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General Modern If Nintendo Delayed Zelda U to Their Next Console...

Jul 1, 2013
If they gave this console and the game to Wii U owners for free I'd be okay. If not, it might be the end of my relationship with Nintendo.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA

Nah but seriously, if we were to simply not get a "Zelda U", I would be hugely disappointed and in my opinion, would show that even Nintendo views Wii U as a true failure.

Nintendo has said many times in the past that they tend to focus on gameplay first in their own IP's and then let everything else fall into place, especially with the Zelda series which seems to be a series where they exploit their current system's strengths and unique abilites. While we have seen many 1st party games on Wii U that have not yet really showed much potential of the system or its GamePad, other than showing off the graphical capabilities, processing power, and "glowy" lighting effects, I think that Zelda is going to be the series to really show a lot of gamers how this system is supposed to be used when creating a true AAA game. It took until right at the end of the Wii's lifecycle to get a true game like this with Skyward Sword, and even then Nintendo had improved on its original controller mechanics by adding Motion Plus. You could argue that Twilight Princess showed this early on, and maybe it did show that you could "waggle" to make something happen or point and shoot at the screen, both of which were rather obvious uses of the Wii Remote even at that point. However, no game has really made full use of the GamePad as of yet, and I believe (and truly hope) that Zelda will be the title to change this. Nintendo themselves have even seemingly forgotten that they have a camera, NFC, and motion sensors at their disposal in the GamePad.

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Than it would no longer be called Zelda Wii U it would be called something else, probably Zelda and the name of whatever that next console will be named. It won't happen though but honestly I think it should, the Wii U not that great guys.

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