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Kingdom Hearts---Revenge of the Unversed (sign-ups)


Jul 2, 2010
Um... in front of my compooter
okay, this roleplay takes place after the events of BBS but before the first KH. you play as your own character in a quest to prevent the unversed from taking over the worlds. I won't say more cuz then I'll just spoil the plot some more...here's the character sheet:

Keyblader: (yes/no) (keyblades and descriptions. up to 10 keyblade forms are allowed)
other weapon: (if you said no to keyblades)

and here's my character!
name: Starlight
age: 16
gender: female
appearance: spiky, short, brown hair. bright blue eyes. slightly tan skin
clothes: black sweater with hood. yellow tee-shirt. black, baggy cargo shorts. black shoes with buckles. checkered bracelets. a fingerless glove.
Keyblader: yes. keyblades: key to the kingdom, emptying strength, oathkeeper, oblivion, dashing chaos, elegant flame, black viper, and reach for the stars
other weapon: none
personality: energetic, confident, brave, sensitive, likes sparring and meat, hates pain and losing.
bio: a girl who is gifted with the ability to use the keyblade. she is currently on the hunt for organization XIII and is also training to get stronger, as well as unlock keyblade forms. in the past, Starlight lived with her older brother but darkness took his heart. now, Starlight vows to defeat both her brothers heartless and nobody halves.

and these are my made up keyblades, you can use any of these except for the last one. that one is mine! (its part of the story so...) they keyblades strengths rank from the lowest: D to the highest: *

1. Key to the kingdom- a keyblade forged by the purest of heart, containing balanced abilities
Attack power: C+ Magic power: C Speed: B+ Length: Medium
2. Emptying Strength- A keyblade that drains the users energy and in return, grants great power
Attack power: C+ to A+ Magic power: D Speed: C Length: Short
3. Oath and Oblivion- a keyblade glowing with light and bursting with darkness
Attack power: B Magic power: D Speed: C+ Length: Long
4. Blue blur- a keyblade with formidable speed
Attack power: D+ Magic power: C Speed: A Length: short
5. Wind and flame- a keyblade made by the meeting of the fastest and the fieriest
Attack: C+ Magic bonus: B+ Speed: B+ Length: medium
6. Dashing Chaos- A keyblade of prime speed, emitting massive waves of energy
Attack power: C+ Magic power: D+ Speed: * Length: medium
7. Red Salamander- A keyblade that promotes magic, it radiates heat
Attack power: D Magic power: B+ Speed: B Length: short
8. Elegant flame- A keyblade bursting with magic power, flames emit when the keyblade clashes
Attack power: D+ Magic power: * Speed: B+ Length: Short
9. Black viper- a keyblade with formidable strength
Attack power: C+ Magic power: D+ Speed: C Length: medium
10. Dooms eye- a keyblade made by a dark heart, with great strength and reach
Attack power: A Magic power: D+ Speed: C+ Length: Long
11. keyblade of nobodies hearts- a keyblade forged by the many deaths of nobodies
Attack power: C Magic power: C+ Speed: B Length: medium
12. Reach for the Stars- a keyblade forged by the brightest of keybladers, the ultimate keyblade
Attack power: A+ Magic power: * Speed: A+ Length: Medium


The Desert-Dwelling Beast
Jun 24, 2011
The Wind Temple
appearance:a scar on the let side o his face
clothes:leather armor dyed red with a red cape
Keyblader: no
other weapon: gun blade and his fists
personality:rushes in without thinking
bio:a man that was trained by his master to never back down


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
Name: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Neko Kitty
Job/living/occupation: Assassin/Death Goddess/
Character Description: A cat girl with short-ish pitch black hair. Black ears and tail and a very light, crystal blue eyes. Image of my character:http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...w5rzw3H3W9nbsA
Clothing Description: A black dress with a white ribbon going right under the chest with a bow of to the left side. Brow assassin boots and a black choker collar.
Keyblade: A Majora's Mask based keyblade with the power of darkness. The keychain that habgs from the handle is a mini chibi Majora's mask :3 (made up this keyblade myself <3)
Favorite Weapon/Weapon of Choice: Hidden Blades
Backstory: The daughter of Ezio Aduitore and his wife Sophia. They named her after her father to show the pride in her father's name. After many years of training, she became the world's greatest assassin at the age of 5. Since then she has been traveling the world with her horse, Muffins. She set out to stop the Templars and other bad guys while helping the assassin's grow in power, numbers, and friends.


Well now, I have a particular fondness for Kingdom Hearts, so I too think I shall throw my hat into this~ I do hope my character is acceptable~

Name: Mythril Kain
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Mythril stands a little on the short side, only barely breaking 5’8, but he never was one to let his size get to him, and while he is rather skinny, his tone, muscular frame is a testament to his active lifestyle. His chestnut brown hair reaches down to the bottom of his cheek bones and wraps around his head in a straight drop, though it is tapered to points at odd intervals due to his refusal to let anyone other than himself cut it. He does have a few various scars scattered around his body, though nothing overly noticeable save for a few on his knuckles gained from fighting.

Clothes: Mythril’s wardrobe is what one would likely call simple, yet interesting in its own right. He wears a green, medium length headband which he received from a good friend before he had gone off to become a Rune Knight, and it is a memento he wears proudly. He will normally wear a light T-Shirt, either White or Blue on any given day, which inevitably will always be worn under his long, black vest, which is one of the few things he bothered to keep from his old life, both for a comfortable nostalgia, and for the fact that it in reality, is a lot better at keeping the cold wind off him that it would seem like it could. Mythril also tends to wear loose fitting, blue cloth pants for the lack of restriction to his movement, though while his blue shirts tend to be towards the darker shades, his pants are towards the lighter end respectively. As for shoes, he tends to opt for sturdy, dependable brown leather boots with extra grip for when he needs the extra foot power in his movement, even in the harshest of weather.

Personality: For lack of a better set of terms, Mythril is brash, rude, and almost borderline insensitive with his insights and remarks. He rarely has the patience to think before he speaks, and similarly before he acts, resulting in his usual response to any situation, which is to simply dive in headfirst and work things out as he goes along. This isn’t to say he is completely without tact however, as he does have training in etiquette, and can be a smooth talker if the need arises, though he has a particular distaste for having to resort to such methods. Conversely however, one who gets to know Mythril personally will find a steadfast and loyal friend, willing to throw himself to the ends of the earth for the people he cares about, even if he isn’t very well skilled in showing it. He will always be the first to call a situation as he sees it and he will never tolerate someone being pushed around without cause, as such things will prompt him into his usual head on approach of problem solving.

Bio: Mythril Kain was born on a world very far removed from cares and problems of this universe, the world of Merridia, a virtual paradise where both Magic and Technology had melded into one. He himself was born into the noble House of Kain, his bloodline having descended from one of the legendary heroes of the Dragon Vanguard, however, this lineage was not all it was cracked up to be. His father Cyrus Kain had always been a cold, distant individual in Mythril’s life, and the only time he had any contact with him was when Cyrus was drilling the Kain family’s ancestral sword arts into the boy's head. As he grew, Mythril found more and more that he was becoming resentful towards his heritage… he should be a Hero by his own means, not because his bloodline dictated it, and the more that seed grew in his mind, the more he pushed himself away from what his father was trying to mold him into. On the eve of his 18th Birthday, he and his father came to verbal blows over his future and in a fit of rage, Mythril packed what few possessions he had and left…only to fall head first into a pit of darkness that had been waiting beyond his front door.

When he finally awoke, he was in a strange place… everything was odd and new, yet the neon lights strangely reminded him of home. However, this “Traverse Town” as it was called was certainly no part of Merridia Mythril had ever seen. Even his precious Revolving Daggers had become odd weapons that almost resembled keys…but he could tell underneath these new, odd exteriors were Dvalinn and Durathror, and as such, he named these new blades appropriately and struck out on his own, seeking to learn what he could. Unfortunately, Mythril lacked any real way out of this town, and with its borders sealed, he resigned himself to waiting within the town, training for one year under the tutelage of a young man by the name of Leon and getting to know the rest of the denizens of this odd crossroads. Now this young man stands on the day of his 19th birthday, and a year marked since his arrival, his story will finally begin to unfold.

Keyblader: Yes

Dvalinn – A dagger like keyblade that almost seems to be made of sapphire; it was designed to be held like a gun and can easily concentrate and fire magic from the tip of its blade as if it were shooting bullets. Dvalinn seems to be able to concentrate and fire magic faster than Durathror, but in exchange; its blade seems to be less sharp.
Attack Power: C | Magic Power: A- | Speed: B | Length: Short | Element: Ice

Durathror – A dagger like keyblade that almost seems to be made of ruby; like its sibling blade Dvalinn it was designed to be held like a gun, and while it can concentrate and fire magic from the tip of its blade, it is much slower and less potent. However, its blade is extremely sharp, and combined with the naturally high heat it gives off, it can easily cut through most things like melted butter.
Attack Power: A- | Magic Power: C | Speed: B | Length: Short | Element: Fire

Dainn – Though rarely seen, it has been noted that during times of extreme duress, Dvalinn and Durathror can be merged into a larger, more powerful keyblade. Though it still retains the frame to be held in his natural fighting style, Dainn more closely resembles one of Leon’s Gunblades, though the blade looks as if it were hewn from a mass of obsidian energy in the way it almost seems to writhe and undulate in place. Though a much more balanced keyblade in general, Dainn’s real power comes from its ability to strike through other shadows of Mythril’s choosing, making it a very difficult weapon to predict. To date, Mythril has no knowledge of how to call upon this particular blade, and even during times of distress, its appearance is inconsistent at best.
Attack Power: B+ | Magic Power: B+ | Speed: B+ | Length: Medium | Element: Shadow
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Eh...looking over my initial post, I'm seeing a whole lot of mistakes in the writing and it irks me. :| I'm glad to know you like the concept though, and I'm eagerly awaiting the start of this RP~


I think my head stopped hurting finally
Mar 14, 2011
The good ole' Midwest
alrighty then!

name: Senres
age: 16
gender: male
appearance: He has blue hair, green eyes, and a scar on the left side of his face going vertical. He is the skinny/muscular kind've guy.
clothes: A green short sleeved t-shirt and black jeans.
Keyblader: Yes. He only has two keyblades which he uses at the same time. Both have a red key part, while the hilt is black. Both have Lots of strength and support fire magic.
personality: Senres is kind and caring, but he is easily angered and loves to settle things by fighting.
bio: He was raised in traverse town. He set out on an adventure and travelled to all the worlds. He fights to protect the innocent and save his friends. He has no idea why he can use the keyblade.


Also, for anyone who was wondering/curious, these are roughly what Dvalinn and Durathror look like...though mainly I drew them out of a fit of boredom~ XD



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