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If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

Dec 19, 2011
How would you do it? You can pick any color, size, speed, maybe a talking Loftwing?!?! Anything is possible. Would you ditch the Crimson loftwing? Get creative!!
Well, first of all if I could name my Loftwing I would name him (sorry if that came off as sexist, ladies ;)) Spike. Why? Just for the hell of it. Maybe I'm on a malevolent run here, however, I believe Loftwings have tiny brains.

For the rest of the post, I'll take the lazy route out. :right:

Color: Gold (because Link is the ladies' man)
Size: 10 times regular Loftwing size (James Cameron's Avatar messin' with my mind again)
To talk or not to talk? That is the question: Leave the tamed critter silent once more.


Jun 20, 2011
In a tree house.
...Color: Gold (because Link is the ladies' man)
Size: 10 times regular Loftwing size (James Cameron's Avatar messin' with my mind again)
To talk or not to talk? That is the question: Leave the tamed critter silent once more.

Uhg! ALIT! thats basically my loftwing:\

But anyways...
Color: Gold, Its the color of the triforce! and it was pretty on the bird you had to catch on the begining of the game.
Talking: Nooo, animals shouldnt talk lol.
Size: I'd like the size to be a little bigger than the normal Loftwing.
Speed: Verrry fast. I want my bird to be the fastest bird out of alllll of them. :yes:
Name: AXE ......Its such a hardcore name. lol.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
Name: Lofty :P or maybe Eagle Eye
Color: Forest Green
Speed: Warp 5 :P
Talking: No speech capabilities but bird sounds would be nice.
Size normal Loftwing size

Anyway that's how I'd customize it though accessories may be nice.
Dec 22, 2011
For me personally, I would want a green loftwing that was agile and sweet. No talking, but maybe a connection so I always knew what it was "saying."


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
My loftwing would be golden with black around the eyes and black designs and patterns on his feathers.
He'd be slightly smaller than a normal Loftwing, however his wingspan will be tremendous and noticably bigger than other loftwings, therefore itd be a better and faster flyer.
And it's call would be more soothing and louder than a normal loftwing
Dec 18, 2010
Idaho, USA
Like many others have said, I would name, name, name, name my Loftwing. You could name Epona in Twilight Princess. I was expecting to be able to name my Loftwing, and I was honestly a bit disappointed when I couldn't. It could've been easy. Once you find him/her, Zelda could've just said something along the lines of "What was his name again?"
Shoot, long as I'm saying him/her instead of just "him" since it's never stated, you might as well have been able to pick the gender of your Loftwing. I'm not sure how it would be done, but it could've been a possibility. Maybe even some slight sexual dimorphism between the male and female Crimson Loftwing.
Apr 8, 2012
i think it sucks that unlike tp you cant name the animal companion! i mean epona was like Ari or something for me and i mean if you can rename link, why not your loftwing? the skyloft people ADORE loftwings yet they call them loftwings... not anything legit! i mean 'yeah ill just hop on that thing over there'
Dec 19, 2011
I think I would go with a black Loftwing, with a white belly. It's name would be Stinky. It would be the standard size. It's special ability would be to fart out noxious gas if provoked. I would be able to train it to say one liners like "Smell my wrath", similar to how you can train a parrot. During mating season my lofting would be a stud, knocking up all the female loftwings, making them lay plenty of eggs to reproduce. While the mother bird was watching the eggs my bird would go down to the land below and gather food for it's future baby loftwings. It would eat seeds (the kind that Link shoots with his sling shot) and possibly pray on smaller enemies. Perhaps baby bokoblins.
Oct 26, 2011
Aw man! Super tiny (cause that would look hilarious with Link riding it) and Blue, cause it's a nice color. Or ginormous and Green (like Link) and it would tower over buildings, so if so I desired (Link Desired) Skyloft would have to bow to me...MWAHAHAHA!
Apr 11, 2012
Seattle, WA
My Loftwing shall be named Waffles. Why? Because dammit, I want a pet named Waffles and no one will let me get one. I will live vicariously through Link.

No talking. That's lame. He shall be silent like Link. Besides, I can only imagine Loftwings talking with a goofy voice that would most likely get irritating after a while.
I liked Zelda's purple Loftwing, or maybe a green one would be nice. Or, even a nice chestnut colored Loftwing would be lovely, because he would match his name.

Size? Nor...mal...?
No no! Wait! I want a tiny Loftwing that I have to balance on like a skateboard! That would be so cool!


Forever I am Abandoned
Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
well to start off I would name him something crazy, like Nugz, and I would make him all meaner looking. If I could I would change the beak and eyes and make him look all black and cyborg-like.

Basically I would make him look like Shadow Lugia but more hardcore lol

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