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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia


Jan 19, 2018
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Numbers and FG have received next to no heat this game. For numbers especially this is unusual because I feel like he's kept a very low profile this game, something lots of other players have been attacked for.

I'm skeptical that numbers would claim to have read eli's other games unless he did, and I'm skeptical that numbers would do so unless number was town or they were both scum. I'm leaning town on eli because of how much heat he's gotten all game. I think if he were scum he would have had much less attention.

FG is probably my ideal lynch behind exlight right now. If today isn't LyLo i might be fine with an eli lynch just because an eli scumflip will look bad for numbers in my opinion


Jan 19, 2018
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ex, minish, fg, rag, numbers, DW, KoD, eli

this probably makes today LyLo, so I'm against lynching eli today


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Ex, you are one I am completely sure about if only because the blow up certainly seemed like something I would expect from you as town vs you as scum. I can't say that I've ever seen you self vote, but I doubt as any flavor of scum you'd willingly game throw like that.

How you're playing here is different than Worlds Collide, and you were scum there recently. This is drastically different to the characterizations of MSP3 which has majorly unique situations that gave rise to what occurred between us. Personally, I think Rag just wants to throw that game, and your actions there, out to make mention of it because it was funny. In truth, your scum game then is nowhere near an accurate characterization of how you've recently played.

I say this because with only 8 alive, a wrong vote could end the game (I don't know if mafia straight up wins with parity). I already drove an incorrect CFD on KillJoy, and my attempt to push Eli was met with Fext being the that ultimately went over (Eli being extremely close -- and I do regret not being quicker on wifi). Anyway, Eli is still up and is my go to atm. What I'm afraid of is that I was defended by mafia so as to be allowed to keep being wrong if you will.

Like, what are your full thoughts so that I may converse back and forth with you? How do you fully see Numbers and Cin Min? DW and Funnygurl?

I've given my personal take a few times, more or less, but to surmise as best as possible:

- Outside of you, I'm most comfortable with Cin Min being town here. She's put a lot of effort into her posts that I've seen. She's read my responses. She seems genuine. Like, I honestly believe if it came down to yeeting me yesterday as opposed to Eli, Cin Min would have acted to prevent that per her word. What's your feeling on her? Have you noticed any posts of hers that pinged you greatly?

- Numbers I am decidedly unsure about. He hasn't actively pursued me this time around like last game (granted he was an arsonist in Worlds Collide that hid behind you and utilized your perfect play to burn everything -- I'm just saying this so you never forget it). Here, on D1, he wasn't overly aggressive to my ideas -- I mentioned this wrt to the CFD on KillJoy wherein Numbers only said it was the wrong CFD target. D2 saw a more directed response when I posted about Funnygurl and Eli. It pinged me for a bit though I've worked myself trying to resolve him. Has anything about him stuck out to you or made you town read him?

- Rag I'm entirely reading based on activity meta. Obviously you and I have a difference in viewing Rag here. I suppose, to be more diligent on my part, what is it that Rag has done that makes you think she is scum here? I am aware that Rag was one of the people voting to elim you D1 just so we're on the same page.

- I get your reasoning for Eli based on votes. I've read the responses from both Numbers and Cin Min on it. I have plenty to review here.

- Funnygurl is a replacement and has done small posts in bursts. That's it. Content-wise, eh.

- DW is one that is present, but in the back. I know you brought him up once. I'll have to read up on him for D2 as that is when labeled him as town given his rl post.

All of that is based off of how I reasoned, to myself, who is still likely town compared to who I think the scum team may be (with the last slot being what is left).

But yeah, I want to reflect on your perspective a bit more.
I'm assuming this whole post is direct towards me, lessee.

Sorry, I'm honestly not with the head too much in the game lately, college restarted this week and I've been having classes from 7AM-6/7PM with 1h30 of commuting everyday, so by the time I get home it's
food->gym->shower->sleep and repeat

The thoughts I have remain pretty similar, I had DW as a scumread for most of D1 due to the reasons I previously gave, and Rag's actions after D1 seemed fairly scummy to me.
I feel like she's coming across as scum that locked on someone they find to be a weak link in town, and is now tunneling as a consequence of that. I know we have different opinions based on this due to you seeing her activity as something pro-town, but my experience with her shows that she can be active and appear as trying to gamesolve as scum too, and at least as I see it a good chunk of her posts are her pushing the idea that I'm not the solidiest read that she'll keep pushing me. I'd feel a lot better regarding her if her scumreads were more coherent when it comes to who would my scumbuds be if I were mafia because I feel like I'm like on a pedestal on her reads but the remaining ones are kind of a big "?" specially when considering the D1 wagon that had a huge surge on me.

Minish seems fine, she feels a bit rusty but I don't think Minish ever shouts at me to remove my self vote if she was scum since she usually plays optimally and would prefer my death over killjoys, lol. She's also been somewhat active and analytical, which is usually something that takes a blow when she's scum, so I'm fairly confident at her being somewhat between a townlean-townread.

I'm actually also liking Numbers a bit more now? They seem to also be actively scumhunting and analyzing stuff, I was never too sold on them and considering the logic on basis that scum was trying to optimize the nightkill on N1 (although the weird N2 kill shakes this a bit), and that I currently have a fairly hard time pairing him with any of my other scumreads, I think it's somewhat safe to assume he's also fairly townie at the moment.

I'd be very shocked if Minish and Numbers are scumbuds because I don't see anything hinting at that and their currently individual behavior seems to point to both being town trying to townsolve the game.

Funnygurl is a bit of a complicated slot. From my experience she has three moods: clown, MIA, and pro-active; and all of them are fairly NAI due to her chaotic nature. I have her at neutral; although leaning maybe some very bit as mafia because of the CWAC she put out as she entered the game, which rubbed as a bit wrong to me.

Dawning didn't evolve much. I feel a bit bad for them not feeling well and I don't think he's the person to kinda lie about it. His most recent stuff didn't really ping me much, although his D1 opportunistic hounding on me left a pretty big bad impression for me and it didn't get any better or worse over time, I'd say fairly scummy.

Overall I think a scumteam with fg and Dawning is viable and honestly kind of a hilarious thought because they're kinda complete opposites personality-wise in many way lol.

Eli is literally throwing game not just for him but for the team if they're town which is just scummy at best and incredible enraging at worse. I think I saw Number mentioning he went fishing for Eli's meta and that he's extremely low effort (I wouldn't say dead weight because dead weight was like CynicalSquid and TL who didn't even show up) which makes me extremely unsure if that's just incompetence and laziness. Overall scummy slot, but not really someone I'm comfortable with today?


Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
i'll switch back to exlight if there's interest but for now i'm calling for a CFD on KoD

Vote: KoD
Dec 13, 2019
@ExLight @Morbid Minish @KingofDominaria @EliThePsycho

Rag has just given it away jumping behind Eli's KoD vote (despite saying FG was her ideal lunch behind Eli). The scum play is clearly to pile behind a seeming defunct Eli to either power out a mislynch or tie at worst case scenario. I'll take that as this is our last shot and Rag is comfortable power wolfing there. We need to group up wherever we decide to lynch.
Dec 13, 2019
Also, Rag, I'm not opposed to Funnygurl being a lynch. You'd know that if you read my latest post going into a revised scum team based on what Numbers said about Eli.

I find it odd that you'd CFD onto me rather than Funnygurl if you truly like Funnygurl for the lynch. Unless, of course, you're aligned with Funnygurl as scum.

Suffice to say, Funnygurl did get a little heat from me as I previously mentioned when I tried to push Funnygurl back during D2, but ended up having to go for Eli until, ultimately, going for Fext out of a sense of securing myself against an attempt at me given how Fext was acting.

But yeah. I'm curious now.
Dec 13, 2019
I'm in agreement about us needing to consolidate our votes here to avoid scum winning. To that end, I do believe we'll hit scum with a DW lynch.

Vote: DawningWinds

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Aug 31, 2014
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2 KingofDominaria - (EliThePsycho, Ragnarokio)
2 DawningWinds - (15377, KingofDominaria)

1 EliThePsycho - (Funnygurl555)
1 ExLight - (Ragnarokio)

30 minutes remain until end of day.

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