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The one and only.
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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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always amusing to see stuff like this posted in servers
does anyone actually answer some of these honestly lmao?
@Gorozoron 18


The one and only.
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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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Nobody asked me to but here's all my answers:
1: Dale
2: 6' 3"
3: 195 lbs
4: 18
5: August 23
6: My brother
7: Y'all don't know her
8: None currently
9: Short answer no long answer yes
10: Nachos
11: A school I looked into spamming me
12: 6%
13: Hazel iirc
14: My phone :goron:
15: Currently it's Wolves (Big Sean+Post Malone)
16: Wolf
17: It's cheesy, but $100,000
18: Hmst, 2018-19
20: Idk, math ig.
21: N/A
22: My posture
23: Nothing serious
24: Nobody in the romantic sense.
25: Yes
26: Single
27: Idk what it's called, I'm watching a movie with the family rn.
28: The future
29: People ending their sentence with a dash instead of a period.
30: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
31: Brisingr (Christopher Paolini
32: Carson Hocevar, Ty Gibbs and anyone else my age who's currently active in NASCAR
33: idk
34: Self-deprecation
35: 5
36: None
37: Fixing cars
38: Already answered
39: Why is this on here twice
40: None, not really interested but valentine's day coming up has me sorta wishing for one fsr.


and thus comes the end of an era
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Jun 16, 2020
Crossbell State
easiest to do the same for the heck of it

1. wouldn't you like to know weather boy? ;')
2. 5'10"
3. 170 lbs.
4. 21
5. March 16
6. Don't have one.
7. You all don't know her, but I also met her on Discord. :p
8. Already told you. :p
9. No. Love's too strong a word to throw around lightly. Caring about someone a lot, on the other hand? Yes, I do.
10. Fried rice
11. "What vegetables do you want?"
12. 17%
13. Hazel
14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rPwLjhjJ5xg this is a joke if it wasn't obvious
15. Picking one is impossible, but I've had Kenshi Yonezu's Pale Blue on repeat lately.
16. Red pandas uwu
17. To meet a life partner and live happily together yes this is a dumb wish but I'm being honest, so.
18. ...
19. U.S.
20. Literature.
21. hahahahaha
22. Damn right I am.
23. N/A
24. refer to no. 9
25. Nope.
26. single
27. What You Won't Do for Love - Bobby Caldwell
28. Disappointing loved ones.
29. Stereotyping people.
30. Spider-Man 2
31. The Complete Sherlock Holmes
32. People who are less inescure and have an easier time expressing themselves emotionally.
33. Pisces, but I don't care about stuff like that.
34. Self-deprecation.
35. None.
36. Martial arts, so one.
37. I can write decently well. I also like to think I have a knack for giving good advice.
38. mentioned above
39. 37.
40. also mentioned above :')
maybe something soon uwu idk

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