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Breath of the Wild How do you name your horses?

I named them all from the game Tales of Xillia

I have Jude, Milla, Rowen and Alvin.

Rowen was my first horse that fell in battle to two Guardians and a silver bokoblin.

I then got Epona to replace him.

Milla is Zelda's white stallion who is apparently a bloody boy!

I dont usr horses though. I dont like that they can die and you lose them (i know you can resurrect them) but the world itself doesnt really feel built to explore by horse. I tried and found myself having to get off every few feet to climb something etc.

I dont use them at all now.

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The same way I name everything else; randomly, but with meaning and uniqueness. Some I picked from an old list of 50 names I used for MHGen palicos, the rest I made up on the spot.

1. Micah
2. Farrah
3. Arslan
4. Divinia
5. Azurite

Micah, Farrah, and Arslan were from the list. Divinia was on the spot, for the white horse descended from Zelda's horse from that sidequest. That's my main horse. Azurite was also on the spot, and it was because the horse looked blue in color.

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Mar 23, 2013
The most grand of horse names! :cool:

I only have one horse on me right now, who I named Gregor for no real reason. I'm just throwing names into the hat and seeing what I get.

I accept only the grandest of names for my steeds. It was Huge Pony who carried me to my final confrontation with Ganon. Huge Pony will go down in legend.
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Jul 31, 2010
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I don't really use horses much, but the first horse I registered I called Puto as a joke. I stuck with Epona for Epona. Named the Royal horse Royal. But now I really want to name one Tingle.
Jan 23, 2015
i wrangled me a solid black one so i named it Coonta

don't even know if i still have it. i'd kill every horse in this game if i could.
Aug 28, 2016
I tamed my first one while not intending to keep it long term, as it had fairly basic stats, so I just called it Patches.
I was intending to catch better ones and put more thought into their names, but I never did... I just stuck with Patches.
Since then I've also gotten Epona, the giant horse (I named him Beast, because he is a bit of a beast), and the royal stallion (which I named Prince, as it seemed fitting).
I don't use a horse very often any more, but when I do, I typically tend to stick with Patches, even though the others are all better.

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