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Zelda Art In Hyrule Old

Sep 10, 2008
This is, decidedly, Pg-13 for Violence, possibly language, but probably not.
Before I start, I want to make it clear that I do Not own the rights to any nintendo created Characters,names, or locations.


Prologue :

It had been an era of peace.Hyrule's
"Golden Age" as it had been called. One Hundred years of safety from evil and dark magic throughout all of Hyrule, and the areas beyond. Once the Zoras had thawed out, they had been keen to get revenge on Ganondorf...but Justice had been a swift to Ganondorf, as the sword that had been buried in his face.

But something was wrong. She, Princess Zelda, could feel it. Something dangerous...something ominous....as if danger, that had, for all this time, been held at bay, was returning...more angry and powerful than ever before. Princess Zelda sat at her table, brushing her fair brown hair,unaware of what was to come. And the Gerudo male behind her grasped her head, in both his hands, and snapped her neck.

Link woke up.
Sep 10, 2008
You'll be pleasantly suprised, I hope, assuming you aren't a Princess Zelda Hater.


Chapter 1- Life is for Living, and Death is never the end...

Link sat upright. He lived a simple life, in the forest,living in a Hut his father had built.He would hunt for food, Cook it above a fire, and eat. Of Course, his Dad was no longer with him. He had left one day, leaving no trace, save a single note....
"Link, My Son.....I have left, to live a new life, in new lands, and I shall put Hyrule behind me, and You must let me go.Because of the mark, on your left hand...you have a great destiny, Link, but I cannot be part of it. I know very little of what is to come...but I sense a deep forboding, coming ever closer to the land..and I also sense that it involves you. How I know these things..I know not. But it Is time for you to make your own way. When the time is right, you will know..my presence would be a hindrance to you in what is to come. Perhaps one day we two may meet again, but for now, I am best forgotten.
And since then, Link had been on his own. He never understood it, really, but he got on with his simple life,and nothing ever seemed to change....until one day.

It was a storm. The most violent and rainy storm Link had seen in all his days. Rain pored down from the heavens, Lighning struck, and Thunder boomed overhead. Perhaps the Godesses are angry, Link reflected, as he ran through the forest, blinking rain out of his eyelashes, keeping his sword sheathed, as he had been taught,trying not to slip. He finally reached his hut, and was moving towards the door, when FFFF-TOOOM! The sound was almost deafaning, as lightning struck the hut,the suddenness causing link to slip, his scabbard snapping off it's strap and flying towards the hut.Which had been Obliterated. Link forced himself up, and, as more lighning struck around it, he saw the smoking ruins of what had, for all his life, been his home, with only a few items remaining. His sword in it's sheath, on the floor. And behind it, a Chest. His father had never allowed him to open it, but it had been smashed open, the lid burnt of, the rest, shattered. Inside..A Faded Green Tunic, the colour returning, as the dust was washed away by the rain. K-TOOOM!
More Lightning struck nearby, but, jsut for a second, Link could swear he heard his Father's voice upon the violent wind...Take it... And Link took it. Dressing in the age old,yet pristine green tunic, picking up his sword, and putting and the Scabbard that was also in the remains of the box, which he then put on his back,he saw one last relic in the box of ancient things...A Sheild. Grey on the outer rims,Blue for the most part, with a Scarlet red image of A bird on it,above which was 3 Yellow triangles. The bird seemed to carry another, smaller triangle. This, he also put on his back, and found that the weight was reassuring. And, as lightning struck, Link got the distinct feeling, that the beginning of his destiny was at hand.
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May 12, 2010
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I tried looking up "FFFF-TOOOM" in the dictionary. It wasn't there.

Great job, though. It looks pretty good so far. You could stand to work on your punctuation, but besides a few grammatical mishaps, it looks really good.
Sep 10, 2008
I forget the word, but the word I can't remember means a word that sounds like a sound. Like Splat. I Think I might do Chapter 2 now, since I'm bored.


Chapter 2- Foresight

Several Days Ago...

It was a sunny afternoon is Hyrule. Everyone was outside, Either in Hyrule Castle Town, Or Hyrule field. And, at Lon-Lon Ranch, the weather was perfect, and so their output of Lon-lon Milk was booming.
Even Princess Zelda, who usually stayed indoors, had come out for the day, and was taking a leisurely walkthrough the gardens surrounding Hyrule Castle.

At that point, She felt a strange sensation on her hand. glancing at the back of it,she saw that the triforce mark she had had all her life, was, once again, glowing. It had only done that a few times in her life, and her visions had never been significant, but now...she knew that this was important. Her body suddenly went rigid,and her head tilted backwards, staring at the sky. Her vision melted, into a new scene.....

It was a stormy night.And The Gerudo male, large and powerful, easily eluded the guards. With all the rain, the Wind, the Lightning and Thunder,any noise he made was easily masked. Sneaking around, it was unneccassary to kill the guards...but he did it anyway. He would have killed them using magic, as opposed to the crude method of snapping their necks, but dark magic had long since been driven out of Hyrule..he would need to gather forces before he could use it again. In the meantime...CRCH!
Another one bites the dust... The Gerudo thought. But the real prize is inside...He kept on, until he reached the front door. Really not subtle enough... he thought to himself, admiring the prospects of simply smashing down the front door. Instead, he walked round the side, and used what magic he had left, to remove some bricks from the wall, dropping them into the water, and allowing him to walk in. Killing the other guards inside was a trivial matter.

He took a moment to admire the scene, before snapping Princess Zelda's neck.

"Hunh!" Zelda gasped as her vision ended, and she was being helped up, off of the grass, by a pair of guards. She brushed her long blonde hair out of her face,and got to her feet.
"Are you alright, M'ilady?" A guard to her left asked.
"yes," Zelda replied, "But I need a decoy. Fetch one of servants. "

A servant was fetched, and Zelda, knowing what was to come, prepared.
"Here is the deal, Gwendolyn." Gwendolyn was a servant of hers, brown haired, with a similar facial shape and body figure. Almost as tall.
"I am so sorry...but I need you to die for me. " Gwendolyn's already pale face grew paler still. "...What?"
"I know, I know." Replied Zelda, looking sadly at her servant. "I....I have to go into hiding for a while. I need someone...to become me. And.." Her face grew sadder still. "To die in my place. You have lived a life in servitude, Gwendolyn...If you accept, this is your reward. You become Princess Zelda, and live the life of luxury I have always had. In a few days, weeks- months perhaps....you will be killed. You will not see it coming...and it will be painless. I am so sorry..."
"I accept. " Gwendolyn replied, bravely. "My life has been in servitude to you, Princess, amd, if it is your will, I must obey. "
"Thank you.." Zelda replied, smiling sadly at her servant.

For the next few weeks, Gwendolyn became Zelda, and Zelda Became Gwendolyn, Zelda wearing a brown wig. It didn't matter to Gwendolyn, sice it was not uncommon for women to wear fashionable wigs. And she enjoyed the life of Princess Zelda for weeks, Zelda herself learning what it was like to be a servant, and it was humbling.

And so, Gwendolyn never knew when She was killed in the middle of that stormy night, and she died happier and more peaceful than she had ever been in her life. She never knew when her neck was snapped. And, in a way, it was good. She never suffered the terrors of what was to come...
Sep 10, 2008
Thanks. Anyway, I'm going to do Chapter 3 now, and, like I said, link them up later.


Chapter 3 - Darkness looms (Link)

Lighning struck again, narrowly missing where Link had been moments before. He was, again, running, but this time, through the rain, away from his hut, and towards his destiny.

There it was again. He could feel it. That feeling...that..sense of purpose. Growing stronger with ever step he took, and yet...something loomed over him. Nothing tangible. Nothing solid...but he could feel it, a darkness that was always a few step behind him,and that was why he needed to keep running. He could feel it. Someone...or something, was aiming lightning at him. Link stumbled, but pushed himself forwards and got to his feet, running, just in time to avoid what would have been lightning straight through his chest. This was dark magic; he could feel it. looking ahead, he saw a clearing, and also knew that he was in territory he had never been in before. Twop passages split off at the side, and, out of the corner of his eye, Link saw the stormcolouds behind him form into a black, smoky, thick gas, which followed him quickly. Left Or Right? came into Link's mind. He stopped. Link had but a few seconds, and the distance between him and the smoky cloud was decreasing rapidly.

But then he heard it. Music, coming from the left. A happy tune, sounding like it was played on a pipe or something, jolly and warm sounding. Listening hard to the right, link heard nothing. It was cold and dead in there. He picked the left.

Running in, fast, he followed the music, but couldn't find the source. His lead was growing greater on the smoky cloud, as every wooden passage it passed through slowed it down for a few second. Coming out through a passage, link was taken aback by a large number of huts around, very similar to his own. The weather here was cloudy, but sunny. There was a passage over to Link's right. Jumping over the railing, and dropping to the floor, Link noticed that it seemed to be empty, but heard what he perceived to be voices (Children's) from the passage.
He felt the smoky cloud coming up behind him, and he ran. The voices stopped, and link, coming through the passageway, was confronted by 2 huge spider-like creatures, which were smoking a soft black colour- and they had only just appeared. Pulling out his sword, link flashed back to his child days, with his father.
Remember, my boy, don't always attack first. Size up your prey, or your enemy...let them attack first, dodge it...And stab them where it hurts...
One of the giant spider-like creatures swung off a large web strand, flipped round several times in midair, and tried to land on Link, who backflipped, and, as it tried to flip itself upright, which it seemed competent at, Link stabbed into it's exposed back with his sword, shoved it in as hard as he could, only to find it was stuck in. Backflipping again, to avoid any attacks from the second one, link saw a thin tree nearby, and snapped off a stick.
He could feel the strength in it, and, as the second of his two foes swung forward,not flipping, leaving only its very solid shell vulnerable, Link swung the stick, smashing into the shell, snapping the stick in the process, and smashing the spider-like creature into wall so hard, that its shell became cracked. Trying, once more, to pull his sword out of the first one's corpse,and, again, failing, Link saw his opportunity. As the creature scuttled back, slowly making its way back up the wall, Link shoved his sheild at it, holding it like a plate, and shoving it into one of the cracks. Grimacing, link pryedhard at it using the sheild, until, in a spurt of green blood, which somehow didn't hit Link, the chunk of shell was ripped away.

The creature screamed, and Link was finally able to remove his sword from the corpse, and shove it deep into the other one, impaling it, keeping it nailed to the wall. Link removed the sword, wiping it on a peice of his tunic,
before sheathing it. Looking back, Link saw the cloud, smaller now, beginning to move again. Link ran forwards, into a large clearing, at the centre of which was a huge tree, with a shape on it, kind of like a face, in a way. turning around, Link saw the cloud form a large, male, humanoid shape, with, apparnetly, a cape. Still, of course, pitch black. Link ran around to behind the tree, as it threw a large spherical ball of what could only be described as darkness at him. A voice boomed, apparently from nowhere. "You!" "YOU!" replied the shadow figure. "DIE!"
It hurled a beam of darkness at the tree, which began to glow, and the beam was reflected at the figure, which screamed, and dissapated.
"You may come out now." Link came out, and stared at the tree, and was suprised to notice that its "mouth" was moving.
"Listen closely, Link, and heed the words, of The Deku Tree...."

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