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Spoiler Kingdom Hearts Plot in Skyward Sword

Jun 19, 2011
Heartless invading soras little island is hardly a natural disaster. Riku is like soras best friend and Groose is like a bully. I could list examples of a guy going on an adventure to save a girl all day. I will say that the upgrade system reminded me of kingdom hearts a little bit but thats just because its a simple rpg upgrade system. I see the minor similarities but i could think of many more differences. Link does not fight along side anyone else, the gameplay is much different. Sure the story arc is pretty similar but you can do that with tons of other things as well.

You remember that movie where that guy goes to that foreign land and tries to make peace with the natives ends up falling in love with one of this but his people decide to go to war aginst them! what movie is that?? Pocohontis? Avatar?

What about the movie where the famous guy is the best at what he does until he is betrayed by someone he thought was close to him then he hit rock bottom only to recover again? what movie is that? Anchor man? Taledagea nights?

The similarities may be interesting. But in no way does this discredit Skyward sword in any way because it plays totally different the characters are totally different and 90% of the plot we dont even know yet.
Jun 25, 2011
Well, the beginnings of each story are similar, but I'm sure the stories will diverge greatly as we start to reach the middle.

The biggest differences I see:
Sora is a character, where Link is more of a blank slate.
Groose seems like he'll have much less impact on the story than Riku did. At least, he'll have a much different impact. Unless Fi and the Goddess sword leave Link for Groose, this is a huge difference.
Each world Sora visits is as much a story about that world and its characters as it is a story about Sora. In SS, the focus will mostly be on Link and his search for Zelda (with new elements as the story progresses).

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