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How did you come up with your username?


Jun 7, 2017
the present
I'm surprised there's not already a thread for this, though I mightve missed it.

Anyways I wanna know how you thought up your weird/strange/normal looking usernames. :P

I came up with mine when I was like nine, it's actually a pretty dumb story but the 6 was because there was already a funnier1 and it's stuck with me ever since, though I sometimes go by link662. :)

Azure Sage

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There actually is already a thread for this, but it's old.

My username comes from a combination of Azure, my favorite color, and Sage, as in the seven sages because I wanted to make it Zelda-like for this site. Since I joined though I started using Azure Sage as my username for everything.
Well originally my username was 'Spirit of Rutela' i wanted a Zelda name for the forum but didnt want to go obvious and i think that Rutela is quite cool... and she was a spirit.

I had that name for a while but eventually i just had it shortened to Spirit. Since thats what people called me anyway.

Deleted member 84722

I honestly have no idea how I came up with mine. I just started using it.

Deleted member 84722

Yeah, maybe it's just your friendly avatar but you really don't seem like a dark guy lol.
Then again probably I started using it because of some of the dark **** (not much tbh) that goes on in my head. Or it could be that I like being in the dark. I honestly have no idea.


Well well well
Jul 5, 2017
Started using the screen name Ninja during my early gaming days (Midnight Club, Socom 2, etc) and it stuck ever since.

Our Socom clan was stealth based and we played that game for many years, so it's a bit sentimental to me.

el :BeoWolf:

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Feb 5, 2016

Actually my username started out as a youtube thing a friend and I wanted to do, and I joined ZD and ZU under the name mostly to see what theories were popping up. Though we never did the youtube idea, and couldn't really think of any great theories, it just became my personal username that I use for nearly anything online.

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
There's actually a bit of a story behind my username. I posted it in the old thread, so I'll repost it here.

Well... I am a talking hat... And I'm pretty mellow... That's all that you need to know...

In reality though, there are several meanings towards my username, a lot of which are quite subtle.

Probably the first thing that comes to a lot of people's minds is the song "Mellow Yellow" by Folk singer Donovan, which is a song that I am a fan of. One time, in the SB, I noticed people putting the :ezlo: emote on top of other smilies, like a hat. After a while, I came to love putting it on top of the :mellow: emote especially. I did that while listening to Mellow Yellow one time, and that was the very first time "Mellow Ezlo" came into my head. I changed my usertitle to that, and made my signature, avy, and location all represent Ezlo.

I took a lot of thinking before I realized that I wanted to change my username to Mellow Ezlo though. At first, I wasn't going to because it sounded weird. Then I realized that it actually represents me in more ways than I initially thought. First of all, I love Ezlo. Back in the summer, he overcame Midna as my favourite companion in the series. I love his personality, the way he talks, the way he looks, etc. I actually think my personality is a lot like his sometimes; generally nice and polite, but occasionally snobbish and smartassy. I am also quite mellow most of the time, as I almost never get angry. I also really like hats.

But the thing that ultimately made me change my name is the fact that Mellow Ezlo as an acronym is ME. That means, when I refer to myself, I refer to myself both in the third and first person. It's quite clever if I do say so myself.

There are a few other hidden meanings behind my name, but I mentioned the main ones.

My old username was TSter The Great, which seems really dumb to me now. That one came from TSter, a self-given nickname, and "The Great" came from... I don't really know. Partially, it was because my friends think I'm self-centred, but I think it was mostly just because I thought it sounded cool. I like Mellow Ezlo more because it reflects who I am more accurately.


I first started using this name in October of 2013, but I changed it to my first name (Tristan) in December of 2015. I returned to using the name Mellow Ezlo earlier this year.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Great trip back to memory lane @Mellow Ezlo and you're as cool as ever ;)

My name -when I signed up in 2010- was Bigelover88. I used to be a big fan of the canadian hockeyplayer Eric Lindros and his number was 88. But after a while I became tired with that name and thought it was way too fangirlish. So back in 2012 (after being inactive for almost two years) I asked if my name could be changed into Vanessa28. vanessa is my real name and 28 is the number of two of my fav hockeyplayers in the NHL who both wore/wear 28.


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Oct 8, 2016
My initials are pj which is what I call my jammies there really is no amazing story like the rest of you

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