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I Am the Elicks! I Makes the Games!!!

Apr 4, 2011
Great Bend Kansas
Hey guys! Elick here with a little whit an interesting topic. Have you ever made a game before? I'm Judging about 50 to 60% have(That is including unfinished projects and attempts). Well I'm one of the 60% that does! Me, (And a Few online buddies) are currently working on a game or two, that you guys might enjoy when we get it out. On this forum (Until I find a Better Place for it on the site.) Will be giving information about the games that we are making. Now everything is still very early in so I can't Show Much but Here.


Knites Beta Battle.jpg

This is a View of a Battle System for Kaliber Nites! an RPG that we are making.

Proct Battle.jpg

This is a layout of the Fighting Game we are making! (We are currently Taking a break from this one and finishing Kaliber nites First)
A funny Bug happen while getting this screen shot. I'll have to talk with my programmer later :D.

Doomed Party Main thingy.jpg

And this is Doomed Party. Not really a Video game, Its a Pen and Paper RPG (You know like DnD.) But in a horror Aspect. It's done! just we Need more Content for it, so This will hopefully be done around Halloween.

We also have some OST done for Kaliber Nites! Composed by My good friend Afrobum75 or Josejr6 Depending on which Youtube channel you watch the most! They are on these Links here!

Kaliber Nites Main Theme

Kaliber Nites Fire Boss Theme

(End of Update)

Alright! I think that will do! I'll Be updating this post Every now and then! Also I would Love to here your guys comments and Ideas that we could Implement in the games! Also When I Post the Link to Doomed Party (Around Halloween) , I would Love to see your guys Map Ideas for it! (The Game has Built in Maps but you can Do your own if you want!) That way we can add them in the Latest patch for it! Okay I'm done for now here! I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you will support me and my Crew on the Creation of these Games! :)
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