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Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Entry Round

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Sep 12, 2018
Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition

Hee hee hee! It is I, the reigning czar of Halloween! I have returned to the forums once again this year! After all, it's not a spooky celebration without yours truly! I shall once again lead off the Halloween events, starting with the staple Avatar & Signature Competition! The rules are the same as always...

You must edit your current avatar or signature to fit with the theme of the holiday or create new ones that do. You cannot use fanart** that doesn't belong to you. After all, that would be plagiarism, and that is not a trick good pumpkins pull. Anyone found to be in violation will be barred from the competition. Please also follow the ZD Rules while participating. If you have any questions, or if you aren’t certain if what you’re using is fanart, please confirm the source for yourself or ask @Azure Sage or @Spiritual Mask Salesman to help you before you post anything.

** If you are going to use google to find a picture you want to use, you need to confirm that the source is not someone's fanart before you enter it. If you need help finding a source, please ask one of the CCs. All official art/screenshots/footage etc that is not another person's fan-created content is acceptable to use. If it's a work you yourself commissioned (that means paid for) then that is okay because in that case you are the owner.

IMPORTANT: You NEED to do some of your own editing to your entry for it to count. This event is about sharing what you can do with the community.

All who participate in this event will become my loyal subjects and receive an orange username with a special pumpkin
next to it for the duration of the month! (please don't worry about Champion or Legend status, this will not affect those.) Entries will be accepted from October 1st - 21st 11:59 PM EST. Please only make one post in this thread. Thank you, and make sure to have fun!
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