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Lacrosse... Am I Stretching Here?

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
Whelp, I'm an avid lacrosse player, currently in my senior year in high school and bound to play in college.

With that said, is there anyone out there that also plays? Or perhaps watches? I'd love to know if any LoZ fans are also fans of the "fastest sport on two feet". (Look that up; I ain't lying!)

Personally, I do not know very many people that play and/or watch the sport (hence the title of this thread!). Some of the reasons for this pertains to sports newscenters constantly overlooking it, and just the general consensus that lacrosse is still building in the country, and it's not quite played in every state yet. It's mainly popular in the Eastern states (Maryland, Florida, New York, etc.).

So? Is anybody here joining me?

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