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General Zelda How Do You Usually Call 'your' Link?

Mar 18, 2014
For me, the game isn't about me becoming the hero. I like the story. I tend to see video games as interactive movies so I keep the names at their defaults.

That's also why I don't feel bad using walkthroughs to make sure I get 100% completion.
Mar 13, 2014
United States
Most of the time name it "Link" But I also use (insert my real name here) or my little cousin chooses a name... Which is usually like "poo." Or I name Him "Rusty" when ever I play through a Zelda game for the first time.


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Jun 14, 2010
Most of the time now I do Link. Before I'd also use my name/nickname. And if I'm feeling extra sassy, I'll do some sort of stupid name to make the dialogue sound funny. One time me and my sis named Link in TP 'dat boy', so it worked really good when someone would call out or mention him. xD


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Mar 12, 2014
Behind you!
Maybe one day I'll name him something silly, but I'm such a boring traditionalist that it would probably drive me nuts to keep seeing the wrong name. Maybe I'll make two save files......

Besides, doesn't it seem odd that the hero is always named Link when it is very rare that a game even remembers there was a previous hero named that? I know he's the same guy reincarnated whenever there is trouble but it seems like impossible coincidence that he is ALWAYS named Link. I get kids in WW getting dressed up in green because they remembered the hero, but if they knew Link's name wouldn't more kids have that name? Just a thought.
Aug 21, 2012
...turn around
I've had several names for link, and I rotate through them when I get bored XD

I've been calling him "Shmad" a lot recently, since that's one of my nicknames, but I might go back to "LiNK" (I liked the I being lowercase because it was different)
Apr 2, 2014
Went with the name "I'm high" on Majora's Mask, for some absolutely hilarious bits of dialogue. The Banker lady's response was always good for a chuckle, "let me take a look at you...Wait, I remember... I'm high!"


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Nov 12, 2007
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Either Link or something stupid, never anything else, although I did once call him AAAAAAAAAAAAAA by mistake and just went through the game anyway. I did like Zero Punctuation's suggestion of "**** me". I giggled throughout the entire game a lot more than I should have at how well that name fit into conversation. "You are the Hero of Time, **** me!"


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Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
Usually on the first run I go with my own name, mainly so I can differentiate between my file and other family members. The second time around I may stick with Link, or if I am really familiar with the dialogue, I may change the name to something ridiculous to have a good laugh. :rolleyes:

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