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Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Island Cave Chest?



In Oracle of Ages at the very bottom right corner of the Labrynna map in the past, on Crescent Island where you get all your gear stolen, there is a cave where you find two elevated areas and a bunch of jars all over the room. You can get rid of some jars and go up stars to the elevated area on the right, but you cant get to the area on the left where there is a chest surrounded by pots. How are you supposed to get this chest?? :huh:

Btw, I'm playing a linked game. (Already beat Seasons and brought over the password.)


Dec 16, 2009
You lost everything, each bugger had one item from you. Except for the one in the hut, he has two. You can trade the glove for the shovel when you need one of those. Trading happens with the monster in the hut on the east of the island.

You need to trade those two things around a few times, each time you can visit a different parts of the island. Don't forget to use some bombs here and there...

Once you trade them around a few times to get your other gear back, like your seed satchel and the flippers, you can go around the island and plant some seeds. Somewhere west / up the cliff from the trading centre.

Use those seeds to buy your stuff back, instead of trading them again. I believe ten seeds will get one item back.
I think you can get the chest once you have both the shovel and the gaunlets back.
Jan 14, 2023
@startropic1 have you ever figured it out?! I have long since got all my items back AND I now have a switch hook and even that doesn’t work. This is killing me that I cannot get it and this is the only inquiry I have found online regarding it. Does anyone have an answer??


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