the most part in appearance, but his hair is an otherworldly Twilit orange.
Personality: Jay can be serious, especially when he's "on duty" (not like there's official times for that or anything), but when he's just with a few people and friends he's cracking jokes and taking it loose. Or at least he seems like it - he keeps all his stress internalized, not really letting it out. It's terrible, but he tries to remain the beacon of light around others, so he doesn't let it show.
Weapons: Shortsword; fists
Inventory: Weapons; light armor; bombchus
History: His ancestry comes from generations ago, when a Twilit deserter met a Hylian knight near the end of the Twilit occupation. Despite the heritage being diluted over the years, the Twilit energy remains strong. Jason himself has continued the tradition of being a Hylian knight, and after Ganon took over the castle town, he became more or less a vigilante, protecting those who could not protect themselves.

Agent of Majora

Herald of the Consumer
Oct 27, 2014
New York
Well, seeing as how Trials of the Arbiter is kind of dead in the water and this is about the end of the world, I'll make another Majora cultist, cause why not.

Name: Raidon
Age: 43, physically about 22
Gender: Male
Race: Kokiri
Appearance: Around 5'7" with a very thin, yet fit, body. He has light-chestnut colored hair and is overall nearly indistinguishable from a Hylian with the exception of his strikingly bright green eyes. He's clad in a unique type of ghillie suit reverse-engineered from Sheikah technology, which allows it to change and adapt to different environments. When out on assignment, he wears a balaclava imprinted with Majora's insignia instead of his usual ceremonial mask. A pair of binocular-goggles are on top of his head, which he can lower down.
Personality: Cold, distant and full of regrets, Raidon has a very nihilistic attitude. He doesn't like to interact with "the Blinded" and even within his own Order he is rather quiet, though incredibly zealous. However, he would gladly help anyone in need, especially children, though his loyalty to his Order and its goals are more important than anything else to him.
Weapons: A scoped crossbow and a retractable wrist blade.
Inventory: A set of "civilian" clothing, a signaling mirror, a unique Hookshot that can attach to his belt, some flint and steel and enough rations for about a week. He also secretly carries a small, hand-carved wooden flute, which he is fiercely protective of.
History: Raidon was once an ageless child of the forest living under the protection of the Great Deku Tree, and his fairy guardian, Ren. He was mostly content, but was significantly more shy and clumsy compared to the other Kokiri. The bullying and mocking from his peers frequently sent him running into the Lost Woods to hide, crying all the way while Ren tried to comfort him. He would often spend hours alone in the Woods, yet somehow never turned into a Skull Kid. As a result of Ganondorf's manipulations, the Great Deku Tree gradually withered away into nothingness, with the fairies disappearing as well, along with the Kokiris' gift of an eternal childhood. When Ren left him, Raidon lost all sense of reason. He hysterically ran away for the final time deep into the Lost Woods desperately looking for something within until he collapsed atop a stump, tears streaming down his face. There, he was discovered by Disciples of the Order of the Moon, who were investigating alleged sightings of Majora's Prison itself within the Woods. They wiped his tears away and told him about Majora's glorious promise; the end to all pain, fear, sadness and suffering. The Disciples carried a sniveling boy out from those cursed woods, and molded him into a cold, yet efficient agent of the Consumer's will. After withstanding a seemingly endless series of grueling tests and trials, he became a deadly sniper, in fact one of the best that the Order (if not all of Hyrule), has ever seen. He soon gained a reputation as a lone wolfos; as he is frequently sent out on assignments into the wilderness alone. He has never failed, neither in his assignments or his faith in the Order. However, he does seem to have one major regret that he's kept hidden for years, and carries a flute around as a reminder of something he lost, long ago.
Extra: N/A


Doktor Assisted Homicide
Oct 30, 2010
If you can't read this, you're blind.
Might as well go nuts with this one!

Name: Verschlinger (Known Commonly as Verden)
Appears quite young, but is actually 28,237 years old!
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire Mage...? No one is certain, but his pale skin screams Vampire.
Appearance: See image in Extras
Personality: A man to not take sides, he usually doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets paid well. A mercenary at heart, he talks softly and gets the job done with as few words said as needed. Whichever side pays more is the side he'll fight for. Sometimes you can see him browsing the Library or Black Market for spell-books to improve the potency or longevity of his spells, or to learn new ones.
Weapons: He uses a wide variety of known spells to combat his opponents, ranging from elemental magic, to summoning, to even darker arts such as possession. His Magic Cuffs improve the potency of his magic as long as he wears them.
Offense: Fire (Lvl2), Ice (Lvl2), Thunder (Lvl2), Earth (Lvl2), Wind (Lvl2), Light (Lvl2), Shadow (Lvl2)
Defense: Barrier (50% Physical Resist), Reflect (Bounce Magic), Cure 2 (Heal), Esuna (Cure Status), Element Resist (50% Resist of Element Specified)
Status: Poison (Sickness and Damage; 4 Posts), Blind (No Sight; 1 Post), Silence (No Magic; 3 Posts), Hover (Float Above Ground; 1 Post)
Summon: 3 Keese, 3 Fire Keese, 3 Ice Keese
Takeover (Takes possession of an NPC for a single post to do one action. They remember everything that happened. Cannot be used to kill the NPC, but can be used to do 1 attack on another. Requires Eye Contact to work.)
Drawbacks: Doesn't give a ?!$# about anyone else unless specified otherwise, Has no experience in actual weaponry, Slow as hell in actual combat, No Sunglasses means no sight in light, the Silence Spell
Inventory: Verden's Sunglasses, Silver Armor, Verden's Cape, Verden's Magic Cuffs, 200 Rupees
If you knew his past he'd probably kill you, so no one alive actually knows.
Extra: He doesn't need to eat, his body naturally absorbs energy around him. He loves puppies.

Edit: The image didn't work, so...
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