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Twilight Princess Gamecube Version or Wii Version.



I prefer the GameCube version. I don't like using motion controls..plus that minigame at the fishing hole, Rollgoal, was 10 times easier using a GC controller.
May 3, 2012
I believe I was OP on this thread.

I am just after the snow peak ruins and I decided to play it on the Wii, pretty much just so I can play it wide screen as well as try it out since I have it on GC and have played a little already.

I am currently also playing the wound waker and I really love the GameCube controller. Though motion controls on SS were great, I kind of enjoy the controller a little more.


I Like the wii version. Even though i barely played the game.


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Mar 16, 2012
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I had the Wii version of TP first, but when i found out it was also for the gamecube, for some reason I bought it immediatly. I ended up playing both side by side. I prefer the Wii controls, but I'd rather have the gamecube's mirror image, especially since Link is left handed in the GC version. I'm also left handed, so i like feeling that I can somehow relate to Link even though that isn't possible.


Cucco Butt
Jun 5, 2012
I have the game for Wii and Gamecube. But I don't know which one I like better.
I really like the Gamecube verison. Its really fun and I know it really well. Its the version I got to know, memorized where everything is.

I also like the Wii version though. But its confusing. Everything is the other way around! If one thing is in one place in the Gamecube version, then its in a different place for the Wii version. Its still really fun though. Even if its a bit confusing.

I liked the bosses for both version, though it was hard to beat Fyrus because its harder to use the bow in that game.

I like both versions, but I think I like the Gamecube version better.

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