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Has anyone seen the 1989 Zelda Cartoon?


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Aug 16, 2019
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This dialogue is iconic
The show could've been a huge success if it were better
Nov 14, 2021
I have, and I used to hate it as a kid simply because everyone else did back in the day, but, since middle school, it's since grown on me so much that I adore it. It's... of course pretty dated by today's standards, and, as much as I love him, Link could definitely be more appropriate in how he interacts with Zelda. However, in spite of those issues, I genuinely enjoy it, namely for how goofy and campy it is. The show actually has also helped me through some pretty dark times, too, which has definitely made me cherish this show more.

As much as I adore this show though, I can definitely understand why some people dislike it, especially in regards to how Link is characterized and some of the other writing in the episodes, though, at the same time, I honestly feel like some of the disdain for it can get way too vitriolic and angry at times. Maybe it's just me, but some of the levels of distaste I've seen online regarding this show feels utterly ridiculous and pointless considering that, one, the Zelda cartoon is over three decades old and hasn't been on-air for a very long time now, two, the show is not canon and has had little to no bearing on the state of the franchise, and three, the show was made when only Zelda I and II were out, so there wasn't a whole lot of material to work off of back then, especially in regards to story. It's definitely far from a perfect show by all means, but even at its worst, I don't think it's as bad as some make it out to be, especially since I've seen far worse shows like Fleabag Monkeyface, Mega Babies, Fairview etc. that had very few to no redeeming qualities at all for me.
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Oct 14, 2007
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At this point, I think it's almost silly to hate this show. It's 30+ years old and I think it has aged very similar to the CD-i Zelda games almost. It's awful, but it's now a fun part of the series' history. We can look back and laugh at how absolutely silly it is.

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