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Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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Tomb Raider

Say what you will about this game or the series in general. I have never had any interest in the adventures of Lara Croft before, but the Tomb Raider "reboot" caught my attention. I wasn't paying much attention back when it was being hyped, but I'm tween games now and decided to pick it up.

I've never played but I understand Tomb Raider *ahem* "borrows" heavy inspiration from the Uncharted series, for better or worse. There isn't much free roaming platforming to be done but rather most of the jumping and climbing is done during scripted sequences that are heavy on the action and spectacle. Oh, and QTEs out the wazoo. Which is more than enough to make me wish death upon the developers.

Overall though, TR is one of the best games I have ever played. Frustrations aside, I'm playing on normal and it is old school difficult. Enough to be enraging at times. The controls are spot on, the character and environmental graphics are astounding, the animations are hands down the best I have ever seen in any CGI piece ... even film!! Laura's movements are fluid and varied and full of subtle nuances. She'll shake her arms off after diving into water or reach out and run her hand along nearby walls when moving along a ledge or through a tunnel which are a nice touch.

The shooting aspects are done extremely well although enemies are super aggressive and on normal difficulty you die fast and die hard!! Like ... a lot. The RPG aspects are light and not all that they could be but still offer incentive to explore every nook and cranny of the island to discover secrets which is super fun!!

The story itself is good, the characters are interesting and the voice acting is very well done. Lara's redesign is exactly what she's been in dire need of for years. Now she's a character I can care about! Capable enough to be a bad *** but vulnerable enough to make her human. And she's lost at least seven cup sizes and about 40lbs in her hips alone so visually she's much more tasteful (and attractive) than before.

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