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How Do You Use Your Master Ball?

Sep 21, 2011
I use my masterball for legendaries that roam, but not imediately. I try to weaken it to the point I can catch with a ultra ball, great ball etc.
By the way, did you know you can win a masterball by winning the lottery thing at Jublife with all ID numbers?
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I used to save them for something rare and hard to catch such as some rare powerful shiny or something but I ended up not using them at all lol, nowadays I'm likely to not use them because like Vaati101 I've challenged myself to try to catch everything with normal balls since I got Diamond.
Dec 22, 2011
I usually use it on caterpie or pidgey...because they are so hard to catch!!!

Not really...I usually use them on legendaries...


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I use my Masterball on the canon legendary pokemon(pokemon on the box art). It is pretty obvious since the game will focus on that legendary than the others. To me, that makes sense, so I have been doing that since the first Pokemon games.

Note: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/FireRed/LeafGreen didn't have a legendary in their respective box arts, therefore I saved my Masterball for Mewtwo.


R/B/Y - Mewtwo
G/S/C - Whichever Runner is giving me trouble.
R/S/E - Whichever Runner is giving me trouble.
D/P/Pt - Whichever Runner is giving me trouble.
HG/SS - Whichever Runner is giving me trouble.
B/W - Never had a use for it, the Djinn's are really easy to track down.

I'll also use them on Shinies that can flee (Abra) or can off themselves (Geodude).


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Nov 27, 2010
I never used it, just gave it to a Pokemon and migrated it to the next game I had. So now I have 6 Masterballs in Platinum, which I used for Arceus and Heatran.


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May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
Well, in Red and Yllow I used it on Mewtwo. Kinda obvious there.

In Gold and Crystal, I used it on Lugia, Ho-oh, and every Legendary, really (I used the cloning glitch a lot when I was 7).

In Sapphire, I used it on Kyogre. In Emerald, I used it on Rayquaza.

In Diamond, I used it on Giratina.

I haven't gotten Black Version yet, but I always save my Master Ball for the most powerful Legendary in the game. If you fight a Legendary as part of the plot, I always use Ultra Balls or such because there's going to be a harder one to catch.


I use it on ridiculously high level Pokemon.

Most people use it on roaming pkmn but i find no point in that since you can just use mean look :P


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Feb 20, 2012
I've yet to come across a shiny (besides Shiny Gyrados, I suppose) so I normally save my Master Balls for that. I migrate them from game to game, so I've got a small but decent collection of them now. ^^ For me, using it too often kind of defeats the fun of the whole 'gotta catch em' all' idea.


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Jul 1, 2010
Chamber of Sages
When I was younger, I would ALWAYS use the master ball on the main Pokemon for the game. Like Dialga for Diamond, and Lugia for Soul-Silver. Or Rayquaza for Emerald if I ever got to it!
But ever since I started watching Chuggaaconroy, I'm gonna start to catch legendary Pokemon in regular Pokeballs.


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Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
I usually use mine to catch a Legendary Pokemon, but if i dont, I keep it for a shiny pokemon. Why? Because shiny pokemon arent guaranteed to see at least once, so they are more rare than a legendary to me.
I traditionally do not use my Master Ball. I will not hesitate to use it, however, if I am confronted with a Legendary or Shiny Pokemon and my party is on the verge of blacking out completely. Thus far, I believe I've only used my Master Ball once. Never fear! The Pokemon Emerald Master Ball cloning glitch is here! :lol: Oh boy, I am extremely cheap that way! Survival of the fittest, eh? :P

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