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I Wish..


Sole Survivor
Apr 10, 2017
Start now. If you are too young to legally work, consider doing extra duties around the house for cash, and store it up!

Offer to house sit, pet sit, walk dogs, clean up yards or houses. You can make more than minimum wage doing these things on the side.

All the money you make just deposit it into a separate savings account that you’ll never touch until the time comes.

You got this!
I am the legal age to work, and have been for a while, but I have a very busy schedule and cannot get a real job at the moment. My pparents do not believe in paying me for work unless it is on very special occasions, in which I am paid probably 10$ for 6ish hours of work. I had one source of work who was a neighbor, but unfortunately they haven't contacted me back again for some time.

Maybe I should babysit

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