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Is Capcom the "Best" Modern AAA Third Party Developer?

Obviously calling something the best is very subjective, but it's impressive just how polished Capcom's games are in the era of games launching unfinished and buggy. Resident Evil and Monster Hunter have hit new heights in both sales and acclaim and Street Fighter 6 looks to continue the string of high quality releases for Capcom.

Capcom has redefined what remakes mean through Resident Evil, addd substantial DLC to its games that add more life to already finished games, and now looks to be adding a more substantial story mode to Street Fighter, which has often been a criticism for fighting games - lack of single player content.

Maybe I'm gushing too much. What are your thoughts on Capcom? Are they the gold standard for third parties? Really, the only company I can think of that comes close is Rockstar, but their releases are few and far between and the GTA Trilogy was a rare misfire from them.


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May 5, 2012
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don't really want to say since they really focus on the same 3 or so franchises, but I guess they've done fine in staying pretty consistent in their output

it's tricky b/c it's hard for me to say who would be the "best" AAA dev if not them, maaaaybe Square Enix? definitely not Rockstar though, they've just banked on GTA online the last 10 years, RDR 2 is like the main notable thing they released in this time

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Aug 31, 2014
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FromSoft has had 0 nonfunctional PC ports since becoming AAA with DLC announced for their upcoming game

I don't know if Riot Forge is AAA but they're doing better than Riot

I haven't played games by any other non-nintendo developer in the past year


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I mean, it’s kinda hard to call any one developer the “best” but Capcom is definitely up there in terms of quality, even if they’re not very consistent in release schedules. Granted there are only so many Capcom games that I’ve actually played.

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