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what d'you guys think of human big man :suspicious:
shiver looks so prettyyyyyyyyyysjdhgjdg fjgsghdhgfhd


Apr 16, 2021
oh man, like remaking an art piece they made in the past? I don't think I have, but that sounds kind of sad :(
i see it a lot, i dont know what the cause of it is but i see it most in people who seem to rush their art (as in, they take 15 minutes to fully line and color drawings and they post 10 drawings a day). when people get bent on drawing as many as they can instead of actually putting effort into the art their overall style seems to get sloppier over time
that being said i also see it quite a bit even in people who arent like that, maybe its just a style preference of mine but yeah it is kind of sad lol
i think its usually just cuz their artstyle gets horrible

i mean i might just be a grouch about this but there are some pretty prevalent bad artstyles out there and a lot of ambitious artists kind of get sucked into them due to tutorial crap on tumblr/whatever

anyway my dad is stupid and i need to talk to him about something important but i dont want it to turn into a long conversation so imm just sitting here anxiously waiting for him to ****ing take off his fox news headphones hopefully before the pharmacy closes and i get ****ed for the weekend?????

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