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Least Favourite Game of Your Favourite Series?


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Jun 15, 2010
Many people should have a favourite video game series of theirs. Well, sometimes things just don't turn out right and an entry to the franchise doesn't work, or at least in your opinion it doesn't.

Of your favourite video game series, what is the entry you like the least? Hate, even. Why?

My favourite series is Super Smash Bros, and Melee is the one I enjoy the least. I feel as though Brawl is a much superior in every aspect, and I have very large nostalgia and enjoyment out of the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64.

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Well, my favorite video game series is Legend of Zelda. It's the only one I play regularly. My least favorite is Twilight Princess. There was just so much I personally didn't like; the characters, especially Midna and Ilia, the puzzles, the graphics, etc. I found so many disappointments with this game it's ridiculous. I didn't like the Twilight too much, nor did I enjoy playing as a wolf. This game never game me a decent challenge, not even in the Cave of Ordeals. Each boss was ridiculously easy, including Ganondorf. Each dungeon was pathetically easy. The characters felt unlikable to me. Most of the main characters like Ilia were only important when they were needed, which wasn't in the game's best interest.

I think I've said enough. I'm basically rambling at this point. In conclusion, Twilight Princess is my least favorite installment in my favorite video game series.


Jan 10, 2011
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That would have to be A Link to the Past. Don't get me wrong. I love the game, I think it's great (4th-best in the series imo), but there are just a lot of things about it that I don't particularly enjoy. Call me crazy, but it's the only game in the series that I can't play for more than an hour without getting seriously bored. The majority of that time period is pretty great, but near the end, the boredom hits me like a ton of bricks for reasons that baffle even me. You think it'd make sense to the person saying he likes it the least. :/

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Seeing as how we have two Zelda replies here I'll have to even things out for Krazy with Super Smash Bros. also being my personal favorite franchise. Nintendo's crazy party brawler brings with it a unique vibe you can't find elsewhere. My first experience with the franchise was playing Melee in 2007 and the N64 original was a massive disappointment which was only compounded by its dearth of features, a realization I came to after purchasing 2008's Brawl. The nostalgia factor was missing for me and completing a short solo mode for 12 characters as well as two easy challenges leaving only hours of multiplayer was nothing.
Well my favourite video game series is Metroid and my least favourite game is Other M.

Since its inception the Metroid series had never let me down, even the pinball version of Prime was fun. But Other M really showed the end of Sakamoto's genius. The story in Other M leaves questions unanswered which is fair enough but it isn't done right and makes the game feel like it just plain forgot about it. For example when Samus is confronted by Ridley, Adam is in his command station and then a shot is fired at him. Later on, he is in the same place, his is perfectly fine, there is no attacker to be seen and he doesn't seem to have been bothered by any attack previous to this next scene...
You could take an educated guess at the 'deleter' but you'll never know for sure and the inclusion of the 'deleter' had very little point in the story. Samus' personality is also twisted, i had no problem with her PTSD when she was confronted by Ridley because the manga states that she has it and i thought that that aspect of her character was a widely known and accepted fact, but apparently not. Even in Prime she hesitates when she sees a Metroid for the first time.
Considering where Other M is on the timeline i expected Samus to be a lot more sophisticated, factually critical with a hardened and mature persona but Skamoto obviously has a much younger and uncertain vision of Samus.

Being so surrounded by Mercs (Corruption has nothing on this) really negated the tension and isolation that other Metroid games have built up. To me, it felt that Adam would call you on your com unit far too often for you to forget that he was there, most discoveries such as new enemies (Ridley, the recurring flying Space Pirate mini-boss) and numerous areas were made with the mercs at your side or by Adam chirping in. Plot twists and even basic plot progression were solely down to the mercs themselves as they killed themselves and or each other off or mentioning something that made Samus regress about her past and Adam, most of the time they didn't need to mention or say anything, Samus seeing them was enough, especially Adam, seemingly just thinking about him sends her into a deep regressive state that most people would have to sit down and concentrate on. All of this just made their presence feel overbearing while i progressed with the game, Samus herself felt like a very useless plot mechanic when contrasted with the merc characters and spent most of the game having things happen around her. The first boss fight with the Mercs lending a hand also didn't do much for me either. Because of the mercs (not to mention Melissa and Madeline Bergman) Other M felt very-un-Metroid-like. The presence and prevalence of so many characters weaving a nonsensical plot and narrative around Samus was too much to ignore during my progression through the game and so a lot of the enjoyment isolation and creepiness that i've felt in earlier Metroid games was lost to me.

On the gameplay side of things Other M was fun for the most part but using the D-pad instead of the control stick was a bad move in a 3d environment, the first person switching gimmick was awful and was no where near as immersive as Prime, the pixel hunts were tragic and at the end of the game Sakamoto is still somehow able to make them worse. The slow walking over the shoulder sequences were also awful. As Samus reactivates her powers the game becomes boring, she is too powerful, the challenge completely disappears from the game, the ability to jump on enemies for a final blow is completely lost after acquiring the Shinespark ability.

The worst thing about Other M though is that it was totally unneeded. Other M is one short paragraph in Fusion. Other M adds nothing to the mythology of Metroid and only serves to wreck the vision of Samus we all had based on so many earlier games. If you're unlucky Other M can also wreck Fusion with Samus' short written monologues bringing back the whining and wooden tone of her Other M personality...
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May 26, 2010
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I have a lot of favorite video game series, so long post maybe? Final Fantasy, Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil.

Final Fantasy: My least favorite entry in the FF series would have to be Final Fantasy XIII. It suffers from linearity, a not so amazing combat system (imo; I played XII beforehand and THAT was a game ahead of its time...it felt like I was controlling my characters rather than selecting options from a menu), and a couple other problems like the inability to backtrack from CH1-10 iirc. XIII has amazing graphics (especially on PS3), amazing music, but beyond that I just didn't much care for it. Favorite characters: Lightning, Vanille and Sazh. <3

Mario: I have no 'least favorite' Mario game; they're all absolutely fantastic. Even though SMB3 is perhaps the hardest I've ever played, it's still...still on par with every other game made.

Sonic: 2006. There's enough said baha.

Zelda: Skyward Sword is my de facto least favorite Zelda title ever made at this point. Why? Honestly, I'm just going to say that the game is terrible. It's made essentially for a first playthrough and a first playthrough only; nothing you do afterwards is particularly mindblowing and there are few secrets to find because everything was made so that YOU WILL find it on the MAIN QUEST PATH, which is a bad thing in my opinion. I couldn't make a consistent list with the things SS does wrong, because it does so many things wrong. From picking some of the not so good things to reminisce about from past Zeldas, to faulty combat that gets boring after the first ten runs of that particular enemy, to music that is more "there" instead of being part of the game world, to extreme linearity a la FFXIII...gosh, the game just irks me. I'd erase it from history, but that's just me.

Star Ocean: SO4, The Last Hope, is my least favorite Star Ocean title. The combat got dull and boring, and there is an insane amount of grinding to be done if you want to get 100% Battle Trophies. It just wasn't as fun as Star Ocean Till the End of Time. The dialogue was cheesier than SO3's. The lip syncing was done terribly, haha. And the story felt a bit over the top. Graphics and music were amazing, but gameworld was a bit too huge so I spent majority of the time sprinting rather than playing the game. ;P

Kingdom Hearts: Truthfully don't have a least favorite title. KH games are magical in that they just don't disappoint; even if you have filler games like Coded or Dream Drop Distance, the gameplay ALWAYS makes up for the plot and overall you learn to love the games. If I must, though, my least favorite title is English Birth by Sleep, because Willa Holland and theguywhovoicesTerra don't do as good a job as their Japanese counterparts.

Resident Evil: Resident Evil 5 is my least favorite title, but this is odd because it's the title where I've poured the MOST hours into, thanks so much to Mercenaries and Mercenaries Reunion and of course the associated Leaderboards. See, RE5 is an oddity because I hate the lack of scare. I can replay levels all I like which is a good thing, but they're all set in daylight times for the most part and enemies telegraph their location which is ridiculous in my opinion. The music has a part to play, too, but it's really just because of the setup. Also, RE5 has the dumbest ever made character in RE history: Sheva. She has zero plot significance. She's literally there just to be there. Wesker focuses ONLY on Chris. Jill the same. Everyone focuses on Chris, Sheva is there just sitting around 99% of the time, and the 1% she is doing something is at the end of the game with rocket launcher OP amazingness. I love RE5, I really do, but it isn't on par with the rest of the series because too much action not enough scare.


Nov 11, 2011
My favorite series is Zelda, and my least favorite game from that is Skyward Sword. It was dissapointing, just like every late Wii game.

SS's controls were awful. This 1:1 stuff sounded awesome, but the game can never figure out which way I was swinging the Wii remote. This made it extremely stressful fighting even the easiest of enemies, such as bokoblins.

The graphics suck. I know I say that graphics aren't everything, and that's true, but they do mean something. I like TP's darksouled style better instead of lighthearted.

The overworld is disjointed and broken. I like an overworld that I can explore, like OoT. Not being able to explore the MM world due to lack of time was one of the many reasons why I hated that game, and Skyward Sword is the same way.

Overall, I wouldn't say I hate Skyward Sword, I just don't really like it.


Jun 22, 2011
Legend of Zelda is my favorite series, and my least favorite game of the series is Spirit Tracks. It's not a bad game and I don't hate it, but I do hate one aspect of the game- the train. It does have very good dungeons and creative puzzles though. Of the 3d games Twilight Princess is my least favorite simply because I enjoy the other four much more than TP.

I'll do a couple of other series that I enjoy as well.

Mario: Super Mario Bros 2 is definitely my least favorite Mario game. It's a different style from other other Mario games, and it's not a style I like to be honest. Of the 3d Mario games I would have to say Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my least favorite. It's a great game, but it lacked the nonlinear exploration of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine which is something I enjoy a lot. Also compared to Super Mario Galaxy 1 I didn't like the level design as much.

Donkey Kong: I've only played the 4 DKC games, DK 64 and the original DK. I'd have to say that Donkey Kong is by far my least favorite because of the little amount of content it has. Plus I really love the other five games in the series that I've played.

Banjo Kazooie: I've only played Kazooie and Tooie, and I have a slight preference for Kazooie. The major difference between Tooie and Kazooie for me is the level of complexity. This is a double-edged sword because although Tooie is more challenging, it also is much more tedious. There are some interesting challenges, but there are also some things that aren't puzzling at all but just chorelike and needlessly complex (for instance having to go to Mumbo's to increase/decease the size of Wanda's tent back and forth in Terrydactyland is a good example of what I mean).
Jul 14, 2012
Well I don't like skyward sword all to well, It's music was superb. :lol:
Motion controls were terrible and the game was way too easy. :lol:
Jul 24, 2011
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Zelda: Definitely Spirit Tracks. I hated the train and the Spirit Tower.

Final Fantasy: Probably Final Fantasy XII. The gambit system made it feel like all I had to do was walk around to the next cutscene.

Pokemon: Black and White. Too many of the Pokemon in those games seemed to generic for my tastes, even though some were actually really cool.

Sonic: Sonic 06. Broken controls, broken camera, bad story, horrific voice work, forgettable soundtrack.

Metroid: Other M was a huge disappointment to me. It was too dramatic, Samus was annoying, and the controls were weird. I also hated how you couldn't move in first person mode.

Super Mario: Probably Mario Sunshine or Mario 2. Sunshine was good, but it didn't feel like a Mario game to me. Mario 2 was just Doki Doki Panic, and I don't think that it's very fun.

Donkey Kong: I didn't like DKC 3 very much.


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Jul 12, 2010
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My favorite series is the Legend of Zelda, and my least favorite game is the original Legend of Zelda. Playing this game after quite a few other Zelda games, there was obviously a lot that was lacking, hence my dislike for it. I suspect that if I play the Adventure of Link, that would become my least favorite instead.


Apr 22, 2011
Favorite series: Zelda

Least favorite games: Tie between SS and TP
Skyward Sword probably loses because the controls were awful, But I don't like neither of them because they are so easy games to complete.

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